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Presentation powerpoint

  1. 1. Implementation and Communications Management Carrie Abramson and Bryan Vanacore
  2. 2. After this presentation you should be able to: • Understand the use of the strategic calendar in managing the tactics for each public and across all publics. • Synthesize a plan into a table and check its logic • Understand the importance of monitoring and flexibility in the process of implementation.
  3. 3. Two of the most valuable tool for managing the implementation of a plan: • The strategically planned calendar – Keeps all strategies and tactics for all publics coordinated and on schedule • The communication confirmation table – Helps you check to make sure you are accomplishing what your analysis and plan said you needed to accomplish with each public to reach the goal
  4. 4. Managing by Calendar • Must be able to visualize the outcome • Must be able to see how an effort comes together to communicate messages to an individual public and across publics • The Gantt Chart format
  5. 5. The Gantt Chart Format – Helps identify tasks and preparation by public – Can manage or delegate management by public – Can identify a selected time frame and consider every tactic being implemented among all publics within that time frame – Holistic view – Displays the whole picture – Helps visualize the entirety of events but still allows you to narrow your focus to one public as needed
  6. 6. Gantt Chart Example
  7. 7. Managing by Communication Confirmation Table • Purpose: To present logic across a single line of vision to confirm that planning decisions employ good reasoning. • The planning section of the Strategic Communications Planning Matrix require an analytical approach to answer the following questions: – What needs to be accomplished to achieve the goal? – Who needs to be reached and motivated in order to accomplish that? – What messages need to be sent to those publics to motivate them through self-interest appeal? – How can the messages be sent so our publics will receive them and act upon them?
  8. 8. Communication Confirmation Table Example
  9. 9. The Planning Section of the Strategic Communications Planning Matrix • Analytical • Completed one public at a time – Using research and knowledge about a particular public to formulate and deliver messages to that public • Naturally linear – Helpful to create an abbreviated and more visual tool to validate the viability of the plan and to make sure it follows logically from the analysis of publics
  10. 10. The Communication Confirmation Table • Summarizes self-interests • Shows in the next column how those self-interests are incorporated into the message appeal • Identifies you from your overall objectives that this particular public will help satisfy • Uses key words to highlight the strategies and supporting tactics • Helps you confirm that the analysis has been applied, that the plan flows logically and all elements of the matrix action planning process are aligned
  11. 11. The Communication Confirmation Table • Not unusual for the confirmation table to reveal discrepancies in logic that were not apparent while the plan was being written – Example: Have you selected mid-day television talk shows to reach high school students? • Check your logic and then go back and make any appropriate changes before you being your implementation
  12. 12. On-going Monitoring and Feedback • The strategically planned calendar and the communication confirmation table add the flexibility to the planning process – Measurement – Measurements provide check points for progress – Can go back to the strategically planned calendar and the communication confirmation table to rework and refine your plan • Adding or changing a single tactic or revamping the entire public • Confirmation table also provides the flexibility to quickly add or delete a public • Have a summary of your plan by public and of the logic of the plan based on your analysis – Determine what you need to change to reach your objectives on time and within budget
  13. 13. Discussion Questions • How do you think the CisionPoint Social Media PR software will change the way public relations campaigns are implemented? • What do you think the effectiveness of public relations campaigns that use the software will be? • Would you use PR software to plan, implement and monitor a campaign? 0/2010-5-27-cisionpoint-social-media.asp