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VRA Conference Assistive Technology @ Work

VRA Conference Assistive Technology @ Work



VRA National Conference, Canmore AB 2012:...

VRA National Conference, Canmore AB 2012:
In a digital age of gadgets, tweets, and mobilocity it can be difficult to sort out the frivolity to the function. We will delve into the latest Assistive Technology on the market, visit Accessibility issues and clean up the marketing clatter. You will leave with a strategy to help determine the benefits of AT for someone with a disability. There are a few key areas that disabilities can impact; vision, communication, cognition and movement. This session is a fun, practical and hands on introduction to what is available today to facilitate independence and increase functionality at work.



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    VRA Conference Assistive Technology @ Work VRA Conference Assistive Technology @ Work Presentation Transcript

    • Assistive Technology @ Work Presenter: Carrie Anton Assistive Technologist & Accessibility Specialist VRA Conference 2012
    • Where Do We Work?  Programming  Medicine  Finance  Social  Project Management Services  IT  Art  Analytics & Forecasts  Music  Inventory Control  Teaching  CAD/CAM  Architecture  Administrative  Sciences  Clergy  Sport  Construction/Labor
    • Assistive TechnologyAny item, equipment, software or systemused to increase, maintain, or enhancefunctionality & access.AT is used to enhance or facilitate a skill orarea that has been impacted by a disability.Assessment Process: (Joy Zabella)Person > Environment > Task > Tool
    • What Do We Do at Work? Organize Manage our Time Write Read Communicate Collaborate
    • Accessibility & AT Features Should Built in to System Preferences Designed to provide multiple, flexible ways to access content Accessibility Features for visual, keyboard & mouse options, people with hearing loss Standard Customization for what we see, how it works and consistency
    • Windows 7 Ease of Access Center  Magnifier  High Contrast  Narrator screen reader  Remove Animations  Remove background images  Voice Recognition  On screen Keyboard  Sticky Keys Tons of 3rd party AT AU  Toggle Keys (alerts Num, Types of Assistive Tech Scroll, Caps) Page  Filter Keys (ignore hits) Microsoft Accessibility Tools http://www.microsoft.com/en  Visual Alerts for sounds able/products/windows7/  MSN for chat
    • Windows 7 Ease of Access Center
    • Accessibility Features - Apple  VoiceOver Text to mp3 converter  Zoom & Invert Colors  Cursor & Dock Magnification Sticky Keys  Reverse Colour Contrast Alternative Keyboard Layouts  Safari Reader Keyboard Shortcuts  Finder Views, Spotlight Search Mouse Keys on numpad  Talking Alerts, Calculator Assignable Key & Mouse/TrackpadGestures http://www.apple.com/accessibility/ InkWell Onscreen Keyboard Character Viewer Automator for Repeat Workflows(Mouse/Trackpad Tasks) Speech Recognition
    • Accessibility Features - Apple  Flash Screen  Open & Closed Captions  QuickTime Recorder (signed videos)  iChat  FaceTime  Speak Selection  Mono Audio  Assignable Backgrounds  Log in Items  Simple Finder & Spotlight Search  Dictionary & Thesaurus  Spelling & Grammar Checker  Word Completion  Text to mp3  Grapher, Calculator, Conversions  FaceTime & iChat  Video Recording
    • Universal Access Panel
    • No matter the platform there are Tools
    • Organize COLOUR Lists S Agenda h Filing, Shape Procedures p Notes e Syncing & Sharing L-I-N-K Ideas Mobility
    • Mind MapsRevolutionary Method of…… Note Taking Group Brainstorming Studying Presenting ideas More effective than linearnotesMindView, Inspiration, MindNode, Personal Brain, etc.“…the ultimate organizational thinking tool – 16 Aspects of Businessthe Swiss army knife of the brain!” (Tony ThinkingBuzan, “the ultimate book of mind maps”, pg.6)
    • Sticky NotesWindows: Open Sticky Notes by tapping the Start button. In the searchbox, type Sticky Notes, and then tap Sticky Notes. Use a keyboard orstylus to hand write.Apple: Open the Apple menu, then select Stickies. If a blank notedoesnt appear, open the File menu and select New Note (or pressCommand-N).
    • Time Management Calendars/ Agendas  various views Color coding  Alerts – visual or auditory Clocks/Watches
    • Colour Coded Calendars
    • File Systems & Syncing Use Folders Folder Sharing for easy access View Options Customize Icons Security Concerns computers > device
    • Writing Typing/mouse use Hand Writing Recognition Note Taking Systems Spell Checkers Dictionaries Grammar Checkers
    • Prediction  as you type it predicts the rest, you choose from a list  Customizable vocabulary  some have Text to speech  WordQ, CoWriter Mobile Devices built in  Auto Correct  Auto Capitalization  Double space = period  Connect your input device (keyboard)  Sometimes default is off
    • Keyboards
    • More Alternatives
    • Apple OSXunique track pad OS X Mouse usegestures On screen keyboard Trackpad schemes Multi finger gestures
    • Voice Dictation5 Main Considerations Strong Voice Pattern Train it – Patience Speak Continuously Consistent Hardware Computer Knowledge Dragon Naturally Speaking – Windows Dragon Dictate – Apple Mobile Apps (SIRI, GoogleTalk, Dragon Dictate, voice to text apps)
    • Hand Writing Recognition  Tablets  Computers  Mobile Devices  Apple OS X & Windows 7 HomeA Bamboo or Intuos Premium & highertablet connected to your  Windows Journalmac, you will find an Iconlabeled “INK” in your  Bamboo & IntuosSystem Preference Pen TabletsWindows install app.
    • More Note Taking Systems Record, Listen, Share SmartPens  LiveScribe  Scanning Pen Digital Recordershttp://www.livescribe.com/en-us/
    • There’s an App for That!  NotAbility  NotesPlus  OneNote in MS Office  Audio Note  EverNote  Every platform
    • Other Writing Tools  Spell Check  Grammarly.com  Dictionaries  Ginger – phonetic spelling
    • Reading Text to Speech Text to Mp3 Magnification eReaders Braille Screen Masking Audio Books Reading Pens & OCR Scanning Dictionaries, Translators Speaking Devices Digital Recorders & mp3 players
    • Screen Readers & Text to Speech All platforms, free & commercial Consider what you want, where  Braille support  Application support  Usability (multiple fingers required) Apple leads the way as far as Free built in on multiple platforms (iPad, iPhone, computer) Android developers are making an attempt but its not consistent and everywhere (proprietary apps). Windows Narrator is still there. 3rd party products like JAWS, Window Eyes lead this feature rich category. FREE – NVDA, SAToGO, Thunder, WebAnyWhere, VO
    • Read & Write Gold TTS video
    • Text to Mp3 Apple great feature - Convert to Speech using iTunes (on an Apple computer) Other text to mp3 conversion is done by 3rd party  Zoomtext 10  JAWS 13  Read & Write Gold  Kurzweil  Natural Reader Pro  Text Aloud  Premier Assistive  & more
    • OS X Services
    • Zoom & Colour Contrast video
    • Screen Masking Read & Write Screen Masking helps focus attention
    • Customizing Appearance Text Only Slow internetspeed Mobile devices Certaintechnologies Only see certaincolours or contrastLess Distracting Change viewingpreferences inbrowsers,documents, mouse& font size/color,remove images
    • Other Reading Tools Magnification System Braille Printer Refreshable Braille Display
    • Other Reading Tools OCR & Scanning ClassMate Readers Mp3 players (Olympus DM-4) Dictionary Reading Pen
    • Devices that Speak ScanTel - identify bar coded items DigiCite - electronic device that converts LEDdisplays to speech, works with telephoneconsoles, measurement, recording and testequipment, etc TeleTalk - provides access to telephone consoleindicator & message display information for blindusers(from Compusult www.compusult.net
    • Communication & Information Access Messaging – language is changing LOL Aug Comm devices are portable & durable Lower cost on things like iPad (Proloquo) Collaborate – social networking, web conferencing, captioning, chat, texting
    • Other Everyday CITs  InterpreType: Connect 2 Netbooks or devices  Video Messaging  Captions in Web Conferences (Elluminate, Adobe Connect)  Video Relay Service  Transcripts  IASL E Buddy, Z4Mobile, ZVRS,  Speak It app
    • AT Enhances the Workplace Contribute To The Team Give Value Added A Voice & Expression Deliver Creative Innovative Results Efficiency (speed) Accessibility Benefits Everyone
    • TrendsHorizon Report 2011 – trend in next 5years are e-text, open source, mobile Devices Accessible eReadersCAUTION: Free apps-Difficult findingsupportLess Feature RichNeed more apps todo what a commercialapp can do
    • Tablets & Cell Phones Great Functionality Lower Cost Portability Touch Screen is easier for many to use Intuitive Not a computer replacement, yet
    • Mobile - Market Share
    • Android Devices Most phones Android 2 &Tablets Android 3 Android 4 ice cream sandwich is expected to be the most accessible Android yet Accessibility still is up to 3rd party developers  Apps4Androd & Eyes-Free lead the way with their IDEAL brand proprietary accessible apps  Many note taking apps are also available on Android as they are in IOS (EverNote, AudioNote, DropBox, etc) Accessibility is not there yet
    • Android AccessibilityBuilt InTalkBack – speakswhat you touchsometimesSoundBack –makes a soundwhen things arepressedKickBack – vibrateswhen keys arepressed
    • It’s a Start for Android Voice Dictation Auto Correct Auto Capitalization Double space = period Connect your input device (keyboard) Default is off Kickback, SoundBack TalkBack
    • Apple IOS Accessibility
    • More IOS Accessibility Holding home button opens voice dictation for certain commands SIRI or not Siri Features carry over the entire device & most apps
    • Favorite iPad Feature (SpeakSelection video)
    • Accessibility Barriers to ALL AT Inaccessible documents JavaScript in apps Inaccessible Flash No Captions/Descriptions created Mouse exclusive control (no keyboard access)
    • AccessibilityProvides Equal Access to: Information Space Communication The net & technology
    • Definition of Accessibility At the most basic level, Accessibility is about people being able to get & use content.  Practice of making online content & applications usable by everyone  Appropriate design ensures that all users have equal access to information & functionality Is not about just digitizing or virtualizing
    • Why Be Accessible? The right thing to do - Equal Opportunity to education Good for business – helps everyone not just people with disabilities. Can’t afford not to be accessible. Accessible content works on mobile devices & computers The Law
    • Employers Can… Accessible Documents - using styles(headings, Lists), Alt text for images, properuse of tables, don’t rely on color to conveyinfo, chunking of info, captions/transcripts. Plan ahead and make all spaces usable(above standard) Create respectful & accessible training env(material, spaces, activities)
    • Candidates Can  Be Honest.  What do you have?  What assists you best.  Offer testing on systems.  Be Patient: a process with you is education & the employer/IT people are mostly unaware of AT & Accessibility
    • SkillsAT - Get it. Learn it, Use it. in school & out there is fundingSkills Type 40 wpm for office jobs MS Office, Browser E-mail Concepts (attachments, forward) Types of Documents (DOCX, PDF, MP3) Where You Save ThingsStrategies for: Easy, Interactive Communication Method Reading method for the workflow Note Taking System
    • Tech Best Practice in SeekingHave an e-mail... That you checkHave a cell phone... That you answerFigure out your Transportation issuesClean Profiles (facebook, twitter, Flickr, YouTube).Any answer impacts first impressionsThey hire confident, skilled & personable people (disabledor not)Offer opportunities not criticism.Your network is your advantage.
    • Opportunity AwaitsA pessimist sees thedifficulty in everyopportunity; anoptimist sees theopportunity in everydifficulty.
    • Questions?Thank You!Carrie AntonAssistive TechnologistAccess to Students with DisabilitiesAthabasca University1200, 10011 109 Street, Edmonton, AB T5G 3J2Ph: 780-421-2548E-mail: carriea@athabascau.ca orcarrie.anton@hotmail.com