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  • 1. Impact of:School District Funding through Property Tax Michelle Grass Scarlett Watson Milton Davis Jean Poirier Mohamed Abdulahiid
  • 2.  Should Ohio State Schools be funded by State property taxes? School funding by State property taxes is unfair and biased. If the school district has high income housing, levies will generally be passed and that school district will get more money than your average to low income housing districts. In the average to low income housing districts, voters will generally not pass levies, and these schools will be forced to operate over budget and force them to make cuts. This costs students the best learning environment possible and also costs people jobs. If low income housing is built into a high income housing school district, residents can vote to change the school district lines. This prolongs the never ending cycle of rich districts get quality schools while poor districts get subpar schools.Concept
  • 3.  Examined four school districts:  Columbus City Schools  Whitehall City Schools  Dublin City School  Olentangy City SchoolsSchool Districts
  • 4.  Columbus City Schools 60% of property taxes goes toward schools The School district includes parts of the Mifflin, Franklin, Clifton and Marion townshipsCurrent District Property Taxes
  • 5. Average HousingIncome Annual School Budget Average income of  Annual budgets for all those living with in schools within district Columbus City lines is is $722,872,622 $39,756Income and Budgets
  • 6.  Columbus City SchoolsReading 87.1%Mathematics 79.6%  Student-to-TeacherWriting 89.1% Ratio is:ScienceSocial Studies 68.6% 17:3 80.1%*70% Graduation RateStudent Performance Grades
  • 7.  Whitehall City Schools  Student-to-Teacher Math 93% Reading 90% Ratio is: Science 77% 17:1 Social Studies 85% Writing 95%Student Performance Grades
  • 8. Average HousingIncome Annual School Budget Average income of  Whitehall SD spends those living within $10,157 per pupil. the the Whitehall School district lines is  Spends 63% on $24,232 instruction; 33% on support services; 4% on elementary and Within Truro secondary Township expendituresIncome and Budgets
  • 9.  Dublin City  Within Washington, Perry and Sharon Schools townships Franklin County - City of Dublin Full Rate Residential Commercial District 273 - Washington 119.40 77.40 85.65 Township - Dublin City Schools Delaware County - City Schools District 10 - Dublin City Schools 106.80 67.55 74.74 Union County - City of Dublin District 39 - Washington Township 109.88 69.27 76.42 - Dublin City Schools District 40 - Dublin Corp. - Dublin 95.90 61.80 67.81 City SchoolsCurrent District Property Taxes
  • 10. Average HousingIncome Annual School Budget Average income for  Total district budget families living within is: $168,938,000 Dublin SD lines is  Per Pupil: $83,429 $5,590Income and Budgets
  • 11. Average Proficiency Average Proficiency Tests Tests Scores for Scores for Students Enrolled Less Students Enrolled More than 3 Years than 3 Years Math 84.2% 92.3%Readin 87.5% 93.7%  Student-to-Teacher g Ratio: 17:1Science 78% 89.4% Social 77.6% 86.9%StudiesWriting 91.2% 96% Student Performance Grades
  • 12. Year Levy Amount Pass or Fail (millions) Pass 1982 3.5 Pass 1985 4.5 Fail 1985 2 Pass 1990 8.9 Fail 1994 7.9 Pass 1998 7.6 Pass 2004 7.9 Pass 2008 7.9Levy History
  • 13.  Olentangy City Schools  Student-to-TeacherReading 95% Ratio:Math 93% 25:1Student Performance Grades
  • 14.  The property tax rate  District occupies several townships such as: Orange for a home in Township, Berkshire Township, Berlin Township, Olentangy lines with Concord Township, Genoa the value of $300,000 Township, Liberty Township, Delaware Township is 5,700. most of it goes to the Olentangy  Is within Franklin and Delaware counties as well local schools, $4,100.Property Tax
  • 15. Average HousingIncome Annual Budget Average income for  Cost per pupil is those living within Olentangy District is Olentangy SD lines in $9,401 $115,904Income and Budget
  • 16.  Our recommendation is to lower state property tax, eliminating school funding from state property taxes. Let schools keep adjusting district lines for boundary purposes to compensate for new housing and development. Impose a flat rate “school” tax for the entire state. All of the money will be sent to one centralized institution to distribute the money to each school based on student population. The more populated schools will collect more money, than smaller schools. This will eliminate the bias of having primary school funding being supplied by state property taxes. The amount of money schools get will not be based on type of income housing it’s surrounded by, but by how populated the school is.Recommendation