Analog i phoneography


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Analog i phoneography

  1. 1. Where To Sell Your iPad? Sell it to us! Our concept is simple. Working or not, sell your used andpreviously owned iPads and iPhones. Our service is friendly, professional and weve become one of theindustrys most trusted and dependable refurbishment businesses. Sell An iPad now!Analog iPhoneographyHistamatic / iPhones / iPhone Trade InI am a fan of vintage things,dresses, shoes, analog camerasand all things that areconsidered “old school”.So, even in this modern day andage that I am living in, I see to itthat I am always unique in myown vintage way.And as I search for more andmore vintage stuff, I found theHipstamatic, an iPhone application that can turn your iPhone 4 into an analog camera with allthese celluloid film rolls, removable lenses and different kinds of flash. It’s analog and digital allat the same time. Hip, huh?Using the Hipstamatic, you can actually delight yourself with taking photos of yourself or of anysubject with the effects of analog cameras while enjoying the visual control and instant sharingoptions of your iPhone.The excellent features include:• Swap lenses, flashes, and films for hundreds of different effects• Instantly share your best prints to Facebook, Twitter, Flickr, and Tumblr• Enter their monthly photo contests to win amazing prizes• Order real analog prints delivered to your door, right from the app
  2. 2. Having this opportunity will bring you a lot of satisfaction in terms of using your iPhone 4. The only problem is that the Hipstamatic is only available and applicable with the iPhone 4. So if you are using an older iPhone version, does it mean that there’s no “digital-analog iPhoneography” for you? No way! You can get thisincredible opportunity of becoming a vintage photographer by using your iPhone and an iPhoneTrade In!The iPhone trade in is actually easy. Noneed to sweat it. All you’ll need is yourcomputer with a decent internetconnection. And oh, even your iPhonewill work too.To do an iPhone trade in, you mustfollow these simple steps: 1. Research online about an iPhone Trade In from a decent refurbishing company online. 2. Back up your files. 3. Return your unit to its factory settings using these means: a. Sync to iTunes then click Restore. (If you have created a save point already, feel free to ignore this process.) b. Use the iPhone alone and tap: Settings>General>Restore.
  3. 3. (Plug in the cables and charge your iPhone during the configuration process as this method takes more time.) 4. Go online and start the iPhone trade in transaction. 5. State the model of your iPhone. 6. Identify unit condition (defects or problems encountered). 7. Ship the item (the company should shoulder the shipping fee) and lastly; 8. Get payment via your PayPal account or mailed check.This iPhone trade in will help you get that vintage appeal for photography using an iPhonemodel supporting this awesome application. As the iPhone 4 camera sports a good qualityresolution, you can capture moments and freeze time using all the analog goodies fromHipstamatic.With the aid of the iPhone trade in, you can actually relive the era of analog photographywhere all things can havetheir own distinct appeal.Digital photography willmeet its predecessor thatcan even be a lot coolerwhen they are combined!Enjoy taking pictures andpublishing them rightaway using your newiPhone and Hipstamaticto stay connected andupdated.Embrace the wonders ofdigital yet analogiPhoneography with your arms wide open. Go get an iPhone trade in so you can squeal indelight having photo shoots with your new iPhone 4 or iPhone 5 (when it hits the market). Getyour friends and get those vintage clothes on and start posing in front of your Kaimal Mark IIlens and Cherry Shine Flash!Don’t let your old iPhone stop you from feeding your appetite for photography and vintageliving. Merely having an iPhone trade in will give you striking pictures shot from your iPhone.Ignore other apps that fake and mimic that antique-like effect that you always wanted toachieve.Capture that beautiful image from your iPhone camera. Only an iPhone trade in can give youthe instant results.
  4. 4. Get those inspiring and nostalgic photos characterized by vignettes, blurring, over saturation,discolored images! Enjoy having a casual and seemingly accidental snapshot-feel by fitting allthis awesomeness into one small device through an iPhone trade in.Go for what you want and never be afraid to explore! Try new things with your iPhone and beawed by it. Go for an iPhone trade in! Live and love vintage! Still, old school is definitely cool!Get your Hipstamatic for an analog + digital iPhoneography!