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How to design a Media Plan Project? It is easy to do it just with having a look at this Advertising Media Plan for Axe deodorant. It is a class project so feel free to share and download it. Just for educational purpose! Fall 2012. Coautors: Álvaro Casado, Leslie Montalbano, Clemence Paul and Jerron Granberry. University of North Florida

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Advertising Media Plan Project "Axe"

  1. 1. Advertising Media Plan Project Fall 2012 Axe University of North Florida MEDIA PLAN PROJECT FALL 2012 Team: Álvaro Casado Jerron Granberry Leslie Montalbano Clémence Paul 2
  2. 2. Advertising Media Plan Project Fall 2012 Axe University of North Florida INDEX 1. Executive Summary............................................................................4 2. Situation Analysis...............................................................................6 3. SWOT Analysis.................................................................................14 4. Marketing Objectives.......................................................................18 5. Advertising Objectives.....................................................................20 6. Creative Strategy..............................................................................22 7.Media Objectives a.    Target................................................................................25 b.    Overall Media Budget.......................................................27 c.    Target Coverage...............................................................29 d.    Regionality........................................................................31 e.    Seasonality........................................................................31 8.Media Strategy a.    Media Mix..........................................................................33 b.    Scheduling........................................................................36 c.    Reach, Frequency, Media Weight.....................................36 9.Implementation and Evaluation a.    Recommended Vehicles for each selected Medium.........39 b.    Media Flowchart................................................................40 10. References......................................................................................41 3
  3. 3. Advertising Media Plan Project Fall 2012 Axe University of North Florida EXECUTIVE SUMMARY 4
  4. 4. Advertising Media Plan Project Fall 2012 Axe University of North Florida The Axe brand is second to none when it comes to men’s fragrance and grooming. Although, first considered an international phenomenon in countries such France and the United Kingdom, Axe made its first appearance in the United States in 2002 and since then has drastically increased its market share while still maintaining its success in the global deodorant and men’s grooming market. Using clever and borderline explicit sexual material axe has seen much success in their targeted consumers in males of the ages 18-49. With great success we believe Axe has the potential to increase its reach and share by marketing to females and exploiting their other products. In doing so Axe must take a different approach from it sexual desire for men to a classier and lady-like approach to our female audience. We recommend that Axe stays with it usual approach to target its younger male audience, but offer women something different when it comes to their product such as nicer smelling products, damage control shampoos and sense of beauty whenever the product is used. The goals are to increase market share, profits and awareness of new products. With a campaign centering around the summer 2013, Axe will try to become the essential brand to accompany both men and women during this hot period. The budget is about $18 Millions through the use of television, internet and magazines for men and women. The campaign will start on May and last through the end of August. 5
  5. 5. Advertising Media Plan Project Fall 2012 Axe University of North FloridaSITUATIONANALYSIS 6
  6. 6. Advertising Media Plan Project Fall 2012 Axe University of North Florida I. COMPANY OVERVIEW HISTORY: The first launch of Axe was in 1983 in France by Unilever with a usage of 150 millions users per day. It was inspired by another of Unilevers brands, Impulse, a feminine aerosol (Axe, 2010). Two years after, Axe launched in Europe a wide range of deodorants, shower gels, after shave lotion, eau de toilette and hair products. After that, Axe had a great success in Latin America and moderate impact in Asia and Africa. Unilever were unable to use the name Axe in the United Kingdom and Ireland due to trademark problems so it was launched as Lynx (Axe, 2010). This year, Axe launched, with a big deployment marketing its first Axe product for women, Lynx in UK. The company has also consolidated its deodorant portfolio by migrating other overlapping male deodorants into the Lynx brand such as South Africa’s Ego brand (Unilever, France). Since 2010, Axe, like the big names in the perfume market, works in collaboration with Ann Gottlieb, a, nose expert, to develop new fragrance, new juices and new sensations for new conquests. It was only in 2003 that Axe enter in United States and Canada markets. It was a great success. In 1994, Axe saw its sales drop, so decided to focus on young adults and adults (Unilever, France). Today, Axe is has now become a global and an iconic brand with men. Axe is the undisputed leader in Deodorant for men. It sold in 60 countries, and Axe is the leader on the European and Latino- American markets. Axe remains after almost 30 years of existence, a brand of our daily lives, accompanying us every morning and every evening .It is still part of our history because Axe has evolved to meet the new aspirations of young men. Axe continues to create wants and desires (Unilever, France). 7
  7. 7. Advertising Media Plan Project Fall 2012 Axe University of North Florida PRODUCT LINES:Axe had developed a wide range of products:- Deodorants: deodorant aerosol body spray, deodorant stick, deodorant roll-on, antiperspirant aerosol spray (called Lynx Dry), and anti-perspirant stick (also called LynxDry).- Shampoo- Shower gel (usually to accompany shampoo and deodorants)- An annual fragrance : a key part in the success of the brand by offering something new each year. The type of fragrance variants have evolved over time. From 1983 until about 1989, the variant names were descriptions of thefragrances and included Musk, Spice, Amber, Marine, and Oriental.- Aftershave- Colognes- Skin care- Hairstyling products From 1990 until 1996, geographic names for fragrances were used, suchas Africa, Alaska, Java, Nevada and Inca. From 1996 to 2002, Lynx tookinspiration from Calvin Klein fragrances, also owned by Unilever at that time, usingthe same fragrance consultant, Ann Gottlieb, to develop the scents to launchvariants, such as Dimension, Apollo, Dark Temptation, Gravity, and Phoenix. In2009 Axe launched their first 8-centimeter container called the Axe Bullet. 8
  8. 8. Advertising Media Plan Project Fall 2012 Axe University of North Florida SOCIAL MEDIA The axe effect is also present in social media and creates the buzz. For example, ¨the "Showerpooling" campaign on Facebook and YouTube, done with typical Axe irreverence, asks fans to take a pledge to share a shower with a like-minded acquaintance or attractive stranger.¨ (Advertising Age 2012) In 2010, Axe launched its official page in Facebook. ¨Axe has more than three million fans, while more than 18 million users have viewed Axe’s advertising and video games on the official Axe YouTube channel¨. (Unilever 2012). 9
  9. 9. Advertising Media Plan Project Fall 2012 Axe University of North Florida II. PRODUCT REVIEW         Axe is a well-known brand of grooming products specifically designed formen. The brand is owned by the British-Dutch company called Unilever. Axe itselfwas originally launched by Unilever in France in 1983 ( This mayseem surprising as the product did not make the market scene in the UnitedStates until the early start of the millennium. The brand wasn’t always called Axe. Ifyou lived in the United Kingdom it was known as Lynx because of branding rightsand issues that were already in place in the UK. Axe provides a wide range ofproducts. Axe includes fragranced aerosol deodorant body sprays, stickdeodorant, anti-perspirant aerosol spray, and roll on deodorants. It wasn’t until1996 to 2002 that Unilever worked on making Axe more appealing by smell withmore options. Unilever claims that they were inspired by their other brands likeCalvin Klein fragrances.Later in 2009 the Axe brand launched out the new container called the “AxeBullet” which exploded with popularity across the nation. From there they beganbranching out to body washes/shower gels, aftershaves and colognes, skin care,shampoo and hairstyling products all aimed with the marketing idea that if you usethis product you will become irresistible to women.  Ads would comically show howthe product would give geeky guys the confidence to approach women followedby other ads of women simply jumping into the man’s arms the moment he appliedthe product.   The ad campaign content brought about an adverse opinion. TheCampaign for Commercial-Free Childhood disliked that the advertisementsencouraged sexism and sexual promiscuity. They stressed that it was degradingand undermined a girl’s healthy development. (Unilever, press relase).         Despite this, the product remained on the market and the ads still remained.Axe had seemed to go unnoticed in the United States until the 2000’s but sincethen has been one of its biggest market driving countries since its creation. Thebrand’s underlying idea is that the product will bring about self-confidence to aman if he simply uses it. The distinct and aromatic smells that go along with thewide variety of products not doubt make this product a sure fire best seller on theshelves in stores today. ( 10
  10. 10. Advertising Media Plan Project Fall 2012 Axe University of North Florida III. COMPETITIVE REVIEW AND ADVANTAGE Dove is one of the nation’s most popular personal care brands in theworld. The company’s main focus is about boosting women and young girls’ self-esteem, but also has undertaken men’s products as well. The company’s productsconsist of body washes, lotions, facial cleansers, shampoos, conditioners,deodorants, and other hair products (Unilever Dove 2012). Having diverse andplentiful products have helped Dove reach about 8.5 million people since 2005.The company’s mission for the future it to help 15 million girls by 2015 (UnileverDove 2012). Unilever has a vast variety of brands, including Dove and Axe that areavailable all over the world such as Rexona, Sunsilk, Lipton, Tresemme, Ben andJerry’s, St. Ives, and many more (Unilever Brands 2012).According to Forbes, Dove is ranked No. 4 on a list of 10 brands liked by bothgenders. Dove has been a hygiene product that has been in the homes of mensince they were young children, even without a specific men’s product (Forbes2012). Being one of America’s most favorite brand Dove’s global sales in the lastdecade were above 2 billion dollars (Advertising Age 2011).   Regardless of thisincrease in sales the brand did slow in sales regarding hair care. In about 52weeks, though, sales increased to about 687 million (Advertising Age 2011). DoveMen + Care and Body Wash have increased sales because of the revamping ofthe brands advertising.Dove Men + Care developed a deodorant and started a “Journey to Comfort” adcampaign that features a variety of celebrities and sports figures. This expansionof the brand towards men’s’ products has a diverse ad campaign. A currentcommercial is called Cowhide vs Manhide, which focuses on stating that DoveMen’s Body Wash will not dry out your skin. Its main slogan for this commercial is“Cowhide dries out, and so does your manhide. Dove Men + Care is clinicallyproven to fight skin dryness.” 11
  11. 11. Advertising Media Plan Project Fall 2012 Axe University of North Florida Degree deodorant is considered as the fastest growing brand in thedeodorant category. Also manufactured by Unilever, it offers the requiredprotection against wetness with anti-persperants and top odor deodorants formen, but also for women and teenage girls. Also known as Sure, Rexona, Rexenaor Shield in other countries, Degree deodorant provides an affordable, convenient,and travel friendly solution to fighting sweat and odor and is better than relying ona bulky stick or spray deodorant as it is designed to refresh and keep sweat andodor free when there’s no time for other traditional solutions.     The Degree brand name was founded by Helene Curtis and adopted by Unileverin 1996. It is the first deodorant brand in the deodorant world and It is constantlygrowing with constant innovation and communication. It offers its product to thedifferent needs of men, women and adolescent girls. The company´s productsconsist of stick, gel and spray forms of antiperspirants. To provide specific efficacyfor each type of person, the range is divided into DegreeMen, DegreeWomen andDegreeGirl and it is possible to find a huge variety into its product line as DryProtection, NatureEffects, Fine Fragance and Clinical Protection deodorants.Designed for healthy people, actives and worried about their fitness.Degree deodorant antiperspirant is the best-selling in the world through itscontinuous research, invest, develop and innovate in products, introducing newvarieties and advanced technologies in the segment of antiperspirants with $70.10million dollars based on 2010/2011 sales, according to a   grocery Headquarterssurvey.Degree has created an extensive portfolio of interest commercials seekinggreater the emotional bond with consumers. It has focused his speech in sportsand what they represent: passion, action, welfare, pleasure, self-imposed. Theassociation of a brand with the sport is not an action novel, many have alreadydone. However, Degree has interpreted magnificently generating their particularaesthetic codes absolutely in tune with the values of their consumers and bringingthis essence on its slogan: “Degree, it won´t let you down”. 12
  12. 12. Advertising Media Plan Project Fall 2012 Axe University of North Florida COMPETITIVE ADVANTAGE As compared to Dove, Axe has a large advantage when comparing to their target audiences. Dove strictly targets women in their new Real Beauty Campaign. This campaign which focuses on believing you’re beautiful regardless of what size or skin color lacks the interest to men. Although Dove does have some men’s products there are not enough to compare with Axe’s product line. Axe on the other hand has countless commercials where there are both men and women. In Axe’s campaign “The Axe Effect”, men are shown to be caring about their hygiene and attracting the opposite sex. The men have great hygiene which makes the women want to be around them or even want to buy the product for their special someone. While Axe is targeting the strong heterosexual males there is also “some traction from the product-oriented "metrosexual" segment (that) has helped build sales. And women buy Axe, too - for their boyfriends, significant others, and husbands” (DailyFinance). Axe has just recently launched a product for women. The product is called anarchy, a spray for women. This is a great decision on Axe’s part because now they have another product that women and men will buy for one another. 13
  13. 13. Advertising Media Plan Project Fall 2012 Axe University of North Florida SWOT ANALYSIS 14
  14. 14. Advertising Media Plan Project Fall 2012 Axe University of North FloridaSTRENGHTS The strengths our product owns are the following: our fragrance is also one of our strengths. The smell of our product stimulates your senses and stay reassured all day long. Our fragrances are different from the rest and are very well-known for everyone, staying in their minds and becoming unforgettable. We have a range variety of product with a very wide portfolio. Our positioning is one of our best strengths. Axe is the brand which has one of the greatests growths in the industry and it is positioned as one of the best for our male consumers. Also our international reach -our product is worldwide known- and our advertising communication are very well-know not only byour customers but by the whole public, with an original and characteristic tone thatmake the difference from the rest. Finally, our availability: our deodorants areavailable everywhere, not just worldwide but also in almost all possible points ofsale. 15
  15. 15. Advertising Media Plan Project Fall 2012 Axe University of North FloridaWEAKNESSES While Axe might be widely known and used by every young male who isseeking female attention. Axe’s biggest strength and somewhat arrogance couldalso be considered its biggest weakness against other competitive brands. Axe only targets a certain “urban market” in their commercials, the dirty badboy (who seems maybe middle class) who doesn’t use upper echelon cologne butthe quick and easy spray on Axe to seem more eloquent than what he really is.While targeting this demographic their price range is a little expensive for theirtarget audience. While young men might find the “sex sells” approach catchy, itoften leads the company into bad mannerism with countries and cultures whobelieve that should stay in the bedroom. From a product standpoint, they have numerous scents and aromas tochoose from but unfortunately they really dont last all that long unless you spraylarge amounts on your body. This of course creates an immediate impact that isincredibly painful to inhale. Axe has grown by expanding their products to bodywash, shampoo and hair gel but still is only recognized only for the body spray(Because thats what they advertise). Since hitting the markets in 1983 axe hasused the same unrenovated design of packaging with the false existent of thesubliminal message “The Axe Effect”. With that said, the axe brand can come offas arrogant or chauvinistic in the public eye.OPPORTUNITIES The biggest competitor for Axe is Dove. But this competition can be anopportunity too. Indeed, Axe had a totally different positioning, because it’s formen, while Dove is more for women. So, dove is not in its brand territory. Even ifDove has launched new products for men, “Dove men”, the product line of Axe islarger than the product line of Dove Men. Regarding socio-demographics criterias, there is a behavior change in theunder developed countries (India, Asia, Latino-America). In fact, hygiene becomesmore and more a concern and its represents a huge market for Axe. Moreover,there is a large proportion of the world population active, and women more andmore, and many people of the target. So, for them to have a good deodorant isessential. Sports are a passion all around the world, so it is good for Axe to be asponsor or to have its brands associated to the sport, it is preferable for the brandimage, and it becomes a good opportunity to show the name of “axe” during sportevents for example. To finish, social media has exploded in the last years. Axe’starget has the biggest amount of consumers and have more and moreparticipants. To maintain proximity between the consumer and company the brandhas to be in different social media. 16
  16. 16. Advertising Media Plan Project Fall 2012 Axe University of North FloridaTHREATS Axe has a large variety of competition in the hygiene department. OldSpice is booming in sales and new and improved commercials, Degree withincreasing products, and Dove with a self-esteem edge on beauty are all in the runfor best hygiene company. Also, Axe tends to focus on sex appeal towards men, which is dissimilarfrom Dove who is a primary competitor within Proctor & Gamble. This has causedmany critics to question Proctor & Gamble’s true purpose for consumers. Many areconcerned how one product of the same company can be extremely focused onselling sex, while another is about loving yourself regardless of weight, shape, orcolor (Jezebel). This also raises another threat of Axe: being focused on sex. Countlesscommercials show very skinny models with large breasts normally in bathing suitsor minimal clothing. This will sometimes turn consumers away from this productbecause they believe it degrades women and shows them as only a sexual object.The last main threat focusing Axe is its lack of “going green”. The main selling product of axe is a spray deodorant, which many say isdamaging the atmosphere. Also the packaging of Axe products are made out oftin metal cans, while other products are using recyclable materials for theirpackages (Marketing Master). 17
  17. 17. Advertising Media Plan Project Fall 2012 Axe University of North FloridaMARKETINGOBJECTIVES 18
  18. 18. Advertising Media Plan Project Fall 2012 Axe University of North Florida Axe is currently the number two brand deodorant in the United States, just after Dove. Our goal is to become the leader on this market in 2013. We will focus on the new limited product “Axe Anarchy”. Indeed, this product is the first for women and men inour brand. This is a new market and a huge opportunity for Axe to increasethe sales because of this new target. Women can become buyers andconsumers. For that, Axe Anarchy has to be distributed in places wherewomen make purchases as Target, Wallmart and also the beauty supplies,and the price has to be the same.The sales of this product has to increase about 15%. For that, we willadvertise during the summer of 2013, one year after the launch, to boostconsumption. 19
  19. 19. Advertising Media Plan Project Fall 2012 Axe University of North Florida ADVERTISING OBJECTIVES 20
  20. 20. Advertising Media Plan Project Fall 2012 Axe University of North Florida Top-of Mind-Awareness When you think of Axe, you automatically think of body spray anddeodorant. This means that we most certainly need to keep that identification ofthe brand. Also, the public is unaware of the different scents that Axe provides forwomen as well. It no longer is a men’s brand, but has branched out to women aswell. The reason for this is that Axe usually has commercials that are aimed at menbeing desired by women because they use the product. People immediately thinkit is a male brand. We must reverse the roles to market the feminine side of Axe(McGraw Hill, Objectives). Increasing Consumer’s Understanding of the Brand Benefits Axe is typically not known for it’s other products such as dandruff shampooand after shaves etc. In order for the public to understand the benefits, they mustshow statistics and examples of how these product benefit the consumer otherthan “getting the girl”.They need to do this through their advertising and compare the results with otherbrands. Also to maintain brand loyalty, Axe needs to offer discounts or rewards foreverytime that consumer purchases that particular product. An example would bea point system that you can earn free products, gifts or a cash amount off yournext purchase of the product.Lastly when creating brand preference, as a company, Axe needs to make bundlepacks, (deodorant, body spray, shampoo, hair gel etc.). This way it is convenientfor the consumer to purchase Axe products as well as giving exposure to otherproducts from the Axe brand. Celebrity endorsements should be used to promotethe product and Axe should sponsor sporting events. (McGraw Hill, Objectives).An example would be the Old Spice Classic basketball tournament that is held asDisney each year, featuring the elite Division I programs in the United States, nodoubt bringing a surplus of revenue. 21
  21. 21. Advertising Media Plan Project Fall 2012 Axe University of North Florida CREATIVE STRATEGY 22
  22. 22. Advertising Media Plan Project Fall 2012 Axe University of North Florida Axe has great advertising objectives for each product it offers to consumers. Each product for example has their own theme for a commercial, including Axe deodorant. The deodorant commercials which are very well known to consumers theme is “The Axe Effect”. Axe has decided to attract their target audience, mainly males, by showing in their ads whateffect the deodorant will have on them when applying it. One famously known AxeEffect commercial starts byhooking the audience by showingvery attractive women in bikinisrunning through a forest. Thewomen start to multiple and areall running towards a specific partof the location they are at. Nearthe end of the commercial womenare running from all side of thef o re s t , o n t h e b e a c h , a n dswimming toward the beach fromthe ocean. On the beach is oneman, looking quite dorky instature, who is stunned andexcited to see all of thesebeautiful women running towardshim. He has Axe deodorant ineach hand and begins to spray itall over his body, not stopping.The women finally surround himand words read across thescreen “Spray More Get More,The Axe Effect”. This explains tothe audience is you spray anduse more Axe deodorant then thewomen will be chasing after you,giving you more. 23
  23. 23. Advertising Media Plan Project Fall 2012 Axe University of North Florida Another recent commercial run by Axe is Fear No Susan Glenn. Thiscommercial is not solely focusing on Axe Deodorant, but rather all of Axe products.This commercial categorizes every man’s perfect women as Susan Glenn. In fact itstates in the commercial “Sheʼs not a girl, sheʼs THE girl”. The ad continues todiscuss how she is perfect in every way; she even can float in the sky withfireworks. Because of her perfect nature, Axe explains that many men would fearthis woman.The very end of the commercial shows a man in front of a mirror saying how if hegot the chance again he would do it all different; meaning he would be brave andtalk to this dream girl. The entire commercial doesn’t say a word about anyparticular Axe product except for the ending: showing the Axe logo. This ad has a subliminal message that if the man in the commercial wouldhave used Axe when he first encountered “Susan Glenn” then he would havebeen brave enough to talk to this dream girl. Another unique way Axe is using thisad to reach many audiences is “declaring their Susan Glenn”.On there is a section on the site where you can take overTime Square why typing who your dream girl or Susan Glenn is. The name youtype will then be broadcasted in Times Square. 24
  24. 24. Advertising Media Plan Project Fall 2012 Axe University of North Florida MEDIA OBJECTIVES:Target Selection 25
  25. 25. Advertising Media Plan Project Fall 2012 Axe University of North Florida The Axe consumer is a very well-defined. This consumer is primarily a young man, with an age range between 18-49 years, with features and a very definite lifestyle. Axe has just begun to target women with their new product Anarchy, from ages 18-49. Adults looking for a sexual attraction, which takes care to keep in shape, but does not care toomuch skin care, they are   mostly nocturnal and athletes, looking for more than adeodorant protection.We could divide the AXE target audience in two groups: The first of these are the youngest group, aged between 18-30 years. It isan audience that has just entered the market of deodorants, is an undecidedpublic, since it seeks no specific deodorant. This is the time to take them awayfrom competitors. They are men and impressionable teenagers, and are seekingsocial recognition among women. Therefore Axe deodorant is appropriate for thisaudience, because it offers more than just a deodorant either.Within this same age group, between 18 and 30 years, they are looking forrecognition and distinction within the young of the same age. Furthermore, theidea haunts them grow up and stop acting like children. Axe gives them a sense ofmasculinity and this is reflected on our advertising, through success with women.An independent youth that takes responsibility as an adult would do. At the other extreme is the target audience of 30 to 49 years, men. Thisaudience has different objectives but share common characteristics. This groupfocuses on ideals and lifestyle completely different from the other groups of thesame age. They seek the distinction of men and for that turn to the values ofmasculinity and success with women. Their lifestyle is based on the nocturnal andbody worship. Axe deodorant for them is perfect, because their advertising isdirected at a man who likes the personal care of his body to attract women.Women are also included in our selection although not as heavily as men becauseof their new introduction into women products. Women in our target selection arebuying mainly for their special someone or buying the new product, Anarchy, to tryit out. These women range from teenagers all the way to adulthood, looking towarda great scent. In general the public that we have chosen is reflected in Axe idealsthat they would like to be part of his life. The product is for them an object of desireand an aspirational level resource. They are adults living in a way, as young andactive love life and risk. 26
  26. 26. MEDIAAdvertising Media Plan Project Fall 2012 Axe University of North Florida OBJECTIVES: Overall Media Budget 27
  27. 27. Advertising Media Plan Project Fall 2012 Axe University of North Florida Axe does a lot of its advertising through the media of television, such as the commericals of “Susan Glenn” and newly directed of their Dandruff shampoo. Sticking to the vechile of television broadcasting and narrowing our target audience to adults ages 18 to 49, we need to plan accordingly.Studies from The Hollywood Reporter show that there are 3 main vechiles thatmen of our demographics tune into to ESPN, TNT, Comedy Central. Two of thesestations show sporting events on the regular so not only would we be able toadvertise to males with our narrow demographics but males in general. If we wereto go the high route the price range for a 30 sec commerical on these stationswould be nearly 4000 dollars a piece through network companies.If we approach our consumers from a non-sports target our best vehicles would beFOX has nearly one million or more viewers when it comes down to males. A nobrainer of which vechile should be broadcast our commericals on. Since we arebuying in more than one state Sports Illustrated has given us a rate where ourCPM would be roughly 100 dollars but the cost of one full page ad in color is130,500 with a reach of 50% of SI circulation. Fox is charging around 290,000 forprime time slots between shows of the simpsons, Sunday night football and Familyguy in a 30 sec slot period.Twitter would be the bulk of our advertisement because its free to make anaccount and advertise our brand. Through Google we would use their new productADwords where theres no minimum amount that we have to spend. we set themaximum amount we’re willing to spend each day and choose how well spendour money.Magazines are a large part of Axe´s media plan. The main reason behind thisdecision is from the quintile analysis from the SMRI data. Consumers of Axe areshown to read magazines quite often. The plan, focusing on both sexes, decidedto use both men and womens magazines in order to reach both audiences. Thetwo magazines the plan will be advertising through are Cosmopolitan and SportsIllustrated. The costs of these two magazines ranges to about $660.Our budget is 20 million with a 2 million emergency deposit just in case we mayhave miscalculated our numbers. 28
  28. 28. Advertising Media Plan Project Fall 2012 Axe University of North Florida MEDIA OBJECTIVES: Target Audience Coverage 29
  29. 29. Advertising Media Plan Project Fall 2012 Axe University of North Florida During the introductory periods of the media plan which will occur during the months of June through August the company plans to reach 70% to 80% of the target audience. In order to reach this audience the company will use promotions during these summer months, print advertisements, and online advertisements. Since the target audience are composed of vast ages using these various vehicles will help reach as many consumers as possible. Using these many vehicles also allows the company to reach people in more than one way. In fact we plan to for the advertisements to be viewed on an average of 2 to 3 frequent times. It is believed that running the media plan during the summer time, when people use the most amount of deodorant, will boost sales from the amount of consumers reached. 30
  30. 30. Advertising Media Plan Project Fall 2012 Axe University of North Florida MEDIA OBJECTIVES: Regionality & Seasonality 31
  31. 31. Advertising Media Plan Project Fall 2012 Axe University of North Florida REGIONALITY According to SMRB “Deodorants used in last 6 months”, South region inthe United States uses deodorants more than the rest of the country. Indeed, theyare 85,319,000 in the South and 42,073,000 in the North.The South region includes 16 states : Alabama/Arkansas/North Carolina / SouthCarolina/Delaware/Florida/Georgia/Kentucky/Louisiana/Maryland/Mississipi/Oklahoma/Tenessee/Texas/Virginia and West Virginia. (Le guide du routard,Floride, Philippe Gloaguen, Hachette 2012).Considering it a large area to cover, we want to put the majority of the weight in themedia plan in the regions of Louisiana, Mississippi, Alabama, Georgia andFlorida. The north area of the South region will not receive as much weight, but itshould still have a good amount because many places are extremely hot duringthe summer period. SEASONALITY The Axe media plan will be held through the summer. In fact, during this period Axe can emphasizeon the message of “hot summer of attraction” to be relevant with the brand’spositioning. It is moreover the period of holidays for all our target and deodorantsare more used during this period.The months concerned by this plan are May, June, July and August and theweight of the plan is the same for all these months. Indeed, the brand want to havea huge impact during all this period, to create a new consumer behavior and toremain in the customer’s mind. 32
  32. 32. Advertising Media Plan Project Fall 2012 Axe University of North FloridaMEDIA STRATEGY: Media Mix 33
  33. 33. Advertising Media Plan Project Fall 2012 Axe University of North Florida TARGET AUDIENCE’S USE OF MEDIA CLASS (QUINTILE RANKING) Our target audience falls into the first quintile for Internet. They are quiteyoung and they used a lot this medium to get  informed and to be connected withtheir friends and companies through the social media. That’s why we want toemphasize the campaign in this medium because it’s essential for the brand to bepresent in vehicles as Twitter, Facebook, YouTube and Google. Our target readsalso magazines because it falls in the second quintile that’s why a big part of ourbudget are allocated in magazines such as Sport Illustrated and Cosmopolitan.For the TV, our target is in the last quintile, but the numbers in different quintile arevery close. It seems important for the brand and for the successful of thecampaign to use the TV medium, especially TV prime time because our targetaudience watches TV.  Our campaign believes that television is still a positive wayto reach our target audience, relating to our decision to keep television as amedium in our plan. ADVERTISING OBJECTIVE Regarding our main advertising objective, being at the top-of-mindawareness and increasing consumer’s understanding of the brand benefits, ourselected media mix is the perfect combination to achieve our goals. Our selectedmagazine vehicles are suitable for reaching some specific localization andspecialization so they reach an audience potentially segmented and interestedspecifically in some preferences as our audience. Also, magazines allow to have aperfect quality on the advertisement and the final reproduction is better than in anyother vehicle.The Internet is also one of the best medium we can use so with it the user selectsproduct information and they become partners of an interactive relationship.Furthermore it also permits us the direct selling and it is the most flexible platformto show our message. Finally, television is important because of the masscoverage but also the high reach of its impacts. It also has a high prestigebetween the public and it helps us to get the attention because of the impact oftheir sight, sound and motion. It also has a low cost per exposure compared to theothers. 34
  34. 34. Advertising Media Plan Project Fall 2012 Axe University of North Florida CREATIVE CONSTRAINTS Regarding the clients current creative tactics, internet promotions andadvertisements are  used a majority of the time. This is because it is shown that amajority of these consumers is the Internet more than any other medium. Forexample, recent advertisements and promotion have been shown on Youtube. Inthe past couple of years the internet has been a growing way to advertiseproducts. Axe has caught onto the trend and is beginning to use promotions onwidely used websites. Axe has also used television to reach consumers. Axe isknown for popular television advertisements that consists of women who arevery beautiful who are attracted to the nerdy guy because he uses Axe. Theseadvertisements have proven popular to the public explaining why they continue touse these themes in their ads. BUDGET CONTRAINTS Our media schedule calls for us to place ads in three mediums oftelevision, internet and magazine print. We plan on advertising in all socialmedia especially twitter because of the advertisement we can explore withcreating our account and having followers to broadcast our product too.A lump sum of of our budget will go to advertising via television due to the masscoverage and high reach we can achieve through prime time stations such asFOX (mostly for our unisex audience) and ESPN (mostly male audience). Throughprint magazine we will take the expensive route of advertising through magazinessuch as Sports Illustrated and Cosmopolitan because of various facts. Sportsillustrated is one the highest consumed magazines by males and has a high passalong readership while cosmopolitan vice versa for females.Lastly, Internet will be where the majority of our media plan budget is allocatedtowards. The reason for this decision is that, according to SMRI data, our targetaudience is shown to use the internet more than any other medium. We noticedthat football specials such as NFL playoffs and and special event games are ourmost consumers at nearly 16 million we are able to reach more of our targetaudience than any other sports channel according to the SMRI data. As of now wecan’t, but we would like to expand like our competitors to national scene andbecome the offical sponsors of athletic programs such as old spice does with theircollegiate basketball tournament in Disney’s sports complex. We are only doingheavy dose of advertising in south region of the united states and in the summertime because these are the place and times when the weather is at the peak of hotand would require hygene through this sweaty season. 35
  35. 35. MEDIA STRATEGY:Advertising Media Plan Project Fall 2012 Axe University of North Florida Scheduling, Weighting, Reach & Frequency. 36
  36. 36. Advertising Media Plan Project Fall 2012 Axe University of North Florida SCHEDULING Based on the seasonality, Axe will use the Steady Pulse pattern which is the easiest type of schedules to prepare. It consists of one ad per week for 52 weeks or even one ad per month for 12 months ( On this, ads run during the whole year but heavy advertisements are preferred at the peak time or certain times. Our Steady Pulse is specifically prefixed for a schedule in 4 summer months. There is some spending during all periods of the schedule, but there are periods in which the spending is notably heavier than others.This pattern is used because that pattern requires there to be spending during the entire scheduling period, but there will be periods that require heavier spending. In Axe’s case, there will be spending during all months of the media schedule and higher spending during the summer months. WEIGHTING, REACH AND FREQUENCY The media plan for Axe will promote products before and during the 2013 Summer. The selected vehicles are television and Internet. The weight of the plan will be during the months of May, June, July and August and the selected regions will be those from the south-east. During the months of our intense plan, May and June, Axe will try to hold a reach at least over the 80% of the targeted consumers and a frequency of 2.9. Using the mediums, as television and Internet, the overall message weight of the media plan will be mainly used for Internet. For Internet, Axe will insert ads in popular sites, such Youtube, Google, and Facebook, but it will also use the social media channel in order to promote our campaign during the selected period. This is an opportunity for reach more of our targeted consumers, because it all will be concentrated into the same channel. It is also considered as a direct but cheap channel on advertising. 37
  37. 37. Advertising Media Plan Project Fall 2012 Axe University of North FloridaIMPLEMENTATION ‘N’ EVALUATION: 38
  38. 38. Advertising Media Plan Project Fall 2012 Axe University of North Florida RECOMMENDED VEHICLES The most effective media depends on characteristics of the target market aswell as the purpose of communication.• Our target market consists of a very large number of customers so a mass communication channel such as TV and Online vehicles are likely to be more effective. To reach a widely distributed market it may be necessary to use a channel with a wider channel such as those having national or international product. The purpose of communication is also important. If the communication is just to inform the customer, then non-personal and non-interactive channel such as TV and Online Vehicles advertisement may be good enough.• Internet is a medium which is now becoming increasingly popular. It is cost effective for a small customer base as well as a big customer base irrespective of the location or extent of dispersion of customer.• Magazine and printed media are recognised for their potential on public segmentation. They have multiple readers and are a really good medium because of their high information content and longevity. Also, they permit a high quality reproduction on their ads.We can consider in our media plan some specific vehicles:Print: Magazine: Mens and Womens magazines (Sports illustrated, Cosmopolitan)Television: Fox, ESPN, Comedy Central.Internet: Youtube, Facebook, Twitter, Google. 39
  39. 39. Advertising Media Plan Project Fall 2012 Axe University of North Florida MEDIA FLOWCHART 40
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