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Take this apple

  1. 1. “Do you need to sell used iphone 3g then have a look at our website cashforiphones, to get to know how to sell old iphone. The service is friendly, professional and become one of the industry's most trusted and dependable.”<br />Take this, Apple!<br />All the more reason to sell your iPhone 4<br />“If You Have these iPhone 4 Problems, You Should Exchange Your Phone” – Gizmodo.com<br />Just when you thought you had the best smartphone in the world, you encounter six tacky problems that make you hate your iPhone 4 so much.<br />These problems, the antenna reception disruption, annoying dropped calls, some factory defects are some of the issues that Apple really has to fix before they lose a whole bunch of market share among their competitors.<br />These things are just some problems mentioned about the iPhone 4. There are more. But these issues were what Apple should focus on as these are the things that might have saved the iPhone 4 from a lot of negative feedbacks and serious distresses from its users.<br />If you are reading this article, then I suggest that you should check on your iPhone 4 to make sure that it does not have the symptoms that will be mentioned. Also, I would recommend for you to sell your iPhone 4 if such issues show up.<br />Do not hesitate to sell your iPhone 4 once the problems show up so you could buy something else that is definitely worth your money. You deserve nothing inferior as a customer and as a consumer.<br />The six iPhone 4 problems<br />Jason Chen of Gizmodo.com gathered six drawbacks that a user must not have – unless it is time for you to sell your iPhone 4:<br /><ul><li>No SIM Card Installed: This is when you get a phone that has a SIM card inside, but get periodic "No SIM Card Installed" errors.
  2. 2. Proximity Sensor doesn't detect your face.</li></ul>Faulty microphones/voice cancellation: Some people from the Apple online discussion claim that they can't be heard unless they switch to speakerphone or an external microphone.<br />Camera not starting: Opening the Camera app shows a frozen lens, as if it doesn't open after it launches. This problem is reported on Apple’s online discussion board and Macrumors.com.<br />Volume buttons mixed up: Some users have the + where the - should be.<br />Yellow screen and white dots: Your screen shows bands or spots of yellow, or various white dots.<br />To date, these complaints about the iPhone 4 have become perennial. The undying issue about the antenna signal disruption, the death grip, and the discrimination claims have become prevalent because of the change in design made by Apple. <br />If you have already gotten so tired of encountering all these problems, then you should sell your iPhone 4 and get yourself a new phone you can use. <br />Coping with a defective phone will just give you more problems. So if you will choose to sell your iPhone 4, then you are already letting go of the hassles that might haunt you once it becomes too late.<br />The fastest way to get over these problems is to sell your iPhone 4 and get a new handset that is free from the problems that your iPhone 4 is giving you. You can also wait for the iPhone 5 to come out while using something that can offer you more efficiency and productivity.<br />If you want to sell your iPhone 4, you can visit cashforiphones.com for more details and instructions.<br />But if you still would like to try and fix your iPhone 4, these are quick ways to do it. But do not worry if the only solution left for you is to sell your iPhone 4. Let go of future burdens by choosing the best deal for you.<br />Check on the volume buttons and make sure they are located in the right place.<br />Carefully observe that the screen does not display any yellow or white dots or spots.<br />Make sure that you do not have SIM errors, or else, sell your iPhone 4 and buy a new handset without this problem.<br />Shake the phone just a little to know if there are any loose parts.<br />Try to make a call while putting it up to your face to check if any dropped calls will take place.<br />Ensure that the proximity sensor and the microphone are working.<br />Get the most out of your money by getting what is best for you. Sell your iPhone 4 and enjoy using a phone that will live up to your expectations. Sell your iPhone 4 online to refurbishing companies with the best deal. Sell your iPhone 4 now!<br />