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The slides that accompany a presentation on the creation of a professional development program to accompany a 1:1 Tablet or Laptop program.

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  • The internet exponentially speeds up everything, while simultaneously increasing the leverage that comes with decisions that are made. In other words, the potential for advancement in the digital age is massive, but the potential for negative repercussions are just as high. If you can’t articulate WHY you are doing a 1:1 program, the repercussions are more drastic and quicker than ever before.
  • This is sometimes the hardest part for a faculty, as they are typically so consumed with the daily demands of the job that it is difficult to step back and consider the why. A good 1:1 iPad program gives all stakeholders a chance to step back and consider the why.
  • As a progressive school, we had clear beliefs about what progressive education meant and were thus able to build a plan around those goals. This lead us to two core values: adaptability and Agility.
  • The key to this step is the process of inspiring confidence in both the technology and the human infrastructure within the building. Key question to ask teachers: “What are the 1-2 most important pieces of learning you want students to leave your class with at the end of the year?”
  • Description of Inservice Days: http://learningedtech.wordpress.com/2013/03/05/rethinking-inservice-days-tech-pd-part-two/
  • Develop a Common Core of Apps
  • 1 1 pd presentation

    1. 1. So Now What?: The Transformative Impact of Developing a Cohesive 1:1 iPad Roll Out Plan Martin Moran @martinmoran21 #iplza13
    2. 2. From Simon Sinek, “Start with the Why” (http://www.ted.com/talks/simon_sinek_how_great_leaders_inspire_action.html)
    3. 3. What is the Why? School Mission and Values Curriculum/Pedagogical Goals
    4. 4. Key Themes for iPad Rollout: Adaptability Agility
    5. 5. The first rule of an iPad PD program... Do not talk about iPads.
    6. 6. 6 Assess the needs of the faculty Meet them where they are Promote Curiosity and Risk-Taking Provide Constant Support Core Tenets of a 1:1 Program
    7. 7. Step One: Assess Teacher Observations One-on-One Conversations
    8. 8. Step Two: Meet Them Where They Are Summer Professional Development Differentiation Appy Hours
    9. 9. Step Three: Promote Curiosity and Risk Taking Workshop Days: EdCamp Model
    10. 10. Step Four: Provide Constant Support Staffing Technology Steering Committee Student Help Desk
    11. 11. 11 •When is the optimal time to begin professional development? •How should parent body be educated and informed? The Difficult Questions that Remain
    12. 12. Contact information Martin Moran Francis W. Parker School mmoran@fwparker.org Twitter: @martinmoran21