Unit 2draft 1


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Unit 2draft 1

  1. 1. DIGI PACK
  2. 2. What and why?I am going to be creating a Digipak for Daft Punk. The digipak willhelp promote Daft Punks new album, as they havent releasednew material in a while, getting the audience’s attention is key.To do this I will use iconic photos/graphics and manipulate them.This will attract their oldest fans, and by using a modern twist,hopefully attract new onesOutcome:By creating a new Digipak and sparking attention of new and oldfans, I believe this will up the sales of Daft Punks new album by aconsiderable amount. There for with Vibe investing for 5%, theywill receive £350,000 after the first batch is sold out.• By Vibe investing into my idea, I will achieve ahigher level of a professional outcome. I believeDaft Punk need a good Digipak to ensure they sellas many albums as possible. With investing in myproject, Vibe will receive 5% of the revenue
  3. 3. CompetitorsSkrillex.6 Grammys1 MTV .Daft Punk has the advantage of being around for longer, more fans.Skrillex doesn’t have a Digipak, although his album cover is similar tomy idea of having a black background. Skrillex is a huge competitor forDaft Punk, with Skrillex winning 6 Grammys and a MTV award it is clearthat he has a lot of fans.Skrillex has the benefits of being new, fresh faced in the music scene.Daft Punk has the advantages of older fans, being around for longerthey can expand their music to new and old fans. AlthoughJustice.• Justice is another popular dance/electro band.• Justice has been around for a long time, therefore being ahuge competitor with Daft Punk. Justice are also a French
  4. 4. duo, being so similar with Daft Punk, they are fighting to bethe best. Justice’s digipak is original, eye grabbing andiconic. They use the famous cross design witch relates tojustice’s older stuff. Using such a simple album cover, itdraws in the attention of audience’s. Although I think DaftPunks will be more eye catching due to have a title of thealbum , iconic images and ‘Daft Punk’ written in a classicstyle everyone will recognise.Deadmou5Deadmou5 is a very similar competitor to Daft Punk. AlthoughDeadmou5 is one person, he uses a persona. The mouse mask isoften worn when he plays live. Deadmau5 album cover goes by arepetitive theme we see in dance/electro music, neon colourswith a black background. Deadmau5 has included the title andartist unlike other artists, similar to our design.
  5. 5. ResourcesEditing suit• Photoshop• InDesignPrinters• Paper• Editing suit our fully equipped Final Cut Pro EditSuite has two Apple LCD monitors and 1 highresolution LCD/LED adjustable monitor. The Suitecomes with a total of 20TB of storage providingclose to 3000 hours of accessible material. 24hrAccess, 20 seconds from the Underground (jubilee line), 20 minutes tube ride from Soho,secure onsite parking• To complete my design I will need 2 penises, Mysisters fiancé is a professional Photoshop editor,therefore I can negotiate a price with him , he also
  6. 6. knows another guy who is a professionaltherefore I can work out a deal with them. I amaiming for 300 each for 6 hours. Researching intothe industry, studies show that when albums aresold, 65% are now sold on iTunes. RandomAccess Memories was released on Monday (May20) and is likely to become the fastest sellingalbum of 2013, according to Official Chart data. Asof midnight last night (Tuesday, May 21), over104,000 copies of the album had been purchasedin the UK. This makes the album just 1,000 copiesbehind the second fastest selling album of 2013.taking this into account, I am going to make700,000 copies of this digipak in the first batch.Calculating it all , It will cost over 31,600 tocomplete my 700,000 copies.•
  7. 7. CD CasesThe cheapest way of buying cd cases in bulk is to buythem in small quantity packets; I will have to buy 350packets in order to have 700,000 cd cases.This costing £14,682.5.Personal requirements• The two editors will need an underground ticketeach, as they both live in London.• Accommodation isnt necessary.• Tickets for the London underground cost 8.80peach for returns.Cast and Crew• Photoshop professional editors• Craig Alison• David Wilson
  8. 8. BUDGETWhat? Cost? totalPrinting 31,600Editing suite 150editors 600tube 19.60CD cases 14,682.5 £47,052.1The total cost should come to £47,052.1. im going toround it up to £50,000 for emergency funds. Ifanything goes wrong I should have 2948 spare to fixminor things