No more holes


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No more holes

  1. 1. “Do you need to sell broken iPhones then have a look at our website cashforiphones, to get to know how to sell your used iPhone online. The service is friendly, professional and become one of the industry's most trusted and dependable.”<br />No more HOLES!<br />How to sell your old iPhone for future gen iPhones<br />“Apple doesn’t like holes or buttons on their devices, so any that can be got rid of, Apple will get rid of them.” –<br />If Apple does not really like holes in their devices, what does it have to do with us?<br />leftcenterActually, if Apple plans to get rid of all the holes in all of its iPhone devices, there is definitely an effect on us iDevice users. Imagine if there are no more audio jacks that we can use to put on our headphones and ear pieces, will you not be bothered?<br />Of course, if these holes that have value to us disappear, then how can we enjoy using our iPhones if we cannot plug in cables anymore?<br />But before we believe this rumor, let’s first check what it is really about and what the author really wants us to know.<br />According to, Apple is persistently trying to progress on developing their iPhone devices in such a way that they are coming up with innovative ideas for it. As Apple is known for designing their own hardware and software, there is really nothing surprising if they are trying to improve their device with the latest technological advancement they could find.<br />One of their latest patent applications says that they will get rid of the headphone jack through redesigning it. This is because the iPhone would like to have both the microphone and the headphone jack be one.<br />The Reason Why<br />Apple argues that if there are numerous holes in the device, this just means that dust and other particles or liquid substances can easily accumulate inside the iPhone. This will lead to more probability of having errors and defects when using the device.<br />The more chances of having the sound input apertures and other electrical connectors exposed in the housing of the iPhone, a lot of foreign substances can reach the insides of the phone. <br />As Apple likes to have their devices sleek, minimalistic and compact in every way, they are figuring how to do this for their next generation and future iPhones.<br />The iPhone 5<br />Knowing that Apple has not commented on any rumor or issue regarding the release of their next generation iPhone which is the iPhone 5, this new-found improvement might just be one of the reasons why the release is delayed.<br />But as a lot of reports go, the release date is now believed to go from September to December. Because of these “critical months”, a lot of people are now saving up to buy the new iPhone 5 once it comes out.<br />So if you would like to get the iPhone 5 with all its upgraded features and parts, you should sell your old iPhone before buying it.<br />Ways to sell your old iPhone<br />Sell your old iPhone to sites like, get a quote and follow all of their instructions. Send your device and wait for your money via PayPal or mailed check. Be surprised how you can sell your old iPhone in a minute or less! Yes, it will all be easy!<br />Sell your old iPhone and get more Surprises<br />You must know that when you sell your old iPhone, you are already saving money for the iPhone 5. Once you sell your old iPhone, you can earn as much as 65% of the original price that you paid for your old iPhone. To sell your old iPhone will be a great way to get something without causing you to spend too much money.<br />Keep in mind that if the iPhone 5 comes out, the price you’ll have to pay for it will be much higher. This is a natural phenomenon as new gadgets tend to cost more. So decide to sell your iPhone if you want to save and recycle money.<br />Speaking of recycling, if you choose to sell your old iPhone, you can also dispose of this gadget responsibly. <br />What’s more, if you will sell your old iPhone to refurbishment companies that support humanitarian efforts, then you are already helping a lot of people. Imagine what good things it will bring you if you just can decide on what is the proper thing to do!<br />So sell your old iPhone not only to get the iPhone 5 but also to help your fellow individuals and the planet as a whole. <br />