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    Rapprojectcarrilet.. Rapprojectcarrilet.. Document Transcript

    • BITE THE APPLE -12:48 – 03/05/12, 34 secondsYou have to eatSome applesYou have to biteSome carrotsAnd you need to drink wàterSo you don´t get shorter.Don´t eat too much chocolateIf you want to have muscles,Ride your bicyclesBefore it´s too lateAdrian, Angie, Mohamed, DanielTHE HEALTH OF THE WORLD - 12:57, 26/04/12We need to sleepTen hours everyday,We need to keep eating fruits,We need to drinkOrange juiceWe need to do sportsLike hockey,football and funkyCause if not, you will be sad.We need to res to be the best!Sara, Lola, Pau, Martí, Adel 2
    • FOR A HEALTHY LIFE – 12.54, 19/04/12Don´t watch too much TV,It effects your brain!Don´t play too many computer games,It effects your eyesight.If you drink milkYour bones will be strong.If you do sports,Your muscles will be flexible..Sleep at 10 o´clockFor ten hours!And you will feel energyAnd happy for the day.Berta, Nerea, Pol, Alexandra, Mateu 3
    • HEALTHY LIFESTYLE – 09.58, 02/05/12 GOOD THINGS – 09:37, 25/04/12Don´t smoke...Don´t drink alchol... Eat good foodCause you will get drunk. Drink waterDont eat junk food Do sports, three times aDon´t eat lollipops, icecream and sweets. weekNot too many potato chips. Watch TV a little bitDon´t drink too much coffee or If not, you have to wear glasses!Bad drinks like Coca-Cola. No smoking,We need to drink more water, No alchol before eighteen,Juice and milk! Sleep well, eight hours atWe need to eat fruit and vegetables leastEat yoghurt everyday! And for children it´s ten!Do sports and sleep ten hours a night. So go to bed early And awake bright and early!Sara, Laila, Soukayna, Hamza, Emma Youssef, Fran, Marco Iván 4
    • TO LIVE WELL – 09.48, 18/04/12To Live better,You must do sports!Like,Running,Jumping,Surfing,Walking,Skating,Andy ou must eat good!Like,Apples,Pears,Pineapples,Bananes,Blackberries,Oranges,And some vegetables!PotatoesTomatoesCarrots!Don´t forget to drink wàter and sleep seven/eight hours.To Live well! 5
    • THE BEAUTIFUL LIFE – 12.54, 02/05/12 BE HEALTHY – 12.55, 18/04/12, 1m 22 seconds.I like my football, it´s my passion,When I´m angry, shoot right on, A little time on the computer´s fineI go to the field for a walk, But not too much, your eyes will hurt X2So I can get fitter, enough of this talk.Don´t eat many sweets, It´s better to eat fruitsIt will hurt your teeth, Not good to eat sweetsGo to the supermarket, Teeth will be rotten X2To buy veg and fruit,So I can get thinner, Yeah, Yeah, Yeah, Be Healthy! X2Then I will be more cute.To be fat or not to be fat, Drink lots of water and lots of juicesEating well Not drinks with gas, you will get fat! X2Makes me feel swell!! Yeah, Yeah, Yeah, Be Healthy! X2Alex, Oriol, Julia, Vivian, Bilal Souhaila, Angie, Aida, Salima 6
    • Good Life!, 12:47, 25/04/2012I’m swimming, And you?I´m not.What are you doing now?I am playing football.What do you eat?I´m eating fish and salad.I sleep eight hours a night..What time do you sleep?Do you sleep for seven hours?I drink water.Do you drink orange juice?Good life!Ibtissam, Valentin, Angela, Ayman, Ingrid 7
    • The Healthy Life – 12.00, 18/04/12 Be Happy! 12:55, 24/04/12Drink milk, Drink two litres of wàter everdayDon´t drink beer or wine, Eat vegetables and fruit in the same way.You won´t feel fine. If you drink cola, drink without caffeine,Eat fruit, Shower everday, and you will stay clean.Don´t eat chips,You will get big hips. If you want to be healthy, Do sports and be happy!Do sports,Don´t be lazy Izan, Christian, Mònica, Ayoub Z, AndreaYou will go crazy!Sleep in the night IF yiu wantot be healthy,And wake in the morning Do sports and be happy!Then say ´Good Morning!´Ichrak, Sandra, Ayoub K, Salma, Miguel 8
    • RAP OF HEALTHY LIFE – 12.25, 24/04/12 It’s not healthy, 12:07,Apples and Potatoes, 25/04/12Apples and Potatoes Yeah YeahSleeping Sleeping It’s not healthyIs very important Sweets, Icecream, Coke, Junk food, Pizza, OOOoYeah Yeah, No alchol for you Keep healthy,Yeah Yeah, No chocolate for me Running, swimming, karate, kickboxing walking, jumping,Yeah Yeah, Just eat healthy, Eat healthy, drink water and milk,Yeah Yeah, Just eat healthy! Eat fresh fruit, fish and vegetables Yeah YeahPlaying footbalPlaying Basketball YeahDrinking juiceDrinking water Sara, Blanca, Giuelle, Ainhoa, MelissaYeah Yeah, No alchol for youYeah Yeah, No chocolate for meYeah Yeah, Just eat healthy,Yeah Yeah, Just eat healthy!This is very good for a healthy life! X2Imad, Emma, Abdellah, Sergi, Gerard 9
    • No Smoking, No Smoking The Good Life – 16.48, 17/04/12 To be healthyNo smoking, no no smoking (x2) You must eat vegetables, Fruit and lots of vitamins. In the morningYou got to do your sports You have to go runningSo put on some shorts To feel better,Before you get caught being lazy. You need to play sports And sleep good like a skunk.You got to drink some water In the afternoon,So you don’t get hotter You have to eat two pieces of fruit,Before you get real thirsty. And have two litres of water. And to not die, you should not smoke,No smoking, no no smoking (x2) Cause you might choke!You got to resits your cravings Mar, Munir, Xavier, Adria, NataliaSo you don’t get strangeBefore you get old and age.No smoking, no no smoking (x4)Pau, Elsa, Paula T, Hanan 10
    • Don’t be lazy! 15:57, 19/04/12 “To be healthy or not to be healthy”: 16.01, 17/04/12For a healthy lifestyle I think they saidYou need to run for miles That you need more bread.You need to move your bodyAnd not eat a lot of candy If you drink water You will get taller!Don’t think of smoking in your lifeYou won’t feel, feel alive. (x2) And if you don’t sleep Then you will count your sheep...For a healthy lifestyle,You need to sleep for hours, So play your football,Healthy food, must devour Or you can be bald!!And not be lazy all days! Don’t drink alchol,Don’t think of smoking in your life Or your head will explodeYou won’t feel, feel alive. (x2) And your insides implode!Bryan, Boutaina, Lara Yassin, Sada, Joan-Marc, Iris 11
    • The Healthy Life! 16:50, It’s the healthy life, 15:54, 24/04/1226/04/12 I’m eating apples in the street,Want a healthy lifestyles, But I’m not eating many sweets.Don’t wait for a while, All kinds of sports I like to play‘Cause time is flying by, You better listen up to what I say!You cannot be too shy! I’m sleeping nicely in my bed,Do lots of sports So that I won’t have a bad head,Tennis and Football I’m not smoking, it’s bad for me.But don’t you ever drink, Being healthy is the key.Very much alchol. So play tennis, football and go swimming!Drink lots of water Cause if you don’t you will be killing!Don’t die very fastEat fruit and Veg Cristobal, Moha, Clara, MariaWant your life to last!Angel, Ahlam, Laura 12
    • Hello, hello! 16:33, 24/04/12 The Healthy Band, 16:46, 19/04/12 If you don’t want to be fatHello, hello! Listen to this song!Your life you must look after, If you eat in McDonaldsIf you don’t you will die faster. You will have some troubles.Help you must need You have to eat not many sweets.And good food you must feed. You have to do some sports, not to be fatYourself to be happySmile at your life Football, BasketDon’t be a fatty! Or You’ll be sad.Bye bye! Sat on the sofa, just like a cat.Hajar, Joan, Paula F, Jose Playing video games, this is very bad. Always the same You’ll be losing the game. (x2) Clara, Albert, Pol, Diana 13