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PDF Pamphlet

  2. 2. INTRODUCTIONThe Policy Development Framework exists to support the advo-cacy and policy development goals of the organization. It is a stra-tegic guide in setting goals and processes towards the mission andvision of the organization.It can be difficult for large, diverse groups to converge on a consen-sus, given no two people share the same experience. The frame-work exists as a solution to this problem, in a manner consistentwith the best practices of the government relations industry.The policy and strategy conference is just one step in the frame-work. Delegates, representing their home associations, willBRAINSTORM, REFINE, PRIORITIZE and STRATEGIZE theyear’s advocacy. These crucial phases help us tie our story into abroader, strategic narrative, to better the lives of students in Can-ada.
  3. 3. BRAINSTORM• Issue Identification transitionREFINE• Research and Briefing office + p&sPRIORITIZE• Subject Discussions • Priority Balloting p&sSTRATEGIZE• Opportunity Assessment • Policy Assessment p&s
  4. 4. BRAINSTORM• Issue Identification at transition In order to assist in setting the priorities for the year, a brain- Introduction 5 minutes storming workshop will take place at the transition conference Open spaces 135 minutes for delegates to share and rally support for their policy ideas. Staff will assist delegates by guiding them towards a wide breadth of • Conducted at transition conference ideas. • Results tabled with Home Office The results of the brainstorm is summarized and then presented to the Home Office staff for the creation of briefing notes during the REFINE portion of the Policy Development Framework. The intent of the briefs is to encourage a more considered debate in the later phases of the framework.
  5. 5. REFINE• Research and Briefing at office + p&s Delegates will be presented with a series of research papers, pro- Home Office research Prior duced following the transition conferences. They provide back- Introduction 5 minutes ground to the various policy ideas raised during the brainstorm session. These papers will also contain some suggested actions New ask introduction 60 minutes CASA can take. Discussion/ballot submit 115 minutes • Home Office research available During Policy and Strategy, there will be an opportunity to dis- • Note the definition of initial ask cuss the papers and extract from them ‘initial asks’ to be placed on a prioritization ballot. Asks from the year prior will be automati- cally reintroduced. An initial ask is a specific action, policy initiative, legislative or regulatory change. They are meant to be ambitious: they are raw desires, which will be modified after research and strategic delib- erations.
  6. 6. PRIORITIZE• Subject Discussions at p&s• Priority Balloting Each item submitted for the ballot will be clustered into similar Introduction 5 minutes subjects, such as First Nations and the loans program, and each Roundtable discussions 150 minutes subject will be discussed at a number of roundtable discussions. Delegates are free to roam to the subject discussion which inter- Balloting 120 minutes ests them the most. • Delegates are free to roam between dis- cussions Following the discussions, balloting opens. Each full member as- • Priority voting: the most popular 24 pro- sociation will be entitled to one approval ballot. They are to check posals carry on those proposals which they believe should be priorities, and they are to leave blank those which they think should not. The top pro- posals will be declared as the priorities for the year.
  7. 7. STRATEGIZE• Opportunity Assessment at p&s• Policy Assessment Delegates will decide to attend one of two assessment sessions. Introduction 5 minutes The policy assessment session will determine which of the twen- Assessments 90 minutes ty-four priorities requires more work at the policy committee level. The opportunity assessment session will rank each of the • Delegates may attend either seesion, but priorities for one-year achievability. not both. The results from each session will be brought together to form the policy development framework diamond, which dictates the organization’s strategic work plan for the year.
  8. 8. AFTER P&SFollowing P&S every priority for the year is tasked to workinggroups and are all actively engaged in Becomes the advocacy focus of government relations and com- munications Green Substantial Opportunity Sufficient Policy Becomes the cultivation focus of government relations and com- munications Purple Blue Substantial Opportunity Limited Opportunity Insufficient Policy Sufficient Policy Becomes the primary focus of the policy committee Yellow Limited Opportunity Insufficient Policy Becomes the long-term focus of CASA
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