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Girl Geeks & Opinions


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Thoughts on girl geeks & people's opinions - at Girl Geek Dinner Sydney #1 2009

Thoughts on girl geeks & people's opinions - at Girl Geek Dinner Sydney #1 2009

Published in: Technology, News & Politics
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  • Hey Kate,

    Thanks for the great slideshow. The Toni Bowers article shocked me - I've only been blogging for a short while and haven't run into that kind of crap thusfar. Choosing battles wisely is so important. It's easy to spend a lifetime having 101-level conversations with people who have little hope of ever being allies :(

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  • 1. Girl Geeks & Opinions Kate Carruthers April 2009 April 2009 © Kate Carruthers
  • 2. The Problem
    • Gorillas in our midst …
    • That is old fashioned ideas about women, their capabilities, & their place in the world
    April 2009 © Kate Carruthers
  • 3.
    • From a site called The Minority Report:
    • “ Personally, I’ve been meaning to dedicate a blog post or two to the incredible hotness of Marissa Mayer, Vice President of Search Product and User Experience at Google. Aside from her yummy gorgeousness, she must be incredibly intelligent to have been one of the first twenty employees of Google and still be there. I’d throw one up there…”
    Source: Toni Bowers April 2009 © Kate Carruthers
  • 4.
    • From a discussion on a CNET piece by Caroline McCarthy:
    • “ Caroline… I think you’re a pretty girl and all, but, really, who cares?”
    Source: Toni Bowers April 2009 © Kate Carruthers
  • 5. Fact
    • People will have pre-conceptions about you & what you like or want to do
    April 2009 © Kate Carruthers
  • 6. The solution
    • Get clear in your mind what you:
    • Like to do
    • Want to do
    • Can do
    April 2009 © Kate Carruthers
  • 7. The solution
    • Get a plan
    • Find people who are willing help
    • Work out who is not willing to help
    April 2009 © Kate Carruthers Ignore people who are part of the problem & not part of the solution
  • 8. The solution
    • Gilmore’s law is your friend :
    • “ The Net interprets censorship as damage and routes around it.” – John Gilmore
    April 2009 © Kate Carruthers When you can’t solve a problem by confrontation simply route around it
  • 9. The Solution
    • Choose your battles wisely
    • Better to win the war
    April 2009 © Kate Carruthers Not everyone has to agree with or like you for you to win
  • 10. The solution
    • Build your support networks (here’s one I prepared earlier  )
    • People who listen, understand, sympathise & have ideas to help
    Source: @trib April 2009 © Kate Carruthers
  • 11. Above all … April 2009 © Kate Carruthers
  • 12. Some more ideas on this topic…
    April 2009 © Kate Carruthers