true syllabus MATH 122


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true syllabus MATH 122

  1. 1. EULOGIO “AMANG’ RODRIGUEZ INSTITUTE OF SCIENCE AND TECHNOLOGY COLLEGE OF ARTS AND SCIENCES Nagtahan, Sampaloc, Manila COURSE SYLLABUS Subject: PLANE TRIGONOMETRY Code: MATH 122 Curriculum: GENERAL EDUCATION 1.0 EARIST PHILOSOPHY As a state college, Eulogio “Amang” Rodriguez Institute of Science and Technology (EARIST) believes that the education is not an are of knowledge that can be arrogated unto itself by one profession, nor it is a division separate and distinct from the society and the times in which it flourishes. It is a plexus of knowledge applied to the economic, social and moral development of a self-actualized and productive citizenry. 2.0 EARIST VISION The Eulogio “Amang” Rodriguez Institute of Science and Technology (EARIST) is envisioned as a Center of Excellence in scientific, technical and technological education in Metro Manila in particular and the Philippines in general. 3.0 EARIST MISSION Turn out vocationally, technically, technologically and scientifically trained graduates who will be economically productive, self sufficient, effective, responsible and disciplined citizens of the Philippines. 4.0 EARIST GOAL Provide professional, scientific, technological, technical and vocational instruction and training in trades, business, arts, sciences and technology and for special purposes promote research, advanced studies, and progressive leadership. 5.0 EARIST OBJECTIVES 5.1 Strive for academic excellence in instruction, research, extension and production through accreditation. 5.2 Provide appropriate and continuing faculty and staff development programs. 5.3 Provide and maintain appropriate technologies, instructional facilities, materials and equipment.
  2. 2. 5.4 Produce quality graduates who are globally competitive to man the needs of business and industry. 5.5 Attain university status through Unity, Solidarity and Teamwork. 6.0 COLLEGE GOALS 6.1 Provide youth with acquisition of the ability to think logically and critically; and develop their self-expression, moral and social responsibility, and other skills in discovering the truth, in addition to equipping them with appreciation for human values and basic essential knowledge for specific course. 6.2 Provide maximum opportunities to the youth in pursuit of a better quality of life by emphasizing the acquisition of knowledge and the formation of the necessary skills through research and investigation; and to make them responsible and productive member of the society. 6.3 Develop appreciation for athletic and cultural heritage indigenously Filipino and enhance ideals, attitude, and habits desirable for his total development as a human being. 6.4 Adopt a standardized curriculum for each course geared towards the goals of Higher Education; ensuring the attainment of empowered and globally competitive Filipinos through quality and excellent and rationalizing the Philippine Higher Educational System. 7.0 PROGRAM GOAL Produce graduates who are capable in logical reasoning; precise in mathematical language; competent in handling abstract situation and problem solving and possess analytical and critical thinking. 8.0 PROGRAM SPECIFIC OBJECTIVES 8.1 Produce students equipped with critical and logical reasoning and competent in mathematical abstraction. 8.2 Provide strong foundation necessary for scientific and technical and statistical research through acquisition of knowledge and skills. 8.3 Provide insight and understanding the relationships between mathematics and the reality. 8.4 Promote awareness and understanding of the role of students in the maintenance and sustenance of the quality of life through lofty ideals, desirable habits and attitudes. 9.0 COURSE DESCRIPTION This course deals with study of circular and trigonometric functions, solutions of right and oblique triangle and logarithms, solution of spherical triangle.
  3. 3. Credit: 3units Pre-requisite/s: College Algebra 10.0 COURSE OBJECTIVES At the end of the course, the students are expected to: 10.1 name the six functions and apply them in worded problems; 10.2 acquire skill I the use of the tables as well as using scientific calculator; 10.3 derive some fundamental relations and identities; 10.4 solve problems of oblique triangle using the laws of sine and cosine 11.0 QUALITY ASSURANCE REQUIREMENT TARGET (QuART) 11.1 solve problems in Trigonometry using trigonometric or circular functions and prove different identities. 12.0 COURSE OUTLINE 12.1 Vision-Mission and goals of advanced college 12.2 Preliminaries 12.3 Circular functions 12.4 Inverse circular and trigonometric functions 12.5 Identities 12.6 Trigonometric Ratios and Solutions of Right Triangle 12.7 Solutions of Oblique Triangle 12.8 The Exponential and Logarithmic Functions 13.0 COURSE REQUIREMENTS 13.1 Quizzes 13.2 Assignments/Problem Sets 13.3 Attendance 13.4 Recitation 13.5 Major Exams 14.0 EVALUATION 14.1 Major Exams (Final/Midterm) 40% 14.2 Quizzes 35% 14.3 Project/Assignment 10% 14.4 Class Participation 15% 100%
  4. 4. 15.0 GRADING SYSTEM 15.1 Midterm Grade 33.33% 15.2 Final Grade 66.67% Student’s Rating 100.00% 16.0 TEXTBOOK 16.1 Ymas Sergio et. al. (1999) Plane Trigonometry. Manila: Pablo Bustamante III Press. 17.0 REFERENCES 17.1 Feliciano and Uy. (1994). Modern Trigonometry, Webster School and Office Supplies.