Genocide During WWII
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  • ''Genos'' means ''race of tribe'' (Γένος) not Geno
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  • 1. Genocide During WWII
    Carrie Cerett and Hannah Spicer
  • 2. What is Genocide?
    Genocide is the deliberate annihilation of an entire people including a nation or ethical, radical, or religious group
    It also refers to violent crimes committed to groups with the intent to destroy the existence of the group.
    Combines Geno-, the Greek name for “race of tribe“ and –Cide, Latin for “to kill”
  • 3. Who Created Genocide
    Polish_ Jewish Lawyer, Raquel Lemkin formed “genocide”.
    During WWII Hitler had the purpose of genocide which is now known as the Holocaust.
    Other countries and people have had the intent of genocide like Rwanda, Darfur, etc.
  • 4. The Holocaust Genocide
    It took place when Hitler and Germany tried to take over
    Against mostly Jews and Gypsies
    In 1941, the Germans began making camps specifically
    Not punished as genocide crime
  • 5. Genocide As A Crime
    In 1948, The United States Nations declared that genocide was an international crime
    On Jan. 12, 1951, The United Nations Convention on the Prevention and Punishment of Genocide was created when more than twenty countries from around the world ratified it
  • 6. Continued…
    In 1958, the Unites States signed and joined the Genocide Convention.
  • 7. The International Criminal Court (ICC) was created in 1988, when 120 countries signed an international treaty
    The ICC was given the jurisdiction to prosecute crimes of Genocide
    Punishment for genocide is hard to determine though Rwanda genocide
  • 8. The Genocide in Taba, Rwanda was the first use of genocide as a crime
    Jean Paul Akayesu was charged guilty of genocide and crimes against humanity in 1990’s
    Akayesu was engaged in and oversaw acts in Taba as the mayor
  • 9.
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