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The Wonderful World Of Widgets
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The Wonderful World Of Widgets


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Learn how to liven up your web sites and blogs with portable chunks of code called widgets. There are loads of sizes and types, and they are incredibly easy to use. Just copy and paste! Joy Schwarz …

Learn how to liven up your web sites and blogs with portable chunks of code called widgets. There are loads of sizes and types, and they are incredibly easy to use. Just copy and paste! Joy Schwarz and Beth Carpenter will show you how to find them and why you should consider using them.

Published in: Technology

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  • 1. Joy Schwarz, Winnefox Library System Beth Carpenter, Outagamie Waupaca Library System Project Play Date: November 21, 2008
  • 2. What's a widget? Definition: • mini-web application • portable snippet of code to copy & paste • quick & easy to embed • ready-to use format • customizable Different kinds: • widgets you use in your browser • widgets you can use in your blog or web site (we'll talk about both kinds today)
  • 3. Benefits of gettin' widgety • add anywhere you can paste code o blogs o web pages o wikis o social sites • code written for you o no need to know scripting languages or HTML • dynamic info without having to update • merge content from multiple sources • reflect local data (customizable) • adds a bit of fun and interest • easy peasy!
  • 4. Widgets: what happens in the background image source: Widgets for 2.0
  • 5. Widgets to use in your browser • iGoogle • netvibes
  • 6. iGoogle :: • a single personalized page; brings together what you want • add the RSS feeds and widgets you want • create a Google (or Gmail) account to set it up • for details, see
  • 7. iGoogle Your first iGoogle page: • drag & drop widgets to rearrange • click "Add stuff" to, well, add stuff!
  • 8. iGoogle Use the Search box to find library widgets: You can also • browse categories • add feeds
  • 9. iGoogle Use Bloglines or Google Reader? Try iGoogle instead! Here's one way:
  • 10. iGoogle Another way to add RSS feeds:
  • 11. iGoogle
  • 12. Netvibes ::
  • 13. Netvibes • Search for widgets by keyword • Browse categories • Add feeds • Pull your personal info into 1 location
  • 14. Widgets to use in your blog or web site • meeboMe • Flickr • LibraryThing • Delicious • Google calendar • Widgetbox • RSS feed rolls • Blogger widgets
  • 15. meeboMe :: Instant messaging (IM) that doesn't require people to have registered for an IM service in order to contact you.
  • 16. meeboMe
  • 17. meeboMe
  • 18. meeboMe Shows in dead end searches in library catalog.
  • 19. Flickr ::
  • 20. Flickr ::
  • 21. Flickr ::
  • 22. LibraryThing :: Put a LibraryThing widget on your blog to show what you're reading now, random books from your collection, your tag cloud, and more. • standard blog widget shows books, authors or tags • search widget lets people search your library
  • 23. LibraryThing standard blog widget
  • 24. LibraryThing search widget
  • 25. LibraryThing
  • 26. Delicious Delicious: a social bookmarking service that allows you to tag, save, manage and share web pages all in one place Types of widgets: • network badges • link rolls • tag rolls • blog posting
  • 27. Delicious: network badge • shows you're a member of Delicious • gives an easy way to add you to their Delicious network
  • 28. Delicious linkroll displays your recent Delicious bookmarks:
  • 29. Delicious displays a cloud or list of your Delicious tags
  • 30. Google calendar :: In calendar settings, you'll see embed options: Use the Customize link to change the style, size, and what navigational options you want to have available for your embedded calendar.
  • 31. Google calendar
  • 32. Google calendar in iGoogle
  • 33. Widgetbox ::
  • 34. Widgetbox 1. 2.
  • 35. RSS feed rolls ::
  • 36. RSS feed rolls :: feed2js.orgolls
  • 37. RSS feed rolls :: feed2js.orgolls
  • 38. RSS feed rolls :: feed2js.orgolls
  • 39. RSS feed rolls ::
  • 40. RSS feed rolls ::feed.informer.comrolls
  • 41. RSS feed rolls ::feed.informer.comrolls Options for display: Pictures Flash HTML
  • 42. New Blogger widgets: dashboard Layout versus Template mode:
  • 43. New blogger widgets rolls
  • 44. Questions? rolls Project Play: Beth Carpenter Outagamie Waupaca Library System Joy Schwarz Winnefox Library System