User focused content strategy that is just right


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Presentation from User Focus 2012 in Chevy Chase, MD. Think your organization or project is too small for content strategy? Don’t know where to start on the massive project you’ve just been handed? Want to incorporate it into you current organization/agency/team’s process? Regardless of the size of your team, organization, or project, you can do content strategy. We’ll break down content strategy into its parts and show how anyone can fit it into what they do, stealthily or blatantly, whichever way works for you. We’ll also show you ways to sell it to your boss and evaluate your strategy’s success.

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User focused content strategy that is just right

  1. 1. Content Strategy That Fits SMALL MEDIUM AND LARGE Carrie Hane Dennison @carriehd Lorelei Brown @beezy #userfocus
  2. 2. Self-testDo you have Do you know A list of search terms?  When you need to update your site? Analytics?  Who is responsible for the A list of site content? content? A standards/editorial style  What words everyone is using to guide? describe your company/product/offering? Target audiences?
  3. 3. Content StrategyAUDITS, STRATEGY, GOVERNANCE Audits – LISTING  A list of content on your site.  What wordseveryone is using to describe your company/product/offering?  Search terms? Strategy – PLANNING  When you need to update content.  Defined audience.  How content builds a relationship with your audience. Governance – MAINTAINING  Define who is responsible for the content.  Standards/editorial style guide?  Know who’s the sheriff?
  4. 4. Why Bother? Reasons WHY you’re doing this – a plan that everyone can agree on (more or less) Ways to measure if the plan is working Guidelines to prioritize work Less overhead time figuring out what you need to do More time spent engaging your audience
  5. 5. Audit – You Are Here You can’t know how to get where you’re going until you know where you are.  SMALL  Start with top level pages and key ‘strategic content’image of map with  Note seasonal/response content"you are here"  MEDIUM  Add audiences, purposes, start evaluation  LARGE  List every page
  6. 6. INSERT EXAMPLE OFAUDIT screen shot of NGAUS content inventory
  7. 7. Audit Outcomes Catalog of what’s there Condition of the content – good, editable, redundant, terrible What’s missing
  8. 8. Strategy – We Are GoingThereWhat’s the route you’re going to take to get there? SMALL  Define who we’re trying to reach and what they want to know. MEDIUM  Map pages and paths to user tasks  Find pain points LARGE  Group content to pages  Consider IA/functionality revisions
  9. 9. Strategy Input
  10. 10. Strategy Input
  11. 11. Strategy Outcomes Strong guidelines for producing content. Hit the ground running – we’re already ramped up. Common understanding for designers, developers, marketers….everyone.
  12. 12. Ggovernance – We’re Here! SMALL  Define how something gets on the site  Write a basic site calendar  Assign content ownership  Create an archive policy MEDIUM  Write a visual and editorial style guide  Include voice, vocabulary, etc.  Create workflows LARGE  Form a governance board that meets quarterly  Coordinate website and other communication channels  Get a place at the table
  13. 13. GOVERNANCE EXAMPLES Screen shot of giant spreadsheet of terror
  14. 14. Governance Outcomes Standards and process Unified voice Content is audience-focused
  15. 15. Getting Started Activities Assess the situation  Audit  Get baseline metrics to measure changes Find Partnerships  Coordinate editorial calendars  Record decisions  Build buy-in
  16. 16. Keep Going Altruism: Build credibility by being helpful  Communicate bite-sized, what’s-in-it-for- me numbers and facts  Make it easier to produce and post content Self-Interest: Show value by being helpful  Track saved manhours from your team and other teams  Save happy emails
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