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  • 1. Novel technologies are aiding marketers and sales people a successfully. promotion automation programs now play a helping this process. Even though the flexibility of each pro largest part have the facility to walk a prospect through a nuand branded contacts to in time convert the prospect into a pprovide an example of what an automation product is capabl simple campaign that can be used by real estate pro
  • 2. 1) Lead capture - A lead lands on a landing page and fill
  • 3. 2) When a prospect fills out the form, they are immediatelyreport that I promised on the landing page. Different geo-tar systems such as AdSense can be used.
  • 4. 3) Regardless of whether or not the real estate agent has ca yet, the promotion automation system sends out a personaemail that looks like it was from the agent. Included in the econtact information so the prospect can call, or if they replysent directly into the real estate agents regular email accou email is often a link to an automated ten slide presentation estate professional. For Real Estate Agents, this would be th presentation.
  • 5. 4) The next communication is an email that follows up to asthey have any questions about the video or presentation. Th ask the prospects communication preferenc
  • 6. 6) Depending on their preferences, text messages may be se to keep them updated.
  • 7. 5) As part of the product, an automated notification may go t them to physically call the prospect.
  • 8. 7) A week later, and postcard is sent out detailing a property sold by you in the area. This helps to show the prospect tha market presence in their neighborhood.
  • 9. 8) A few weeks later, an email newsletter is emailed to theagain, when the email is sent, promotion automation syst action to notify you to call the prospect and follo
  • 10. Marketing automation systems are fantastic tools to syste prospect down the path to becoming a clien
  • 11. http://f7eb58fltcpi654dpqx4grnlih.hop.clickbank