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Guillaume Peersman
Guillaume Peersman
Guillaume Peersman
Guillaume Peersman
Guillaume Peersman
Guillaume Peersman
Guillaume Peersman
Guillaume Peersman
Guillaume Peersman
Guillaume Peersman
Guillaume Peersman
Guillaume Peersman
Guillaume Peersman
Guillaume Peersman
Guillaume Peersman
Guillaume Peersman
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Guillaume Peersman


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Guillaume Peersman's presentation at FOM Future of Mobile

Guillaume Peersman's presentation at FOM Future of Mobile

Published in: Business, Technology
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  • 1. PayforIT. Guiom Peersman – MD Dialogue Communications Ltd November 2007
  • 2. Who is Dialogue?
    • Dialogue is a leading provider of interactive services for:
      • Mobile entertainment
      • Mobile marketing
      • Mobile communities
      • Mobile billing
      • Corporate messaging
    • Taking advantage of the knowledge gathered over the last 12 years Dialogue is also market leader in providing consulting and bespoke solutions to organisations.
    Mobile marketing Mobile entertainment Corporate messaging Mobile Billing Participation TV
  • 3. Dialogue and payforIT.
    • Started work on WAP billing 2 years ago
    • Significant investment so far circa £200k
    • Fully accredited and tested on all UK operators
    • Launched first UK payforIT service in January 2007
    • payforIT compliant portals and content Storefronts
  • 4. PayforIT The features and benefits. Single Click Payment Purchase content inside the phone’s browser simply with a single click. Better user experience Subscriptions Clear user interface provided in the browser when registering for subscription services Branded Single brand supported by all Payment Service Providers Consistency Consistent front-end for mobile payment User Experience Consumer Confidence The payforIT standard offers a way to restore confidence in the market The payment either succeeds or fails – no partial billing
  • 5. Where payforIT is today.
    • Live in the UK, with
      • 7 APIs – cross network
      • Payments up to £5.00 max
      • Flexible pricing
      • Support for subscriptions
      • Support for one off payments
      • Constantly evolving framework
    WAP User Experience Direct to Bill payments Premium SMS PFI billing
  • 6. PayforIT for Content Providers Benefits for Content Providers and how to connect
  • 7. The Role of an Accredited Payment Intermediary. Connect to operator billing platforms Detect consumer MSISDN Provide payforIT payment pages Process Payments Manage subscription terms Collect and Pay money to merchant (CP) Accredited Payment Intermediary Merchant Mobile Operator Mobile Operator
  • 8. PayforIT: How it works.
    • Consumer browse the merchant site and selects products to purchase
    • Consumer is redirected to the payment pages
    • Consumer is charged
    • Consumer is redirected back to the merchant site
    • Consumer retrieves the content
    Merchant SOAP Consumer Payment pages Charge to account Browse and retrieve content Dialogue
  • 9. PayforIT Off portal Billing. Browse Portal Select Buy option Re-direct to PSP Opt in Marketing Back to merchant site Opt in MSISDN passed to merchant
  • 10. Technical details for implementation.
    • Payment interface available as simple web service
    • Compatible with all popular tool kits
      • Perl SOAP::Lite
      • PHP PEAR/Soap
      • Java Apache SOAP
      • .NET SOAP
      • etc…
    • WSDL available for rapid deployment
      • Average 5 days for a live service
  • 11. Statistics on payforIT.
    • Dialogue has seen a rise of up to 27% on conversion rate over premium SMS solutions for it’s connected customers
    • It makes Google and Yahoo advertised services viable
      • PSMS solutions that rely on the user verifying his/her MSISDN are not always viable and cumbersome
    • 13% of users go to payment page and cancel
    • Billing failures around 7% on average
      • out of credit notified immediately
  • 12. Subscription services & payforIT
  • 13. Subscription Services on payforIT.
    • Subscription services set to return with payforIT
    • PayforIT offers a consistent and trusted user experience for the 1 st time
    • Leads to growing consumer confidence
    • Great opportunity for CP’s to build new revenue streams
    • Dialogue provides subscription services via payforIT since July 2007
  • 14. Subscription Services moved on.
    • Subscriptions before payforIT:
    • Difficulty for consumer to unsubscribe
    • Poor pricing clarity and subscription terms
    • Lack of consistency across services
    • Subscriptions with payforIT:
    • Consistent setup for all services
    • Easy to manage for content providers
    • Easy to unsubscribe
    • Consumers know exactly how much and when they will be charged
  • 15. Future of payforIT Where we see payforIT going
  • 16. Coming soon…
    • Higher price points (up to £10) cross network
    • Better revenue share
    • Cross network WAP billing
    • Consistent approach to marketing opt-in
    • Use of payforIT to fulfil web transactions
    • Use of payforIT on-portal