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Evenflo feather lite 400 stroller with embrace 35 car seat, aloe green by evenflo
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Evenflo feather lite 400 stroller with embrace 35 car seat, aloe green by evenflo






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Evenflo feather lite 400 stroller with embrace 35 car seat, aloe green by evenflo Evenflo feather lite 400 stroller with embrace 35 car seat, aloe green by evenflo Document Transcript

  • Evenflo FeatherLite 400 Stroller with Embrace 35 CarSeat, Aloe Green Feature Easy fold; Stands upright when folded, Comfort - multiple positionrecline for babies comfort, Trays - child tray with cup and snack holderand parent drink holder, Storage - large storage basket holds all ofmoms needs, Canopy protects baby from wind and sunYayThis was Exactly what I wanted and the colors are perfect the onlycomplaint is it needed better pictures. It had a cup holder that was not indescription in picture.I love it! BBBBBUUUTTTT....>>Ok so I bought this because the description said that it was 1 light 2easy to navigate and 3 well as you can see its a 3 in 1. I love it but 1 itsso light that if you turn it too quickly it topples over this is very scarywhen youre turning quickly to cross a street or rushing in from the cold Ialmost turned my 3 month old over. Yeah. 2 Its pretty small. Like I saidmy 3 month old uses it and he seems to be growing out of it ALREADY!3 The little basket makes it so hard to take bags in and out of it Ive
  • ripped quite a few bags struggling to pull tem out.Aside from thosethings I say get it. Ive learned the product and so Im still using it. But if Ihad known these things maybe I wouldve chosen a bit different. I LOVETHE FOLLOWING THINGS 1 its light! I can carry it and other things andsometimes Im on public transportation and this is very handy. 2 Its a 3in 1!!! 3 The price is a really good one for this type of stroller or so I think4 Its super easy to go from stroller to car seat from car seat to strollerand it packs so small in the trunk!So I hope you make your own decisionbased on this. I like it and I would have given it 5 star except for what Imentioned. But like I said I like it.Just as advertised!Lightweight sturdy and simple to setup/use. Recommend to anyone inthe market for an affordable quality stroller. We also bought thematching car seat. Wonderful duo.Awesome.Stylish, functional, and affordableThis is an excellent stroller at this price point. Its easy to assemble andis much lighter than other travels systems. The handles are adjustablefor comfort and is easy to fold down for storage.Pros outstandingstorage capacity for a stroller stylish design made of good material andnice color options adjustable handle bars for taller parents lighter thanother travel systems but is no umbrella stroller replacementCons withoutthe infant seat the shade of the stroller doesnt cover the babys face allthe way especially when reclined fully the buckles can be sticky and takea little more effort to release it does take up quite a bit of space when
  • folded down so you wont be able to put much else in your trunk.If youdlike some more guidance about stroller shopping read the strollershopping guide on the website AllMomsArePerfect.com. Its under babygear and offers excellent pointers on what to look for in a stroller. Itsalso got really good advice on preparing for motherhood and other babyessentials you might want.Modern, lightweight, and feature heavy!I absolutely love this travel system and I highly recommend it!A littleabout meIm currently 20 weeks pregnant with a boy due in midJune. Ihave no other children and this is my first pregnancy. I live in Georgiaabout an hour south of Atlanta. Ive been looking for a neutral coloredtravel system should we decide to have another child in the future. Sincebecoming pregnant Ive been drawn to lime green baby decor andgear.When looking for a stroller and car seat I really didnt know what tolook for. I asked a girlfriend for advice on what things I definitely wouldwant out of a stroller. I was actually looking for the same travel systemshe used with both of her boys but it was purchased 6 years ago.Needless to say Im so glad I couldnt find a newer version of her travelsystem hers is a Graco.I did lots of online research and read tons ofreviews of popular brands including Britax Graco and Safety 1st amongothers. I looked instore at Babies R Us at the travel systems availabletrying them all out. BRU doesnt carry any Evenflo strollers or travelsystems in their stores but Im so glad I didnt count out the brand. Ifinally decided on Evenflo because of the available features. I looked upthis system on Evenflos website to see what retailers carry it. Amazonsprice was cheaper than the other retailers. Im also an Amazon Primemember and was able to get 2day shipping for free. I think Amazon Momoffers free 2day shipping on baby gear too. I ordered this travel system
  • late on Friday night and received it today Tuesday.Heres why I love theEvenflo FeatherLite 400 Travel System*The ratings were good toexcellent. Less than excellent ratings were based on displeasure of colorthe brands tangerine color is actually yellow but this is obvious in thestock photos.Yes, its light...BUT...This is my third baby and wed always gone with Graco. Thought wedgive this system a try and YES its light which was really important to mebut unfortunately the actual seat is extremely difficult to buckle andunbuckle negotiate the straps and actually move my newborn son in andout of the seat. For lack of a better description the straps and clasps arejust not well engineered for ease of use which can be frustrating whenyoure trying to move quickly during the cold winter months. Not sendingit back but definitely would not buy again.LOVE IT.Color is awesomeI love this color I was kind of hesitant when I read Tangerine but once itcame I would say it should be called NY TAXI CAB YELLOW. Its asmooth black and grey with the hint of tangerine. We havent actuallyUSED it yet we havent left the house with the baby yet!! However I didhave to fold it down the other day finally to move things around and fit itinto the corner nicely. It was a smooth move to fold up It is pretty lightand will fit easily into my Nissan Versa trunk. We were most concernedabout the wheels. Back 12 years ago I had a Centry and the 2 doublewheels were horrible they were always getting stones stuck in them the
  • swivel was always getting stuck and it drove like a wheelborrow. This iswhy we were seeking a single wheel on the front. They appear to bemade of a suitable sturdy material/rubber type and we were happy tosee that when it came.Overall We like the color we like the wheels welike the folding and the baby seat of course has the base for the car.Awesome, Cheaper on Overstock.comI purchased this set for a friend for a baby shower and it is amazing.Both the seat and stroller look very expensive and are very well made &light weight. I only paid $191 on Overstock.com.Read more Reviews