Developing Social Media Strategies for Travel


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Carve Consulting presenting at Eye for Travel conference in Prague October 2009. Developing effective social media strategies for travel. Also here - Virgin Atlantic,

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  • Social is like Sex. Not box ticking. Demands transparency, openness, trust. Throw away all you know about PR. Getting closer to your candidates, clients.. And your competitors
  • Ben your call if we include a 33 client – if not will use one of ours – we could hide names if u want
  • This is about PASSION (Big Mac / Don Leslie )
    Champion, C-suite
    Google side-wiki
  • All about conversations – and adding value
    Peckham shopping centre – why would I friend that?
    Seth Godin’s book Tribes describes the world as populated by individuals
    who crave a sense of belonging,
    ‘Human beings can’t help it: we need to belong. One of the most
    powerful of our survival mechanisms is to be part of a tribe, to
    contribute to (and to take from), a group of like minded people’
    (Godin, 2009)
    People can never belong to too many tribes, we are in some ways
    insatiable for belonging,
    ‘We want to belong to not just one tribe, it turns out, but to many.
    And if you give us tools and make it easy we’ll keep joining’ (Godin,
  • Platforms – Social Media are basically platform agnostic – “fishing where the fist are”
    Gratuitous graphic – to make a point
    To say what – to who – when – why?
    3 Cs – Community, Content and Conversation
  • Brand being defined by people external to your organisation – you already know that.
    Blue Shirt Nation... Nike Runners.... Msoft Bchannel.. What about for hotels? Car hire?
    If you have a great product let it fly
    Asda web cam in carrot factory
    David Manaster Scott – New rules of marketing and PR
    Coercion & Interuption vs. _______________
    Allow your visitors to share their experences, favourite rooms, local restuarants, menu loves all online
    Webcams, vlog / blogs and podcasts
    (Hold up Timeout prague 0
    API (Sales) Reported on their blog on Jan 8th of
    this year that over 40% of all of traffic
    comes from their API.
    Amazon: 140,000 registered developers. Third-party
    sellers = 28% of Amazon’s second-quarter unit sales,
    or $490 million.
    eBay: 25,000 developers with 1,900 certified
    applications. 8 billion API requests, transactions up
    84 % annually.
  • Audio Boo
  • Nike has successfully created a tribe of runners around its’ brand. Each of
    them united to one another by a shared passion in running. This shared
    passion always existed. Butt it is Nike that has leveraged it through its
    superb use of social media.
  • Developing Social Media Strategies for Travel

    1. 1. Developing a Social Media Strategy Paul Harrison
    2. 2. Developing a Social Strategy 1. Get ready 2. Identifying objectives 3. (Active) Listening 4. Engagement Roadmap 5. Building a Team / Resources 6. Messages and Tactics 7. Ceding control, engendering dialogue 8. Destination & Integration 9. Crisis Management, Measurement 10.Experiment
    3. 3. Are you ready?
    4. 4. Your Objectives..
    5. 5. Active Listening • Variety of free & paid-for tools out there • Identifying environments, communities, influencers, sentiment, brand, buzz, competitors, leaders, trends, opportunities.. • In-house or outsource? • Real-time alerts • Response plans in place
    6. 6. Share of voice analysis  Based on 390 URL featured conversations over past 30 days  Primarily job / opportunity focused
    7. 7. Brand Buzz Track 476 comments 163 comments 31 comments 35 comments
    8. 8. Topic Cloud From 229 comments
    9. 9. Building a Team
    10. 10. Messages & Tactics
    11. 11. Platforms? 3C’s...
    12. 12. Ceding control, engendering dialogue • Give them a Reason • Access • Guidelines • Tools • Trust • Time • APIs • Access All Areas
    13. 13. Claim your name
    14. 14. Crisis Management • The Emu.. • The Voice of God.. • Enter the conversation • Process / People / Listening tools in place
    15. 15. Measurement & ROI
    16. 16. Experiment! • Act Authentically • The Entourage in your Pocket •
    17. 17. Thanks for listening * * * * * find us here: