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Non-Visual Augmented Reality - Geonotes, Proximal Notification Systems, and Automatic Check-ins with GPS and SMS - eComm 2010
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Non-Visual Augmented Reality - Geonotes, Proximal Notification Systems, and Automatic Check-ins with GPS and SMS - eComm 2010


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This was my speech for the Emerging Communications Conference 2010. …

This was my speech for the Emerging Communications Conference 2010.

Speech Description:
We are now entering into an era of liquid interfaces, where buttons can be downloaded at will, and software flies through the air. Phones have been untethered from their cords and are free to colonize our pockets. They cry, and we must pick them up. They get hungry, and we must plug them in. We increasingly live on interfaces, and it is their quality and design which increases our happiness and our frustration.

The best interfaces compress the time and space it takes to absorb relevant information, and the worst cause us car accidents, lost revenue, and communication failures. We are tool using creatures. Prosthetics touch almost every part of our lives. Until recently, humans have used their hands and bodies to interface with objects. Early interfaces were solid and tactile. Now, the interface can be anywhere. This speech will discuss how the field of anthropology can be applied to interface design, and how future interfaces, such as the ones employed by augmented reality, will change the way we act, feel and communicate with one another. Topics will include non-places, time and space compression, privacy, user flow, supermodernity, wearable computing, work and play, gaming, history and prosthetic culture.

Speech originally at eComm 2010:


Speaker bio:
Amber Case is a Cyborg Anthropologist and corporate consultant currently living in Portland, Oregon. She founded CyborgCamp, a conference on the future of humans and computers. She has spoken at various industry conferences including MIT’s Futures of Entertainment and Inverge: The Interactive Convergence Conference. She’s also spoken at Ignite Portland and Ignite Boulder. She was previously a blogger for Discovery Channel and worked with Fortune 500 companies at Wieden+Kennedy, a global advertising agency based in Portland, Oregon.

Case specializes in information architecture, usability, online productivity, strategy, and ground-breaking communication methods. She utilizes qualitative/quantitative analysis and ethnographic methods in order to determine future idea/business/organizational developments. She employs anthropological methods to study the interaction between humans and computers. She is currently working on research related to participation architecture.

In December 2008, she founded CyborgCamp, an unconference on the future of humans and computers. Since then, the conference has gone global. Amber received degree in Sociology and Anthropology and wrote her thesis on mobile phones and their technosocial sites of engagement. She is available for speaking engagements, workshops, data aggregation and interface design.

Case blogs at and can be found online at

Published in: Technology

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  • Transcript

    • 1. From Solid to Liquid to AR: Cyborg Anthropology and the Future of the Interface Amber Case Cyborg Anthropologist @caseorganic
    • 2. @caseorganic eComm 2010 Technology, Communication and Culture
    • 3. @caseorganic eComm 2010 Non-Visual AR •Location-based AR with automatic check-ins based on GPS data. •Updates sent by SMS.
    • 4. @caseorganic eComm 2010 Social Punctuation Flickr: @MSG
    • 5. @caseorganic eComm 2010 Automated Check-in with GPS and SMS
    • 6. @caseorganic eComm 2010 Contextual Notes Flickr: awnisALAN
    • 7. @caseorganic eComm 2010 Transit Flickr: GenoDM
    • 8. @caseorganic eComm 2010 Proximal Address Notification Flickr: Unknown
    • 9. @caseorganic eComm 2010 Geonotes
    • 10. @caseorganic eComm 2010 Leave Aaron a Geonote
    • 11. @caseorganic eComm 2010 Communication with the Future Self
    • 12. @caseorganic eComm 2010 Co-location Negotiation Flickr: FaceMePLS
    • 13. @caseorganic eComm 2010 Common text messages: Running late. 5 more minutes. Where are you? Here.
    • 14. @caseorganic eComm 2010 Flickr: mrJasonWeaver
    • 15. @caseorganic eComm 2010 Drawbacks: Difficult to type while driving or biking. Dangerous. User must look up the person to type the message to. Many texts back and forth.
    • 16. @caseorganic eComm 2010 Proximal Messaging Systems with GPS and SMS
    • 17. @caseorganic eComm 2010 Automated Check-in with GPS and SMS
    • 18. @caseorganic eComm 2010
    • 19. @caseorganic eComm 2010 From Pull to Push • Reduction of text messages. • Messages can be sent without user input. Ability to multitask while driving, walking, biking. • Reduction of cognitive load or need to consult interface or hunt for data. • Result: faster or similar outcome.
    • 20. @caseorganic eComm 2010 Privacy
    • 21. @caseorganic eComm 2010
    • 22. @caseorganic eComm 2010
    • 23. @caseorganic eComm 2010
    • 24. @caseorganic eComm 2010 Other Types of AR •Collaborative Shared Reality •Diminished Reality
    • 25. @caseorganic eComm 2010 Self-Portrait of ! Steve Mann ! Wearable Computing Apparatus! 1981!
    • 26. @caseorganic eComm 2010 Shared Reality or Collaborative Mediated Reality A negotiation between two parties allowing one to temporarily access the viewpoint of another.
    • 27. @caseorganic eComm 2010 WearCam - Steve Mann - 1998
    • 28. @caseorganic eComm 2010 Flickr: PEEJ0E
    • 29. @caseorganic eComm 2010 Image recognition, processing and replacement.
    • 30. @caseorganic eComm 2010 Diminished Reality
    • 31. @caseorganic eComm 2010 Annotated Reality with Facial Recognition
    • 32. @caseorganic eComm 2010 “Remember the Milk” Contextual Notification Systems Virtual Post-It Notes with Image Processing 1985
    • 33. @caseorganic eComm 2010 Geonote
    • 34. @caseorganic eComm 2010 Wayfinding with Non-Visual AR Haptic Compass
    • 35. @caseorganic eComm 2010
    • 36. @caseorganic eComm 2010 Twiddler by HandyKey Corporation One-Handed Key Chording USB Keyboard
    • 37. Thank You. Amber Case Cyborg Anthropologist @caseorganic Leave me a Geonote: Flickr: Ben