Policy and Strategy Sessions


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Policy and Strategy Sessions

  1. 1. DEFINE• Ask Workshop 10:00 Tuesday In order to set priorities for the year, a 60 minute brainstorming Introduction 5 minutes workshop will take place for delegates to share and get support Idea scroll 60 minutes on their proposals. All proposals will be in the form of an ‘initial ask’: the specific action, policy initiative, legislative or regulatory Support time 85 minutes change. Initial asks are meant to be ambitious: they are raw de- • Partners present sires, which will be modified after research and strategic delibera- • Staff support present tions. The submittor of a priority will be given an opportunity to pres- ent their reasons for submitting during the PRIORITIZE session. Upon the completion of the session, staff will add one pager of background and context to the submitted priority, to assist del- egates in their subsequent deliberations. Asks from the year prior will be automatically reintroduced, and returning delegates will have been assigned to defend them.
  2. 2. PRIORITIZE• Public Speech 19:00 Tuesday• Debate Lounge• Priority Balloting Two parallel sessions will be taking place. In the public speech Introduction 5 minutes room, a schedule will have been posted for each priority. Delegates Debate and discussion 145 minutes will have the chance to speak to their priorities for five minutes in an auditorium-like setting. Immediately outside of the public Balloting 30 minutes speech room, a lounge will be set up for delegates to persuade one • Public speech will be video taped another on their priority lists. • Delegates encouraged to use both rooms • Balloting overseen by returning officer At 9:30 pm, balloting opens. Each member association will be entitled to one approval ballot. They are to check those propos- als which they believe should be priorities, and they are to leave blank those which they think should not. The top twenty-four proposals will be declaredas the CASA priorities for the year.
  3. 3. STRATEGIZE• Opportunity Assessment 13:15 Wednesday• Policy Assessment Delegates will decide to attend one, and only one, of two assess- Introduction 5 minutes ment sessions. The policy assesssment session will determine Assessments 115 minutes which of the twenty-four priorities requires more work at the policy committee level. The opportunity assessment session will • No changing while sessions in progress rank each of the priorities in accordance with how achievable it • Policy committee to attend policy assess- will be in course of the year. ment. The results from each session will be brought together to form the policy development framework diamond, which dictates the organization’s strategic work plan for the year.