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Session 1 Beyond One To One ppt


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Published in: Technology, Business
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  • Transcript

    • 1.
      • Beyond One to One Sessions
      • Beta Group
      Welcome to
    • 2. Some notes about this group
      • 16 sessions – 8 weeks
      • What and why – don’t worry about the how
      • Download the recordings
      • Start where you are
      • A lot of content – listen lightly
      • Feedback, please.
    • 3. Begin where you are
    • 4. Things that may change from this group… from this group…
      • Your mindset
      • Your beliefs and management of time
      • Your niche market
      • Your solutions
      • Your feelings about $$
    • 5. As a profession, we have outgrown our clothes
    • 6. How may therapy techniques can you name?
      • Psychodynamic
      • Cognitive Behavioral
      • Supportive
      • Solution focused
      • Positive Psychology
      • Narrative Therapy
    • 7. Rarely have we questioned the one-fee-for-one session model. model?
    • 8. The Myth of Self-Employment
      • “ Take this job and shove it.”
      • “ I could work for myself!”
      • “ All I need is a part-time office and a phone.”
    • 9. We didn’t get what we thought.
      • No retirement plan
      • No vacation
      • No sick time
      • Family leave? Ha!
      • Limitations on the number we could reach
      • Cap on our income.
      • We got a j-o-b.
    • 10. Our current model will not sustain us.
      • Medical model vs. personal growth model
      • Culture is changing - new demands on us
      • Reverence for therapist is gone
      • Compassion fatigue is increasing
    • 11.
      • Multiple Streams of Therapy Income:
      • The Way to Make *More* Money While Making A *Bigger* Difference
      It is time to look at another business model.
    • 12. Multiple Streams of Therapy Income Model. (as you see it)
      • Create products and offer services that allow you to leverage your time and content.
      • Create it once, sell it again and again.
      • Limit your one-on-one time.
    • 13. Multiple Streams of Therapy Income Model.
      • The customer then gets to choose their level of investment.
    • 14.
    • 15.
    • 16. How does a MSOTI business differ from an in-person practice?
      • The power of the internet extends your reach.
      • While you can sell products in person or from your office, the power is in using the internet.
    • 17. How does a MSOTI business differ from an in-person practice?
      • Niche is much more important in an MSOTI business.
    • 18. How does a MSOTI business differ from an in-person practice?
      • To be successful, you must know what problems your niche wants solved.
      • But there is more. Are they willing to pay for that solution?
    • 19. As we end Session #1: Coaching Questions for you Coaching Questions for you
      • What is your business vision?
      • What do you see as your biggest obstacle?
      • What do you see as the biggest opportunity?
    • 20. Next time....
      • What makes a good niche.