How to know if a website is a scam


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How to know if a website is a scam

  1. 1. How to Know If a Website Is a ScamFor those of you out there who are quite apprehensive about selling something or buyingsomething through the Internet because of scam threats, I am with you during these verytough decisions. While it seems like it’s a bit too much to say that selling something onlinefeels like putting one of your feet in a black hole, it did feel like that for me when I tried tosell iPhone on At first I felt like it was a very big risk for me, especiallysince I loved my iPhone so dearly but I had to let it go eventually. The process seemed a bitrisky when I tried the website’s quotation calculator and after reading bad Cash for iPhonereview blogs and threads, I got scared that I might get scammed. This is why I immediatelytried finding out if the website was legitimate.I did what everyone probably does when they are checking out a site; I tried to see if it hadcontact numbers and addresses. Well the site seemed to anticipate Cash for iPhone scamaccusations because they had the address and toll free numbers on top of the page whereeveryone could see them immediately. I tried calling the numbers and they would ring and Ialso tried checking if the address was a real address in Nevada and it did show up in thedirectories. I also tried checking out their other websites. It turns out that not only can yousell iPhone units to them you can also sell them laptops, BlackBerrys, any kind ofsmartphones and even tablet PCs. I also tried clicking on their trust logos like VerSign andTRUSTe and found out that it all works. I also tried checking out the graphics forwatermarks to prove that the pictures were all legal and original.The main process of selling a gadget is actually a bit shady because it seemed too short fora website like that as compared to other website like Gazelle or NextWorth. And while it isdefinitely easy to use, it made me more nervous so I also tried researching to Cash foriPhones scam issues. There were tons of comments about this website, both good and badwhich made it harder to decide whether or not to push through with my little sellingexperiment.
  2. 2. Finally, I realized that there was no other way to find out if it was a legit business but to selliPhone and wait for feedback. Within days of registering for the quote they provided me, Ireceived a box with a free UPS shipping label where I packed my iPhone carefully. I went toa UPS store and prayed that I would get my money for selling my iPhone. A week passedand nothing happened. I was so scared I that lost my iPhone over a Cash for iPhone scamthat I decided to email and call them. Fortunately a girl named Gail answered to tell me thatthe UPS shipment got delayed which was why it took longer for them to receive my iPhone.About four days after the call, I received my money through my PayPal and was able to getthe cash in two days! Since then, I never tried any other site for selling my gadgets! So tothose who say that is a scam, I say you’ll never know until you try it!SOURCE: