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Casa Gentili overview

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Casa Gentili brochure

  1. 1. 1 Experience the living …
  2. 2. Welcome… Casa Gentili in Avane is now a mainstream living concept, as more and more mass actions and standardization are leading today’s life, we do hope to offer a unique place made of unique elements to share with more and more people attracted by this beautiful part of the world where we proudly live. What was once a “casa da cittadino” where many different people lived across centuries and early the XIXth century my family was producing pasta, is now a charming environment where travellers may experience surroundings with eyes wide open and professionals can lead inspiring workshops, workshops, all using their senses to explore what’s around them, enjoying the moment and appreciating things fully. There’s no more passionate or knowledgeable place to be and we look forward to share this, to let you to get the most value out of your experience. Marco Gentili Experience the living … 2
  3. 3. The property • the building dates back to the XVIth century • the Gentili family produced pasta locally since early the XIXth century Location rent contents Accommodation • Set up your location set, in one of many different corners • experience to live like local • Schedule your Workshops (Yoga, Writing Lectures) in the garden or in the • with B&B you’ll enjoy home made cakes comfortable rooms • while our self catering offers you more flexibility Experience the living … 3
  4. 4. The building first recorded document dates back to 1622; the analysis of ancient documets is the property still on going … Experience the living … 4
  5. 5. Producing pasta Gentili family was among one of the first companies to produce industrially made pasta for more than hundred years across two centuries. the property XX century advertising early the ‘60 XIX century the firm was established by Ferdinado Gentili in the village next to Avane Experience the living … 5
  6. 6. Living like locals a wonderful thing when so many travel experiences are manufactured and mass produced, with globalisation creating attractions that are beginning to look One of the things you will love is the and feel the same the world over. opportunity to travel more Travel slow, enjoy the moment and take time to explore authentically by meeting with, what’s around you, with full immersion in the local area. learning about and living like the locals. Casa Gentili is your home from home! accommodation A regular exchange of greetings can develop into meaningful conversations, giving special insights into new places and their people! Experience the living … 6
  7. 7. Accommodation features Step through the B&B / apartment private entrance in front of the garden only two rooms, will provide you the chance to stand out from the crowd, sleeps up to six guests, accommodation facility is suitable for families, as children can make their experiences in the large protected area of the secluded garden shared only with us; there you can pick up fresh fruits fom the orchard, green salad from the vegetable garden depending on the seasonality and park your car just in the backyard; walk to the river Serchio hundred meter away, to go fishing or refresh by the streaming water duing hot summer days or joggin by the natural area. Experience the living … 7
  8. 8. Autenticity The gardens Two very large ground floor rooms, are offer a suitable for post production, lectures and variety of workshops. photogr • General Advertising aphic • Fashion Modeling • Professional Photography possibilit location rent • Yoga retreat ies with • Writing retreat steep, stone steps and several old buildings around the grounds Experience the living … 8
  9. 9. Loft on the top of the villa, the added bonus are a series of huge, abandoned rooms, which offer up dramatic photographic possibilities... location rent Experience the living … 9
  10. 10. Avane where ? Tuscany is … home, a blossom cherry tree, destiny, renaissance yet modern, sense of life… This place is in our hearts and minds for being a piece of memory, of daily life, of our dreams! contacts Casa Gentili Nearest travel links to Casa Gentili via dei molini 14 56019 – Avane Pisa (IT) tel +39 050 868317 • Airport => 15 Km, 9 miles mob +39 320 4122440 • Railway => 10 Km , 6 miles • Highway junktion => Pisa Nord 5 Km, 3 miles email: Experience the living … 10