Carts and Tools Business Strategy Overview Nov. 2013


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Carts and Tools Technology, Inc. Business Strategy Overview

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Carts and Tools Business Strategy Overview Nov. 2013

  1. 1. Revolutionary Precision Cultivation Tools 2013 Carts and Tools Technology, Inc.
  2. 2. A Quandary “Get Big or Get Out.” Earl Butz - Secretary of Agriculture, commenting on the future of farming, 1975. “The correlation between poverty and obesity can be traced to agricultural policies and subsidies.” Michael Pollen – Author, journalist, professor 2013 Carts and Tools Technology, Inc.
  3. 3. Global issues reveal opportunities for small farm equipment providers Food purchasers increasingly want to have a personal impact on these large issues. • • • Reducing carbon emissions. Reducing habitat destruction. Pollution of land and water. Brooklyn Rooftop Garden - NYC They are buying foods with intention. • • • 2013 Carts and Tools Technology, Inc. They are asking where did it come from? How was it grown? Is it healthy for my family? Our Table Cooperative – Sherwood, Oregon CSA Bags Ready For Delivery
  4. 4. Market Opportunity The size and growth of the market farmer segment is significant. • Over 2.0 Million small farms per the 2007 US Census of Agriculture. • 111,839 new small farms since 2002. • Maine alone has added 10,000 small farms in 15 years. • 8100+ active farmers markets, an increase of 53% in 10 years. • 8000+ Community Supported Agriculture (CSA)programs. • 29 million households engage in backyard gardening. Winter Green Farm, Noti, Oregon - Growing organic, local food since 1980 2013 Carts and Tools Technology, Inc.
  5. 5. Our Business We create innovative tools that solve the needs of small market growers and large home gardeners to provide local and sustainable foods. • Scaled to small farm‟s needs. • Affordable, professional quality. • Highly efficient, adaptable to different conditions, • Leverages high tech components in market grower applications. • Battery powered, solar charging. • Brushless DC hub motors. Paul Shaw – Our Table Cooperative, Sherwood, Oregon Farm Manager and “The Chicken • Electronic controls and sensors Whisperer” using Tillie. • Convert “Drone Tech” (guns) to “Ag tech (butter). 2013 Carts and Tools Technology, Inc.
  6. 6. Problems Create Opportunities Established farm tool manufacturers do not provide tools scaled to the small farm movement. • Most products are too big and expensive. • Don‟t adapt easily to diverse conditions. • Inefficient at small tasks and lack precision. • Rely on non-renewable energy resources. • Legacy architectures inhibit innovation. • Constrains land use options. 2013 Carts and Tools Technology, Inc.
  7. 7. Current Solutions Create Opportunity Too For example, Walk-behind tillers. BCS tractor - best in class. • • • Unwieldy for cultivating between rows. Once you‟ve tilled it sits unused rest of the year. It‟s a beast. Mantis tiller – over 2 million sold • • Tine design relies on high-speed operation which causes it to skip over the ground. Conversion from gas to electric does not solve the problem of being too ineffective for the serious grower. 2013 Carts and Tools Technology, Inc.
  8. 8. Our First Products Tillie and Solus are part of our first generation set of tools that are green, innovative, affordable and leverage technology to enable small farmers to increase productivity and profits. • • • • • • 2013 Carts and Tools Technology, Inc. Battery Powered Professional Quality Versatile Sustainable Patent Pending Shipping & in use on farms today
  9. 9. Solar Charging Global Nutrition Empowerment is an international non-profit dedicated to improving nutrition and preventing micronutrient deficiencies in women and children. Spring 2014 GNE is taking 2 Tillie‟s with our new solar charging panels to Nepal. 2013 Carts and Tools Technology, Inc.
  10. 10. The Next Generation Quatrus is the two-wheeled, powerful, all electric platform from which an entire new classification will emerge. It is the core of our second generation tools. • Enhance precision cultivation. • In-row weeding using sensor based technology. • Assists harvesting small plot specialty grains. • Smart tools that follow the worker. Sweetwater Farm, Creswell, Oregon Using first production Tillie. 2013 Carts and Tools Technology, Inc.
  11. 11. The Team Michael McGowen Carts and Tools has existed in Michael McGowen‟s mind and garden for several years. • Michael has successfully created manufacturing businesses in the technology sector; guiding them from startup to IPO to acquisition. • Michael is a lifelong entrepreneur and backyard farmer and developing small farming implements that solve the problems for a market gardener has been his passion. Brad brings marketing, product development, branding and businesses development knowledge. • Brad has held senior management buying positions with Macy‟s, Target and Montgomery Wards and Citibank in NYC. • Brad was the Director of Business Development and Marketing for an entrepreneurial pre-IPO start-ups,, recently named one of INC‟s 500 fastest growing companies. 2013 Carts and Tools Technology, Inc.
  12. 12. The Team Jorge Baneulos Jorge has his Mechanical Engineering degree from OSU, is our lead engineer and began his design career in 1998. Jorge is the principal owner of Lindero Engineering a mechanical design firm located in Corvallis, Oregon, . Jarred Miller Jarred is a 2013 Graduate of Oregon State with a degree in Mechanical Engineering. Jarred contributed to CAD and design work in the summer of 2013. Karissa Moore Karissa is a senior Marketing major at OSU and has been managing the social media efforts for us. Karissa also creates content for our website. Tyler Hansen Tyler is a junior Marketing major at OSU and is responsible for all the great video on both the website and our YouTube channel. Check it out. Rebecca Barnhart David Bassett Rebecca has a Masters in Journalism and is a freelance photographer and writer for several publications in the Northwest She writes our featured stories. Amy Dasso Amy owns Dasso Design and has her degree in Graphic Design from OSU. She is responsible for the look and feel of the Carts and Tools brand. Andrew Dwyer Andrew is a junior Horticulture major at OSU and recently transferred from upstate NY. Andrew is working as our lead assembly person, building our tools. 2013 Carts and Tools Technology, Inc. Dave is the owner of Bassett Studios and is the creator of all of our awesome product shots you see on the Carts and Tools website.
  13. 13. Traction May „13 June July Aug. Sept. adopters. who‟s ~Filed patent application. ~Launched a full-featured responsive website. ~Received first on-line order. ~Reached 1235 likes on Facebook. ~Began production shipments to our early ~Shipped to Johnny‟s Seeds, a major re-seller product catalog ships to over 1.0 million growers, ~Introduced Solus, our electric wheel hoe. ~Added a 36V solar panel charging option. Tines Ready For Installation on Tillie 2013 Carts and Tools Technology, Inc. ~Johnny‟s Seeds has approached us regarding distribution of our tools.
  14. 14. Business Model • • • • • • • Direct to consumer with 60%+ initial margins. Average customer order exceeds $1000. Ecommerce website focused on content generation and extensive social media outreach. Will partner with select ecommerce and mail order retailers. Use contract fabrication facilities with inhouse final assembly and testing. Continuous process improvement to lower costs. Leverage lifetime value of customers through new product introductions. 2013 Carts and Tools Technology, Inc. Paul Harcombe – Harcombe Farm, Albany, Oregon Using an early prototype to weed flint corn.
  15. 15. Marketing Strategy • • • • • • Create a strong presence on social media channels creating community. Curate timely website content to attract re-occurring traffic. Leverage print advertising in key publications. Exhibit at regional and national conferences and events. Run targeted on-line banner advertising. Maximize SEO through constant website improvements. 2013 Carts and Tools Technology, Inc.
  16. 16. Financials 2013 Carts and Tools Technology, Inc.
  17. 17. Capital Sought $300, 000 new funds Previous investors – 60K Founder – 35K Harcombe Family Trust – 40K Dreamcatcher Investments Use of new funds – – – – Engineering – Staff, new products Patent Expense Marketing Expansion - Increased exposure Manufacturing – Improvements, cost reductions 2013 Carts and Tools Technology, Inc.
  18. 18. By The Way You can find us at… Email us at… 2013 Carts and Tools Technology, Inc.