I phone 5 say hello again


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I phone 5 say hello again

  1. 1. Where To Sell Your iPad? Sell it to us! Our concept is simple. Working or not, sell your used andpreviously owned iPads and iPhones. Our service is friendly, professional and weve become one of theindustrys most trusted and dependable refurbishment businesses. Sell An iPad now!iPhone 5: Say Hello AgainDesign MockupsWhat will the iPhone 5 look like?There are actually a lot of questions that might come into your mind when it comes to the newiPhone 5. Probably you will wonder when it will be released, what are its new and improvedspecs and of course, will its new design fit my taste?These are just few questions to mention. Evidently, if we are to consider the magnitude ofiPhone users, the sky will be the limit for the number of their questions we can actually get.
  2. 2. But for goodness’ sake, it is really difficult to just visualize what this phone will look like if all wehave are the images of the previous ones. Would it go rounded? Or square? Will it be thinner?Or otherwise?Definitely, we are really curious to know how it would look just to feed our minds withsomething that is visual around all these crazy rumors on the net. So thanks to GuilhermeSchasienen, a graphic designer, who made some design mockups just to give us a hint of whatthe iPhone 5 will look like.So, these images of the mockup design for iPhone 5 were posted on a site callediPhoneStuffs4u.com.These iPhone 5 pictures illustrate an iPhone 5 with a 4-inch screen, a thinner and supposedlylighter body and its hidden sensors. Also, because of some claims that the iPhone 4 was not forthe left-handed due to its ergonomic defects, there had been rumors saying that the iPhone 5will have a re-designed antenna location. Finally, say no for discrimination!They say that this antenna will no longer be hindered in getting signal waves whether it is heldby the left or right hand – in short, there will be no discrimination at all when it comes to theiPhone 5.
  3. 3. If we will take this iPhone 5 prototype as a worthy example to ponder, the next generationiPhone might be just 7.11 mm thick. It will also sport an 8 Mega Pixel camera that can capture a1080p video. It will also feature a FaceTime HD front camera to enjoy the 4G experience.Still, whatever the iPhone 5 might look like, truth be told, it will not falter. This is actually notjust an implicit claim to exaggerate the hype around the iPhone 5. This is because, as tests andsurveys would prove, the iPhone 5 is a very much anticipated device by people who clearlywant to buy it and those who want to buy even without seeing it yet personally.From a recent study with about 3,000 respondents, it was found that 35% of these people werekeen to buy Apples 5th generation iPhone once it becomes available on the market. This wassupported by another survey by Experian PriceGrabber.According to this survey, of about 2,852 end user respondents, 7% of them will acquire theiPhone 5 in its first week of release. Meanwhile, 14% said that they will nab it within its firstmonth on the market while 51% claimed that they wish to buy the iPhone 5 any time during itsfirst year of release.If you are an iPhone disciple, and you definitely want that iPhone in your hands, I can help youto prepare for purchasing it before it becomes available on the market. This will help you a lotin saving for the iPhone 5.Here’s how to prep for iPhone 5: 1. Do online research about an iPhone Trade In from a reputable electronics refurbishing company. 2. Create a backup of your files saved in your phone. 3. Revert your unit to its original factory configuration by these methods: a. Plug in your cables and sync to iTunes, then click Restore. b. Unplug your cables and use the iPhone alone for configuration settings. Tap your way to Settings>General>Restore. c. Normally, most iPhone users use both procedures to safeguard their privacy. Nothing wrong in repeating these configuration methods for assurance. 4. Visit the site of the refurbishment company you have chosen. 5. Begin your online transaction. 6. Pinpoint your iPhone model. 7. Identify unit condition (defects or history of accidents). 8. Ship the handset (refurbishing companies take charge of the shipping fee). 9. Get paid via PayPal account or mailed check.
  4. 4. Being able to feel the slick phone in your own hands will be a lot better than to drool over theApple stores. Make the move and give it your best shot!