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Passport To Japan
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A bunch of information about japan. e.g. flight times/costs religion facts traditional japanese games.

A bunch of information about japan. e.g. flight times/costs religion facts traditional japanese games.

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  • 1. Passport To Japan
    By peter
  • 2. Religion
    Shinto believers believe in Kami (a spirit or god). Shin means (in Japanese) the word for god. So Shinto means “the way of the god.” Shinto was japans main religion before world war 2. Most of the customs are still done in Japan now, but not as often as supposed to, and normal not religiously.
    (The Shinto symbol)
    Buddhism is supposed to teach people how to reduce their suffering and understand themself better. Some see it as a religion and others see it as a philosophy and the rest see it as a way of finding reality.
  • 3. Flying Info
    Flight time: About 9-10 hours (from Victoria)
    Cost (from Melbourne airport) Around $154
    Air ways that will take you there: Qantas, Korean airways are just some of the airlines that will take you there
  • 4. The Tokyo Olympic Games
    Nations participating: 93
    Place held: Tokyo, Japan
    Athletes: 5,151
    Participating: 4,473 men, 678 women
    Number of Events: 163 in 19 sports
    The Tokyo Olympics was almost cancelled because of Japan’s attack on china, But it was still held in the end and still is japans' only Olympics.
  • 5. Japanese Games
    Japanese Children’s games:
    Or “lucky laugh” (in English)
    Fukuwari is a game played by Japanese children. It is kind of a “pin the tale on the donkey” but you have to pin the mans eye’s, nose and mouth onto his head. Hen they look at what he looks like and laugh at the weird looking face.
    Or “tag”
    Onigokko is basically the Japanese version of tag, they choose someone to be “it” then the it person gives them an amount of time off, than he chases them. The person that is tagged is then the “it” person and hey count and the game starts again.
    Does not translate to English
    Hanetsuki is sort of a badminton played with no net and rectangular wooden paddles. It is also played with a brightly coloured shuttle cock. It is normally played by girls on new years eve. The main idea is that the longer you keep it in the air the better mosquito protection you will have in the next year.
  • 6. Temperature Info
  • 7. Popular Japanese person
    I chose: Tadanobu Asano. (he is a movie star)
    The movie shown here is called: Sharkskin Man Peach Hip Girl (Wierd name!)
    Date of Birth: 27 November 1973, Yokohama, Japan
    Awards: he has had 8 wins and 3 nominations (without winning them) in multiple film festivals/awards.
    Films he’s been in: 61
  • 8. Venn Diagram
    More people are Christian
    More people are Buddhist
    There are a lot more computers in schools
    They are not in a draught
    We have rollercoaster
  • 9. Bibliography
    Wikipedia (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_Japanese_games)
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