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Cust a-cock


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  • 1. CUST-A-COCKGo f*ck yourself.Jackie, Jade, Carter, Chris, Divya, andMichael
  • 2. What is Cust-a-Cock? A DIY penis cloning dildo kit Target: Gay males Only a few main competitors Premium pricing strategy Diversified promotional mix – Strong online Timeline allows for wider market appeal Personal use, Gift for partner, Gag gift
  • 3. How it works
  • 4. Cust-a-Cock is a Perfect WebProduct High customization Embarrassing product Relatively low tactility Niche product Doesn‘t require many employees Low cost to ship Little to no in-store experience necessary
  • 5. Homosexual Males are theTargetHomosexual males aged 18-40, whom are livingin urban areas  Ages of men who use dildos or vibrators (at least once):  51.5% ages 23 to 44  15.5 % ages 18 to 22  Gay men use the internet 13 hrs on average per week  52.7% of gay men live in urban areas
  • 6. Characteristics of a TargetMarket1. Need or want a product2. Have the authority to make the purchase3. Acceptable mechanism to complete theexchange
  • 7. 1. Need or want a product 2011 Internet-based survey from 25,294 gay and bisexually identified men throughout the U.S. found:  (78.5%) of gay and bisexual men reported having used at least one type of sex toy, including:  dildos (62.1%)  vibrators (49.6%)  Dildos were commonly inserted into one‘s own anus during masturbation (95.7%) AND  Insertion into their partners anus (72.0%) during partnered sexual activities.
  • 8. 2. Have the authority to make thepurchase Dual incomes present significant buying power Approximately 17 million people out of the total U.S. population are homosexual males  This market has a buying power of $485 billion Also have resilient buying power  Despite economic downturn,a significant number across all age groups made major purchases last year
  • 9. 3. Acceptable mechanism tocomplete the exchange The gay community has disposable incomes well above the national average  Average HH income for gay couples = $81,500  nearly 80% above the national U.S. income average of $46, 326 Gay men‘s households earn almost 10% more per year than straight households  These households can be found in 99.3% of all United States counties 36.0% of gay men have used an American Express Card in the last month
  • 10. Competitors: Clone-A-Willy Summary: Produced by Empire Labs, allows one to ―make an exact copy of your penis‖, and ―makes a great gift‖. Caters to couples aged 18+. Price: $24.95 for the basic plaster kit to $44.95 for a ―special edition‖ kit Location: Mainly online – Empire Labs, website, Amazon, sex toy websites, etc. Competitive advantage: First mover advantage – one of the first products to capitalize on making an exact mold of one‘s penis Weaknesses: Slow to mold, the tube for molding is too small (one size doesn‘t fit all), difficult to understand instructions, gel dries too quickly
  • 11. Competitors: Fleshlight Summary: ―#1 selling male sex toy in the world, over 4 million purchased worldwide‖. Variety of products including ―Original Lady‖ to ―Build Your Own‖, made for both males and females 18+. Price: $65.95 for ―Original Lazy‖ ranging up to $113.30 for kits featuring customized product, lube, and videos. Location: The official Fleshlight website, brick and mortar sex stores, Amazon, various adult toy websites, etc. Featured in Playboy, HBO, Wired, Maxim, etc. Competitive advantage: Marketed as a high quality, realistic sex toy (reflected by quality of website branding and price), very wide press coverage, well known product in general Weaknesses: Requires a lot of effort to use, not something you‘d use on a ―spur of the moment‖ (requires time to heat up, lube, etc)
  • 12. Competitors: Dildos Summary:A commonplace item in the adult sex toy world, often phallic in appearance. Pricing:Wide range from $5 for cheap, basic product to $100+ for specialty, more individualized product Location: Everywhere – online, brick and mortar stores Competitive Advantage: Well known, ―go to product‖, widely available Weaknesses: Not particularly customizable, ―hyperchoice ― effect makes it difficult to know which product to select
  • 13. Pricing Strategy Standard pricing for sex toys (dildos and vibrators) can range anywhere from $8 to upwards of $250, depending on size, features, and quality. Our biggest competitors are Clone-A-Willy, priced at $39.95-$45.95 for a standard mold kit, and Fleshlight, priced at $64.95 for customizable product and standard product.
  • 14. Pricing Strategy Standard product will be priced at $44.95 with a price increase depending on optional product features. For a standard price of $44.95, customers will be able to:  Choose one of 5 sizes  Choose one of 15 different colors (flesh tones and fun colors)
  • 15. Pricing for additional options Vibrating bullet- additional $10.00 Light up option (not combinable with vibrating option)- $10.00 Glow in the dark option- $3.00 Pack of glitter to mix into mold- $2.00/packet Confetti option (available in V-day hearts, Winter Snowflakes, and Irish Shamrocks)- $3.00/packet Piercing (needle and ring provided)-$5.00
  • 16. Vibrator Extra
  • 17. Sales promotion Creativity Contest  Challenge to all Cust-a-Cock customers—the fan who creates the most creative video using the mold of their penis will win VIP treatment at the club event of their choice. Promotion code  Customers will receive the promotion code ChristmasCock to receive 25% off products purchased before December 25th.
  • 18. Personal Selling Erotica expos  These events will be a mix of personal selling and publicity/ promotion.  We will have representatives at expos selling and explaining the product to potential customers QR Codes- 68% of gay men surveyed by Community Marketing Inc. own a smart phone ( gay-and-lesbian-consumers-1224/) ―Cocktails with Cust-a-Cock‖  Based off the idea of ―Passion Parties‖  We will have a sales rep travel to people‘s homes and sell the product to groups of friends. The host is asked to bring 10-15 friends to share in a night of fun.
  • 19. PR/Publicity Sponsor events at gay clubs and bars  Akbar in Los Angeles, CA (  Metropolitan in Brooklyn, NY  Cinch in San Francisco (  Colt in Washington, DC (,61574.html) Gay/Erotica expos  Gay Days expo in Orlando 2012 (  GLBT Expo in NYC (  LGBT Wedding expo in DC  AVN Expo in Las Vegas, NV (  Adultcon in Los Angeles, CA ( Inviting gay/ sex toy bloggers to events  We will be inviting selected bloggers to attend the club events
  • 20. Direct marketing Subscribe to website  Our online advertisements will lead customers to our site where they can subscribe to receive the e- newsletter and e-mail updates. E-Newsletter  Once you subscribe to the Cust-a-Cock site, we will send monthly e-newsletters with promotion events and other company updates E-mail  Promotional weekly e-mails before product launch, bi- weekly after launch.
  • 21. Online ad formats Why are they likely to reach audience?  Our audience is a group of early adopters who are very into technology.  Drawn to technology because its anonymity  Gay men use the internet, on average, 12 hours weekly. ( lesbian-market-intelligence/gay-research-gay- lesbian-consumer-index-demographics-2/)
  • 22. Online ad formats  Banner ads- 35% of both younger gay men and older gay men clicked a website banner ad  Twice as many younger gay men clicked on a website banner ad than younger straight men (31% vs. 16%) in the past week. ( report-now-available/  Blog ads – we will use some of the top gay blogs to advertise our product via banner ads.  54% of GLBT adults regularly read blogs (  We would also like to have a couple influential gay bloggers write posts about the Cust-a-Cock  Blogs we will be advertising on: Rocket Tube blog, and Gayvention. (  Mini-movie  Create a mini-movie to advertise on pornographic sites. The product will be used and credited in the short video.
  • 23. Search Engines  Paid search is extremely appropriate  Niche Market  Consumers who search are ready to buy  We can bid on specific words & phrases
  • 24. Search Terms  Google AdWords  Sex Toys  2,740,000Global Monthly Searches  Penis Mold  14,800 Searches  Medium Competition  Dildos for Men  22,200 Searched  Medium Competition Source: GoogleAdWords< Type=KEYWORD_IDEAS#search.none>
  • 25. Launch Timeline: October 2012Roll-Out of Promotion Initiatives  Paid Search, Banner Ads, Porn Minimovie,  Promotions through other websites, sponsorships  Research top gay porn stars in the industry to search
  • 26. November 2012 Put out a video of people using our product (viral video) Promote the sale of the product in a bundle (i.e with a pornographic movie) Appearances at Porn and Homosexual Expos Cyber Monday Sales Promotions Send porn stars the product and invite them to PR events in December
  • 27. December 2012 PRODUCT LAUNCH  Last week in November/Early December 2012  Sales promotions for the Holidays  ―Use code ChristmasCockto get 25% off!‖  PR Events at gay clubs, select a porn star spokesperson Begin to sell product online
  • 28. Down the Road  We want to expand our target market  Heterosexuals  Long-Distance Relationships  Other ages  New Website and Marketing Plan for each target market  Expand Product offerings  Candles  Chocolate  More customization
  • 29. Thank you!Questions?
  • 30. Appendix Personal selling  QR Codes- According to the CMI survey, ―emerging advertising platforms such as mobil e apps and QR tags are gaining noticeable t raction and will only become more important.‖ ( mp/LGBTCommunitySurvey2011v2.pdf )  For younger gay men, emerging ad platforms such as ‗QR codes/tags‘ (21%) and mobile app banner ads (19%) are gaining traction for click- throughs.
  • 31. Appendix Community Marketing, Inc., . ―Gay & Lesbian Consumer Index Study.‖ Green Book. Green Book, 30/07/2009. Web. 30 Nov 2011. < ―Community Marketing, Inc. | 5th Annual LGBT Community Survey™ Report Released.‖ Community Marketing Inc. | Gay and Lesbian Market Research | Gay Market Consulting | Gay Demographics. Web. 10 Nov. 2011. < community-survey-report-now-available/>. Herbenick, D., Novak, DS., Reece, M., Rosenberger, JG., and V Schick. ―Sex Toy Use by Gay and Bisexual Men in the United States.‖, 04/01/2011. Web. 30 Nov 2011. ―Gay Demographics.‖ MYGAYWEB | Gay Chat, Gay Cruises, Gay Bars, Gay Accommodations, Gay Entertainment, Gay Travel, Gay Businesses, Gay Interviews, Gay News, Gay Horoscope and More... Web. 10 Nov. 2011. <>. ―Gay Men Earn Less, But Their Households Earn More - The Daily Stat - August 19, 2011 - Harvard Business Review.‖ Harvard Business Review Case Studies, Articles, Books. Web. 10 Nov. 2011. <>. ―STATISTICS.‖ PFLAG Upstate SC. Web. 10 Nov. 2011. <>. Winerip, Michael. ―The Adult Store Goes Mainstream.‖ The New York Times. The New York TImes, 26/06/2009. Web. 30 Nov 2011. <>.