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Defending My Design
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Defending My Design



Published in Education , Technology , Business
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  • 1. Defending My Design By: Allison Carver
  • 2. My Logo
  • 3. Why the color’s? • • • • • Red is associated with warmth and comfort. I wanted my logo to look comforting and by choosing a darker red it has a rich and elegant feel to it. Attention-getting: it demands you to take notice, alerting you to danger. Universal color for danger. I chose black because I think that black and red look good together because black contrasts well with the red.
  • 4. Why the shape? – I chose a circle because I am a people person and a circle is the shape that has the most empathy, perception and consideration for other’s feelings. I also communicate and listen well, which is another characteristic of a circle. I can also read people well and am easily affected by other peoples feelings and opinions. – The second reason I chose a circle is because it’s a simple shape.
  • 5. My Poster Picture
  • 6. Why the quote? - I chose this quote because I believe that when one of your loved ones dies, instead of grieving and being upset you should just remember the good things about them, and remember memories that you made with them.
  • 7. Why the picture? • I chose the picture because I thought that the quote represented an older person nearing their end, telling their loved one to not grieve over them but to remember the good times that they had with them.
  • 8. Why the font? • I chose the font that I did because I wanted the poster to have an older elegant feel to it.
  • 9. Why the font color? • I chose black for the font color because I wanted to keep the old fashioned feel to the poster.
  • 10. Why the font color? • I chose black for the font color because I wanted to keep the old fashioned feel to the poster.