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  • 1. California Missions4th grade Social Studies
    Caitlin Santa
  • 2. Table of Contents
    Brief history
    Impact on native people
    Design and Architecture
    Parts of a mission
    Architectural features
    Famous missions
    Santa Barbara
    San Diego
    Santa Cruz
    Missions in modern times
  • 3. Mission History
    Spanish rule- King Charles III
    Father Junipero Serra founded the first missions
    Create a literate population that would have been useful to the Spanish government
    Bring Christianity to the native people
    Built near coasts
    21 missions total spanning 650 miles
    Religious and military conquests
    Cost a great deal of lives
  • 4. Map
  • 5. Tensions with the native people
    Tensions with Mexico
    Many American Indians were forced to convert to Catholicism, learn Spanish and learn various trades
    Diseases were also spread- measles epidemic of 1806
    Many cultures were wiped out by the Europeans
    Mexico proclaimed native people with the Alta California area free and eligible to become Mexican citizens
    1827- Spaniards under 60 were expelled from the territory
    Cultural Impacts
  • 6. Design
    All missions were built with a similar layout
    Rectangular courtyard
    Shops, rooms, church
    Bell tower
    Site selection
    Close to the coast
    Large populations of potential converts
    Land for farming and livestock
  • 7. Architecture
    Rectangular courtyard
    Bell towers
    Columns and arches
  • 8. San Diego
    California’s first mission
    • Founded in 1769 by Father Serra
    • 9. Named by Spanish explorers for the feast day of St Didacus
    • 10. Rebuilt and moved after Native Indians burned it down
    • 11. This mission is still an active parish
  • Santa Barbara
    10th mission
    Established in 1786 around the feast day of Saint Barbara
    The land on which it was built was originally inhabited by the Chumash
    The Chumash are credited for much of the missions agricultural success
    A high school and junior college were at one time part of the grounds
  • 12. Santa Cruz
    Holy Cross
    12th mission, established in 1791
    Spanish explorer named the area Santa Cruz in 1769
    Founded during a peaceful time between missionaries and Spanish military
  • 13. Missions Today
    Regarded as an important aspect of California heritage
    Some are still working churches
    Many of them are historical landmarks
    The original mission trail, known as El Camino Real, can be still be followed through several freeways.
    Some of California’s most prominent cities, including Los Angeles, San Diego, and San Francisco, were built due to the mission system
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