A Quick Guide to Brand Listening


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Social media pro Casey Knox outlines a cohesive and necessary approach to brand listening.

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A Quick Guide to Brand Listening

  1. 1. A Quick GuideTo Brand Listening @caseymaeknoxcaseyknox.comcaseymknox@gmail.com
  2. 2. ? What is brand listening The process of monitoring and analyzing keyword variations, mentions, and conversations for a brand.
  3. 3. ?Why is brand listening important Brand listening keeps key stakeholders better informed about the awareness and resonance levels of a brand, which facilitates strategic planning, and will improve sales and marketing performance.
  4. 4. ? Who should conduct brand listening
  5. 5. Skills Needed for Brand Listening Data Analysis Identify trends, seasonality, cyclical, irregular Proficient at Excel Can export data and reports to excel Inquisitive/CuriousType Self-motivated with strong desire to seek answers CreativeThinker Ideate on what can to do with the data RightBrainLeftBrain CriticalThinking and Problem Solving
  6. 6. ?How should you do brand listening Edelman’s Social Intelligence Command Center (SICC) Gatorade’s Radian6 Social Listening Center
  7. 7. 1 Organic Listening 2 3 Search Engine Alerts PaidTools
  8. 8. 1 Organic Listening ①  Conduct weekly Google searches for brand names, product names, and domain names. o  Search on the “web” and “news” sections on Google o  Search back 3-4 pages o  Take page 1 screenshots to compare each month ②  Conduct daily Twitter searches o  Search Twitter handle, brand names, and campaign hashtags o  Use a social media management tool (like Hootsuite) to create multiple custom search stacks ③  Search review sites o  Glassdoor, Google Reviews, Better Business Bureau, etc
  9. 9. 2 Google Alerts ①  Create Google Alerts with settings to enable all content to come through:
  10. 10. 3 PaidTools ①  Invest in a sophisticated tool to automate listening and reporting o  Assess historical data o  Listen to brand, competitive, and industry conversations and buzz o  Listen to news sites, blogs, forums, video, photo, comments o  Segment by sentiment, trend, demographics, and volume
  11. 11. ①  Create an ecosystem for brand listening, with slight overlaps, to lessen the chance for human error or total tool dependency. ②  Embrace the fact that brand listening is an interdependent process, it takes smart and reliable people and tools to work effectively. ③  Don’t just listen, leverage the data to better the brand. PaidToolsGoogle Alerts Organic Listening Additional Notes
  12. 12. #BrandListening Share YourThoughts @caseymaeknoxcaseyknox.comcaseymknox@gmail.com