Cheats for your i pad


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Remember this: iPad cheats are not necessarily like game cheats. They do not make the iPad experience dull or lifeless. They actually bring more life and increase the productivity of iPad users in general.

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Cheats for your i pad

  1. 1. By: Cash For iPads
  2. 2. When we play games in our gameconsoles and when we get dead tiredof learning all the ways of how to playit, we tend to search and input cheatsto make our gameplay moreinteresting. By: Cash For iPads
  3. 3. iPad cheats are not necessarily likegame cheats. They do not make the iPadexperience dull or lifeless. They actually bring more life and increase the productivity of iPad users in general. REMEMBER THIS! By: Cash For iPads
  4. 4. 10 iPad cheats to create a better understanding of some of the most prominent and not so prominent features of the iPad. . . . Let the FUN begin! By: Cash For iPads
  5. 5. Take charge in FaceTime FaceTime is one of Apple’s premier features that make Apple admirers buy their products. So, let me teach you how to take control of it. Using FaceTime, start a video call to anyone you know with a compatible gadget. Once started, simply move the picture-in-picture window that shows your face. This will be done by dragging the window around with your finger. This will help you be more comfortable in looking at the face of your caller. By: Cash For iPads
  6. 6. Photo Booth fun This pre-installed app on your iPad is that it has all the effects thatyou and your friends or family will love. Simply click on the effect that you wish to use and get still shotsby clicking the camera button. If you want to record a video, just click on the Strip image andthen hit the red Record button. By: Cash For iPads
  7. 7. Download photos straightfrom your camera to your iPad If you will purchase the iPad Camera Connection kit from Apple,this will be possible. Using this simple device attached to your iPad,you can now transfer photos straight from your cameras memorycard. Unlike other Apple devices, it isn’t expensive. Go online and getit from the Apple Store. By: Cash For iPads
  8. 8. Access speedier websites  It’s hassle to type an address directly into the address bar.  Try using the iPads ".com" key when directly keying in a URL.  You can hold down the .com key so you can get access to a menu with and other options. By: Cash For iPads
  9. 9. Quick Safari scroll Don’t just scroll! Tap on top of the title window so you can start reading at thebeginning of a page. By: Cash For iPads
  10. 10. You can do a wholelot of simple things with your iPad without having to read the long and boring manual. By: Cash For iPads
  11. 11. Zoom in on websites In case you do not know, you can actually do it easily! Zoom in on any website by simply pinching on the screenwith your two fingers. If you want to return to the normal view, you can zoomout by pinching outwards, Double-tap on any text or any imageto auto-zoom it to full screen. By: Cash For iPads
  12. 12. Turn on Bookmarks bar in Safari Have you ever got tired of doing a lot of taps before you can accessyour Bookmarks Bar in Safari? Well, you should check this out! First, you just have to go to your Safari Settings and turn the SafariBookmarks Bar on permanently. In the Settings app, tap Safari then turn Always Show BookmarksBar to ON. Cash For iPads
  13. 13. Clear browsing history in Safari If there is a need to cover up the things you do online, you candelete everything and wipe your Safari browser clean of yourweb tracks and cookies by opening the Settings app. Tap Safarithen tap Clear History. To make sure you are clearing it squeaky clean, you can alsowipe your cookies by clearing your cache too. Cash For iPads
  14. 14. Open Safari links in a new page Tap and hold on to the link and you will see a pop-over menuthat will appear to give you options of whether to open a link inthe same window or in a page in a new window. Cash For iPads
  15. 15. Find text on a page  You can actually search for any word or text in an open page in your Safari browser! Simply type your word or text into the Googlesearch box. There you will see a list of suggestionsthat will appear. Head to the bottom of the page andyou’ll see “On This Page”. By: Cash For iPads
  16. 16. There you have it!Just read more about your iPad so you can use it to its maximum efficiency. If it breaks or anything, sell your iPad and visit sites like for a better sum of money! By: Cash For iPads