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Presentation EMP

  1. 1. Extended Major Project Carrie Hills
  2. 2. Research for Ideas• Watched certain documentaries for inspiration• Looked at videos on YouTube• Talked to friends• Read articles/ websites/ books for ideas• Read up on methods of documentaries
  3. 3. DocumentariesEducating Essex One Born Every Minute
  4. 4. Documentaries • Coppers • Confessions of a Nurse• Party Paramedics
  5. 5. My idea• Create a documentary• Based on individuals working at Empire Cinema• From ticket sellers, projectionists, managers to customers• Focus on their job and how they run the establishment• But more about the individuals and their different stories and lives.• Observational filming but also interviews
  6. 6. More research• Looking at documentary methods• Character development• Story telling• Camera angles• Interview techniques• Interview questions• Thinking about problems I may encounter
  7. 7. Empire Empire Cinema – Tower Park• Worked at the cinema for over 1 year.• Will be able to get access to certain areas• Individuals being filmed will feel comfortable as they know me
  8. 8. Production Diary Date Action Research into documentaries, types of doc’s, methods. Create an idea for my documentary. Talk to Empire – gain information about the topic, 9th Jan – 15th Jan 2012 put together a time table to begin planning. Put together a blog and production folder with updates of work. Write everything down. Continue with research on documentaries, research on16th Jan – 22nd Jan 2012 characters in documentaries and film. Meeting with manager at Empire to discuss my plans.23th Jan – 29th Jan 2012 Create a filming schedule. This will be for tests with sound and camera positioning. Want tests to be done around 3 times a week for about 2 weeks to ensure best quality. 30th Jan – 5th Feb 2012 Staff meeting at Empire, tell everyone my plan and find out who wants to take part and who really doesn’t want to. Continue research and blogging. 6th Feb – 12 Feb 2012 Testing week. Always helps the staff become more natural around the cameras.13th Feb – 19th Feb 2012 Finishing test runs. Look at what is best from sound, positioning, lighting, so on and start making plans to film.20th Feb – 26th Feb 2012 Have created film plan. Booked equipment and plan to spend just over a month filming. Not every day but around 3 - 4 times a week. Research also been continuing and developing.27th Feb – 4th Mar 2012 Film “fly on the wall” style and also interview certain workers who are taking part in the documentary.5th Mar – 11th Mar 2011 Film and interview.12th Mar – 18th mar 2012 Film and interview.19th Mar – 25th Mar 2012 Film and interview. Research continuing and start looking for music for the documentary. Sort through footage, what is worth keeping and what isn’t. Organise footage into folders. Should have found music and start putting things26th Mar – 1st Apr 2012 together. Start on editing, follow the story through with the footage. Adding interviews. 2nd Apr – 8th Apr 2012 Editing, research, music… 9th Apr – 15th Apr 2012 Editing, etc.16th Apr – 22nd Apr 2012 Editing. Show individuals involved the work so far and ask for their opinions, ideas and so on. If changes need to be done then do so.23th Apr – 29th Apr 2012 Finish project up. 30th Apr – 8th May Ensure the project is completely finished. Update production folder and blog and read through work. Hand in on the 8 th.
  9. 9. Blog• Update my progress with project• Keeps me organised• Help me to see what I have completed• Help me to see what still needs to be done
  10. 10. Staff meeting• Attending a staff meeting to discuss to staff the plans• Most individuals dont mind being filmed but some dont want interviews• Pick ones who want to be interviewed• Create time tables for filming.
  11. 11. Test week• Run test for positioning• For audio• Gather the footage• Decide which method is best
  12. 12. Still to do....• Do test shots for audio and best positioning• Finalise the main individuals that are being interviewed• Plan filming schedule after practice weeks• Continue adding to blog.