Social Media For Non-Profits


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Walks you through how the different Social Media channels can help a non-profit.

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  • Social Media For Non-Profits

    1. 1. Social Media for Non-Profits Presented by Caryn Brown Digital Media Butterfly 17 January 2013
    2. 2. Why worry about Social Media?O Raising money for non-profits through social media has more than doubled in the last 5 years.O 51% of wealthy donors prefer to give online.O Blogger and LinkedIn both launched in 2003. We are now 10 years into the Social Web. It is clearly not a fad!O Facebook, Twitter, and other social networks are where the eyeballs are and socially shared content makes up 10% of all web content.O Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube are now integral parts of our online communications and fundraising campaigns. The era of winging it in social media is over!
    3. 3. What to Do First (or Now)O Set Goals with Social MediaO Create a Plan and Content Strategy and Stick to it!O Track GrowthO Monitor what is being said regarding your organization on-line
    4. 4. 9 Main Social Media ChannelsO Facebook – www.facebook.comO Twitter – www.twitter.comO BloggingO YouTube – LinkedIn – www.linkedin.comO Google+ -- Instagram – www.instagram.comO Pinterest – www.pinterest.comO Foursquare –
    5. 5. FacebookO Create a Community O Recruit new volunteers from community createdO Engage with your Community O Share news and pictures about your organization O Create Events to encourage involvementO Educate others about your organizationO Receive donations through causes app“When a Facebook user posts about a cause, thatmention leads up to 68% of their contacts learning moreabout the organization and up to 39% to actually donateto it” – according to MDG Advertising
    6. 6. TwitterO Share your updates with an unlimited audienceO Drive traffic to your websiteO Share your enthusiasm about your cause, great content you want others to know about, and news relevant to your supportersO Build real relationships by replying, retweeting, and joining discussionsO Promote causes, campaigns, and events with hashtags (#Campaign)“Twitter mentions of Fundraising events can yield up to 10times more in donations” – according to MDG Advertising
    7. 7. BloggingO Share the story of your organizationO Give details regarding complex ideasO Allow volunteers, Board Members, and recipients to share their stories about your organization
    8. 8. YouTubeO Allows you to share videos of your work in actionO Users can subscribe to your YouTube channel and get updates when you add new videosO Easily share YouTube videos through your website and social media sites
    9. 9. LinkedInO Cultivate major/business donorsO Recruit influential board membersO Collaborate with peers and potential supporters though groups
    10. 10. Google+O Send specific messages to specific circlesO Use Hangouts for video conversations and meetingsO Not as widely used as other platforms
    11. 11. InstagramO Share camera phone pictures on Instagram and automatically publish to Facebook and TwitterO Easily share pictures in real time of day to day operations or special eventsO Photos tend to increase the emotional investment of donors and volunteers to your organization
    12. 12. PinterestO Create boards for your organization’s specific purposesO Create an online fundraising catalogO Currently the fastest growing Social Media site
    13. 13. Questions for You
    14. 14. Have your viewed your Website on a Tablet or SmartPhone?O As of May 2012, 20% of web traffic in the US and Canada occurs on a mobile deviceO Ensure that your e-newsletter is mobile friendlyO Start collecting mobile phone numbers to prepare to launch a group texting campaignO Acquaint yourself with mobile wallets and payments
    15. 15. Does your website’s homepagehave social media icons with links to your social media pages? O How do you inform your supporters of your social media presence?
    16. 16. Does someone from yourOrganization attend social media training/webinars? O What tools does your organization use to stay up to date on Social Media? O Mashable and other Social Media blogs can keep you informed
    17. 17. How often do you donate in responseto print fundraising appeals that you receive in the mail? O 87% never or rarely based on a twitter poll conducted by NonProfit Tech
    18. 18. Don’t ForgetO When on Social Media, listen to others in the community, don’t just talkO Send handwritten Thank You notesO Say Please and Thank YouO Communicate with your donors in the way that they prefer
    19. 19. Non-Profits Getting it Right on Social MediaO #FundraisingFridayO Red CrossO Love146O Polaris ProjectO 10X10 ActO MomsRising
    20. 20. Connect with Caryn BrownO caryn@DigitalMediaButterfly.comO -- websiteO -- blogO butterflyO -- monthly breakfasts