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Famous Australian
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Famous Australian


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Published in: Travel, Technology

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  • 1. Famous Australian landmarks
  • 2. Ayers Rock
    • Ayers Rock (Ulluru)  Uluru: Located in Ulura-Kata Tjuta National Park 450kms south west of Alice Springs,  it is the world’s largest monolith (single stone) and an Aboriginal sacred site. Aboriginal  rock art can be seen at the base of The Rock. Known as Ayers rock before being returned  to its traditional owners, the rock is made of grey/red arkose 347.3m tall & 8.85km in  circumference. It is in the Northern Territory, almost at the centre of the country & is  approx 2000km from most of the capital cities
  • 3. Ayers Rock
    • Uluru or what was once known as Ayers rock is the world's largest monolith.It is a dedicated Aboriginal sacred site.
    • it is located in the Northern Territory near the city of Alice Springs. Walking tours to the top of Ayers Rock are organised by local Aborigines.
    • This most striking landmark changes its colour and perception depending on the time of day and the season.
  • 4. Lake Eyre
    • Lake Eyre is Australia's largest salt lake, situated in the driest region of the country. When dry which is its usual state , the lake bed is a glistening sheet of white salt.
    • The lake itself was named after Edward John Eyre who in 1840 became the first European to sight it.
    • To the East and North East of the lake lie three of the country hottest and driest deserts. Water winds its way through these deserts through a network of channels but the majority of water is lost to evaporation and absorption along the way.
    • When the lake does fill up which has only been on three occasions in the 20th century, it becomes temporally Australia's largest lake.
  • 5. The Sydney Harbour Bridge
    • The Sydney Harbour Bridge: Weighing 52800 tonnes, with an arch span of 503m  the bridge was opened in 1932. It is one of the longest one-bow bridges in the world  with a length of 1 150m. The bridge is just 66 cm shorter than the Golden Gate Bridge  in San Francisco. Over 200 000 cars cross the bridge per day, paying a toll of $2 each.   Approx 80,000 litres of paint are required for each coat, enough to cover an area  equivalent to 60 soccer fields. Paul Hogan (from the movie Crocodile Dundee) used to  work on the Sydney Harbour Bridge as a painter.
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