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Cartridge Refilling Mumbai

Cartridge Refilling Mumbai




Laser printers are a necessity in the modern office environment. Like all electronic components these high speed machines need proper maintenance and periodical replacement of consumable parts. All this involves recurring cost besides the initial capital expenditure on purchase of printers. Also the technology is rapidly changing which renders the new printer obsolete in 2-3 years time
Outsourcing is an economical and unique solution for all such problems. We provide color laser/high speed network mono laser printers/normal entry level laser printers and all-in-one print scan copy and fax laser printers. Our installation base in Mumbai alone has crossed 2000 such printers.



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    Cartridge Refilling Mumbai Cartridge Refilling Mumbai Presentation Transcript

    • Managed PrintingCartridge Point.Gala No. 1/2/3, Rani Sati Road, Nr. Union Bank, Malad (East),Mumbai - 400097. Phone: 022 3271 3479. Cell.: 9920250526 / 9867275986Email: info@linknet.in Web.: www.linknet.in
    • • If you are the proud owner of a laser printer, youmay have already taken a step in the right directiontowards lower cost printing. However, what youmight not know is that laser printers can work withre-manufactured toners.
    • OEM Toner VS LNI Toner• Disadvantages of Buying OEM Toner• The main disadvantage of buying OEM branded toner cartridges is the relatively high cost. Whilethey are economical because the cost per page is low, purchasing an OEM toner might cost youanywhere from Rs.3900/- to 19000/-. The initial cost of laser printers has come down but printermakers make up their low initial profit by in the cost of consumables.• Another problem with OEM toner cartridges is the fact that we live in an Eco conscious world anddiscarding toner cartridges which are not biodegradable is an environmental hazard. Buying aremanufactured toner is more environmentally friendly.Advantages of buying Remanufactured Toner• The biggest advantage of using compatible toner cartridges is they are a lower cost consumable.Compatible and Remanufactured toner cartridges are available for laser printers and give goodquality printing at a lower cost – sometimes even half the cost of the branded cartridge.• These Re-manufactured cartridges are much more eco friendly and mean that we can recycle thebiodegradable cartridge. They are now easy to find and buy. There are compatible toner cartridgesfor most brands of laser printers and give good value for money. Print quality of both compatibleand remanufactured toner cartridges is almost as good as the OEM brand toners.
    • Beware of Refilled TonerRefilling Vs Remanufacturing CartridgeRefillers never change any of the above mentioned components.Refillers generally have no access to high quality engine specific powder and sometimes they use harsh photocopypowder, which leads to premature fuser unit wear.Mid cycle failure is very common in refilling.Output is very low in a refilled cartridge. Our cartridges give same output as that of a OEM.Refilled cartridges generally leak, leading to printer damage. Our cartridges never leak.
    • • Our Esteemed Client List.
    • We are No.1 in Printer Repairs.
    • A typical offer letter is mentioned herewith.1. The printer would your property at all times.2. The maintenance of the printer would be our responsibility.3. You cannot use any other make of refilled / Re-manufactured or new hpcartridge in your printer.4. You would be required to buy a minimum of 1 toner cartridge/1 set of 4 permonth for color laser per month.5. You would provide free and easy access to our staff periodically formaintenance and inspection of the printer. This might include monitoringthe page counts for accessing the duty cycle per month6. Any physical damage or damage due to fire, theft would be yourresponsibility and you would have to indemnify the loss by either providingus a similar cartridge or the appropriate compensation.7. Any physical movement of the printer other then within your officepremises has to be informed to us sufficiently well in advance. Thismovement has to be restricted to the geographical limits of Mumbai only.8. The initial contract would be for a 1 year period which can be extended foranother 1 years on expiry.
    • FAQ’sQ. Will the use of Re-manufactured cartridges void my printer warranty?A: Absolutely no!It’s important to note that it’s illegal for a laser printer manufacturer to requireyou to use or purchase a particular brand of cartridge, just as it’s illegal for a cardealer to require that only original parts to be used to fix your car. An OEMcannot void your warranty simply because you choose different brand ofsupplies for a piece of equipment like a printer.In a media interview in early February 2003, HP Senior VP of Printer Supplies Mr.Pradeep Jotwani made HPs views, while commenting on the Digital MillenniumCopyright Act (DCMA) used by Lexmark to lock out supplies market, stated thefollowing:HP would not be following down the path of using chips as a lockout device.There should be a place (in the market) for those companies that sellremanufactured cartridges and kits for ink jets.Customer choice governs the buying decision between new OEM orremanufactured cartridges.HP consciously makes sure that its cartridges can be reused.For more details on the above, please refer to the advertisement of M/s. Staticcontrol Components Inc., USA appearing regularly in the form of an "open letterto the industry from Ed Swartz, CEO of Static Control Components Inc., USA". Theadvertisement regularly appears in "Recharger magazine" USA.
    • Q. My vendor suggests that he can refill a cartridge 2 to 3 times and thenprobably go for a new or Re-manufactured cartridge. Is true?A: Any component in an OEM cartridge is rated for single use. Reusingthe critical components would either mean that you would have mid cyclefailure, or a faulty cleaning blade might lead to powder spillage in the printerleading to fuser unit damage. The opc drum might develop dots which mightshow on the printout, and subsequently you would change the cartridge midway. Here you loose money on refilling and get poor prints with which youhave to compromise. Re-manufactured cartridges give same output as anOEM. Refilled cartridges give only almost 35% output when compared to OEMor Re-manufactured.Q. How does a Re-manufactured cartridge help the environment?A: Recycling both laser and ink jet cartridges reduces the amount of non-biodegradable plastic in landfills. Additionally, the manufacturing processused to create new cartridges depends heavily on fossil fuels.
    • Q. My Printer Maintenance guy says that the use of such cartridges woulddamage the printer. Shouldnt I listen to him?A: Many printer engineers presume that the cartridge is a refilledcartridge. The concept of recycling is new and it is catching up fast, both withthe support industry as well as the end users. Their previous experiences witha refilled cartridge might have been really poor, as they would have had toclean a lot of components due to the powder spillage from a refilled cartridge.The awareness is increasing and a lot of technicians in fact are now in favor ofsuch Re-manufactured cartridges instead of refilled cartridges or for thatmatter the OEMs. There are substantial savings and no spillages. Your cost ofthe printer is recovered within 5 to 10 purchases of Re-manufacturedcartridges vis a vis OEM.Q . Is there a downside to Re-manufactured cartridges?A: No. Using Re-manufactured cartridges saves money, helps preserve theenvironment, provides as high a quality product, and helps support local smallbusinesses.
    • Q. Why dont more businesses recycle?A: In a word -- education.(A) The office product recycling industry is relatively new; just 10 yearsold. The industry is working diligently to educate the consumer about thevalue of Re-manufactured cartridges, and today more than 30% of allIndian businesses used Re-manufactured cartridges. Quite anaccomplishment in just ten years. Through public relations campaigns,more and more end-users are realizing the added value of Re-manufactured cartridge products and services.(B) Recyclers replace worn parts and upgrade others in the cartridge withparts that are often superior in quality and performance to those in a newcartridge.Q. Are Re-manufactured cartridges inferior to new ones?A: No. there should be no difference in the print quality or page yield of aRe-manufactured cartridge. Recyclers use only graphics quality toner andreplacement parts that meet or exceed the OEM standard. Most recyclersguarantee their products to perform as well or better than new cartridges.
    • Q. Am I really helping the environment by purchasingRe-manufactured cartridges?A: Definitely. Each discarded empty laser printer cartridge addsapproximately three pounds of unnecessary waste to our landfills. Wastethat will take as long as 10 centuries to decompose. It is estimated that100 million laser printer cartridges and 400 million ink jet printercartridges are produced each year. Recycling these 500 million cartridgeswill save an estimated 4 million cubic feet of landfill space. The officeproducts recycling industry has made and will continue to contribute asubstantial positive impact upon the environment and the economywherever it exists.Q. Can I really save money by using Re-manufactured cartridges?A: Yes. As much as 40 to 50 percent, depending on the quantity ofcartridges your company uses, your savings can amount to thousands ofRupees each year.SAVE ENVIORMENT + SAVE COST + FREE MAINTENANCE