Make The Mostof Your Marketing


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Make The Mostof Your Marketing

  1. 1. Make the Most of Your Networking Private Building Conference International Therapist Leadership Institute Jodi Blackley, M.S., M.F.T. Thursday, October 13, 2009
  2. 2. Purpose  Help feel more comfortable with locating, identifying and connecting with resources in their community to make solid networking connections.  Help reframe how to take a very extroverted means of marketing feel more accessible for those who prefer introverted strategies.
  3. 3. Introduction  Acknowledge fears of community marketing:  How to explain what it is we do?  Having confidence in our own services to exude that confidence to others  How do you find those who will be most likely to refer?
  4. 4. How to Make Extroverted Marketing More Comfortable  Maintaining a positive attitude  Anxiety Reduction  Identifying and changing negative thought patterns.  Recognizing your own strengths  Not getting caught up in what others say will/won't work  Find, read success stories  Be secure in your own strengths. Adage: Take what works for you & discard the rest.  Surrounding yourself with positive people  Abundance-oriented colleagues and individuals  Find people who are having success, pick their brains  Engaging in self-care  Use any extra time to your advantage  Use down time to make community connections  Work on ideal client definition
  5. 5. Tips to Increase Community Networking  Define Your *Ideal* Client  Who is your *Ideal* Client?  Where are they located?  Where do they turn for help?  Looking at needs of ideal client & coming up with themes that “speak” to that clientele
  6. 6. Tips to Increase Community Networking  Implement an “elevator speech.”  Why is this important?  Many community networking venues utilize such techniques.  Approximately 30 secs.  Informs others what it is you do  Once defined, imagine meeting someone in an “elevator”  Focus on the presenting problem & how you will alleviate the pain of your ideal client.
  7. 7. Tips to Increase Community Networking  Increase your networking  Back to ideal client  Have your elevator speech (or several if appropriate) ready  Look at where your ideal client would seek out resources for help  Define your “sphere of influence” or “power partners” (Who are those who can refer to you your “ideal client?”)
  8. 8. Tips to Increase Community Networking  Keep business cards on you at all times! If you have website/email, add it to business card printing.  If you have brochures, fliers, etc., bring them! Many networking opportunities have tables set-up to allow participants to advertise their services.  Decide on personal goals for each networking opportunity before arriving to the event.  What do you want to get from the event?  How many people do you want to network with?  How many business cards do you want to hand out?
  9. 9. Where to Network within the Community  Local chapters of professional associations (CAMFT, AAMFT, ACA, etc.)  Benefits: Connect with others in same field who may not work with your “ideal client”  Colleagues are supportive  Safe place to work on your “elevator speech”  Create a networking group with other therapists  Provide marketing support  Provide feedback  Share strengths & niches with one another
  10. 10. Where to Network within the Community  Attending Conferences/Workshops  Networking opportunities  Pushing yourself to meet new people  Passing out business cards  Getting involved on Boards  Benefits: Allows you to get your name out in your community as a leader in your field.  Gives you opportunities to network in the community with other professionals at conferences.  Seen as a face in the community -- Name recognition!
  11. 11. Where to Network within the Community  Join Networking Groups (BNI, Chamber of Commerce, etc.)  Benefits: Expert in your Chapter  Opportunity to define your “sphere of influence”  Opportunity to refine your “elevator speech.”  Get to meet many professionals from other fields – think outside the box  Meet more people from within your community  School alumni groups/associations  Reconnect with other alumni  Faculty members can be good resources
  12. 12. Where to Network within the Community  Presentations  Benefits: Opportunity to demonstrate your expertise  Can pass out brochures/business cards/products (CD’s, etc.)  Can work with another professional to expand the topic and draw in more potential clients.  Become expert in your field.