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    Presentation Presentation Presentation Transcript

    • Carrie HillsA Short film
    • Research for Ideas• Looked at videos on YouTube• Talked to friends• Read articles/ websites/ books for ideas• Watched certain films for inspiration• Watched music videos
    • Quotes• Hit by cupids arrow• Love at first sight• Heart skips a beat• Love is blind• Love sick• Struck by love• Time stands still
    • Love At First Sight • Found on YouTube • Funny, sweet short film • Moon Ay - A short film about love at first sight.
    • When Time Stands Still• Like the concept• A short film When Time Stands Still
    • My idea• Create a short film/ music video• Theme based on love and time• Two main characters, a men and a woman• Aged between 18-25 years• Do not know each other, and will bump together• As soon as they touch – time freezes• Fall in love• Spend the day together• As day ends, they kiss• Time starts moving again.
    • Research• Looked into rom-coms• Men and woman – filmed differently• Time manipulation in film• Watched certain films• Continuing ....
    • Blog carriehills.wordpress.com• Update my progress with project• Keeps me organised• Help me to see what I have completed• Help me to see what still needs to be done
    • Time table Date Action Research into short films, create an idea, put together a time table to begin 3rd – 9th Oct 2011 planning. Find actors using starnow.com or posters around university, do a location10th – 16th Oct 2011 reccy, more research into time manipulation in films, create a story board. Do practice filming an editing session, research up on Green screen, plan17th – 23rd Oct 2011 filming date and book equipment, put crew together to film, choose song and do break of lyrics to match story board. Practice green screen, attend tutorials for green screen, start filming for green24th – 31st Oct 2011 screen, complete couple a scenes. Nearly have finished filming, keep adding to production folder, attend After 1st- 6th Nov 2011 Effect tutorials, research into After Effects. Watch over footage, if need more filming then time to do so, start editing7th – 13th Nov 2011 process, as well as folder work and ongoing research. Continue to edit, attend tutorials for help, take screen shots and blog my14th – 20th Nov 2011 process. Editing nearly completed, allow time for mistakes or changes to work, show21st – 27th Nov 2011 individuals work at this stage and ask for opinions, add to folder and research. Finish editing, complete project by end of the week.28th – 30th Nov 2011 Hand in project with production folder and blog. 1st – 4th Dec 2011
    • Story board• Completed story board• Helps to organise filming• Decide what scenes need green screen
    • LocationBournemouth Gardens
    • Location Bournemouth Beach and Pier
    • Actors• Starnow.com• Gumtree• Drama students Few applicants - checking availability, ect
    • Applicants
    • Production teamTo help with filming I have put a team together:• Jenna Stevens• Rhiannon Moore• Georgie bakerAnyone else is welcome to help I shall be doing editing the footage myself, with the help of Jenna – if needed.
    • Songs• Deciding on track• Listening to music• Asking friends• Watching music videos
    • Green screen• Researching green screen• Helped Jenna set hers up – practice• Deciding on scenes• Start filming backgrounds for scenes
    • After Effect Tutorials• Attend tutorials• Download free trial• Practice makes perfect!• Become more confident
    • Practice• Practice filming session• Encounter problems• Organisation for actual day• Practice editing footage• Ensure confidence.
    • References• Sight, Sound, Motion: Applied Media Aesthetics – Herbert Zettl• Cinematic Storytelling – Jennifer Van Sijll• The Experience and Perception of Time – Robin le Poidevin• YouTube• Starnow.com• Gumtree.com• http://www.mediacollege.com/video/special-effects/green-screen/
    • Still to do...• Set on actors• Arrange filming dates• Continue adding to blog• “ “ to production folder• Arrange editing