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Ps process2012-n+3

  1. 1. Policy and Strategy: Priorities Diamond Creation pre-conference At the transition conference, delegates brainstormed a collection of issues. Home Office prepared a series of conference re- search papers, building on past understanding to assist delegates in ask generation and roundtable discussions, though inde- pendent research is always encouraged.1 ballot creation independent research speeches 9h00 - 10h00 Example After transitions, Delegate A conducted independent at-large research on a topic in PSE. She presentations developed her initial ask over the summer and presents it to the membership in a speech. Delegates who wish to propose initial asks based on research not provided by home After her speech the initial ask office will have the opportunity to speak to the whole membership on their proposal. is added to the ballot and will Initial asks from these speeches will be directly submitted to the ballot. be discussed further in the afternoon.2 conference research ask generation 10h00 - 12h00 Example Delegate A found the confer- ence research on tax credits table 1 table 2 table 3 insightful. She went to the table responsible for discuss- ing tax credits and met some Delegates will have an opportunity to discuss the conference research with other del- like-minded delegates. Together egates. The goal of this exercise is to identify initial asks to be submitted to the ballot. they crafted an initial ask which Discussion will occur at three tables, divided by subject, where a CASA staff member they submitted to the ballot. will provide support. Delegates will be able to roam from table during the discussions. Initial ask definition Delegates will be submitting and voting on ‘initial asks.’ An initial ask is a specific action, policy initiative, legislative or regulato- ry change. They are meant to be ambitious: they are raw desires, which will be modified after research and strategic deliberation. A note on duplication Delegates are asked to be aware of ask duplication. When possible, please consider amalgamating initial asks, so as to ensure that CASA can have a comprehensive discussion on the issues in the afternoon. lunch ballots are printed and distributed
  2. 2. 3 discussion roundtables 13h00 - 16h00 Example Delegate A goes to the table where the initial asks on tax credits will be discussed. Once table 1 table 2 table 3 there she can discuss the five initial asks put forward on tax x2 credits. This discussion will al- Each initial ask submitted for the ballot from the ballot creation session will be clus- low her, and the other delegates tered into similar subjects, such as first nations and the loans program, and each sub- present, to evaluate their op- ject will be discussed at a roundtable. Delegates are free to roam to the subject discus- tions and to make an informed sion that interests them the most. A CASA staff member will be stationed at each table choice when balloting. to facilitate discussion.4 balloting 16h00 - 17h30 Upon the completion of the roundtable discussion, delegates will be given time to re- Example Delegate A’s association meets view their notes, discuss amongst their colleagues and fill out their single member to identify what initial asks association’s prioritization ballot. It is an approval ballot, so delegates check those pro- should be priorities and they fill posals that they believe should be priorities and leave blank those which they think out and submit their priority should not. The top proposals are declared the priorities for the year. ballot. dinner ballots are counted and results announced5 workflow assessment policy and opportunity assessments 18h30 - 20h30 Example Delegate A decides to attend the Policy assessment room while policy opportu- the other delegates from her room nity room association attend the Oppor- tunity room. Inside, she works with other delegates to identify Delegates will decide to attend one of two assessment sessions: Opportunity or Policy. which priorities have sufficient Opportunity is a measure of political feasibility given political will and CASA’s political policy, and which may need capital, and policy is a measure of whether or not CASA’s policy is current, compre- more in the year to come. Once hensive and sensitive. The results from each session will be brought together to form both rooms are completed, the policy development framework diamond, which is the organization’s work plan for CASA staff will put together the the year. diamond. results The policy and opportunity assessments create the policy development framework diamond for the year, and a draft will be circulated by morning. Pending approval at plenary, the diamond is the working plan for CASA’s priorities for the year, with asks being tabled to the policy committee and national lobby team for further action.