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All about China
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All about China


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All about china, flight info, weather charts.

All about china, flight info, weather charts.

Published in: Travel, Business, Technology

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  • 1. ALL
  • 2. ABOUT
  • 3. CHINA...
  • 4. Part 1
  • 5. 4 places I would like to go to in China
  • 6. Tongli
    Description: Tongli is a Chinese town surrounded by lakes on each side; it is sort of like a Chinese Venice. Instead of tour buses there, they have boat rides to see the town. The most famous dish there is zhuangyuanti, a local pigs' trotter dish.
  • 7. Nanxun
    Description: Most of the wealth
    in Nanxun comes from silk trade.
    Like Tongli it has many rivers, but
    has streets and footpaths to. It has
    heaps of gardens in it and most tell
    a story of old legends or just what
    was there in the past.
  • 8. Wuzhen
    Description: Wuzhen is a normal Chinese town, but appears in many novels and soap operas for its beauty. It is right next to the jinghang canal, and is well known for its quit waters, wine, small lanes and handmade calico. Don’t forget to try The Wuzhen specialty! gusaobing (sister-in-law cake)
  • 9. Xingan
    Description: Near Xingan is Lingqu, the first man made canal in the world. It is as old as the great wall and a popular wedding place for locals. Dishes recommended there are mifen (rice noodles) and zongzi (a rice dumpling wrapped in lotus leaves), Gingko fruit, oranges and grapes.
  • 10. Part 2
  • 11. Weather Charts
    The weather chart above shows all the info about the weather in Japan
    In conclusion I think that may would be the best month to visit Japan if you are looking for a sunny warm place, But if you want to go skiing or do something that requires it to be cold than I recommend December or January. All the other months are just average.
  • 12. Part 3
  • 13. Flying & Cost
    Cost: $631
    Cost: $631
    Average Cost (from Melbourne airport): $631
    The flight path:
    A timetable of things you could do:
  • 14. Part 4
  • 15. An estimated total for a trip there
    Total Around 2k
    ($2257, for the exact activities and accommodation that I planned)
    Possible accommodation::
    The Lee Garden service apartment
  • 16. Thanks
  • 17. For
  • 18. Watching!