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The Anatomy of a Stellar Facebook Fan Page

The Anatomy of a Stellar Facebook Fan Page



What are the components of a great Facebook Fan Page? Take a walk through the anatomy of an example with us to learn some of the things you can include to ensure that you stand out from the crowd.

What are the components of a great Facebook Fan Page? Take a walk through the anatomy of an example with us to learn some of the things you can include to ensure that you stand out from the crowd.



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    The Anatomy of a Stellar Facebook Fan Page The Anatomy of a Stellar Facebook Fan Page Presentation Transcript

    • The Anatomy of a StellarFacebook Fan Page www.AtlasBrandingAgencies.com
    • Goal: Ensure your visitor knows they are ‘in your world’ … So, your website can become the model for the ‘look and feel’ of your fan page. If you don’t have a website yet or aren’t planning for one, don’t fret – it can be made to match whatever you have currently or use it as an opportunity to figure out what your brand is going to look like. In this example:www.WorldClassArtistry.comwww.AtlasBrandingAgencies.com
    • Welcome pageas a non-fan:When a new user lands onyour fan page, they shouldbe welcomed. You can usethis space to talk about whoyou are, what they canexpect as a fan, i.e. why theyare there and that you areglad they are... The mostimportant thing for them todo once they are there is to‘like’ your page. Make thecall to action (CTA)prominent and use an arrowthat matches your ‘look andfeel’ to point to what youneed them to find on thepage – the ‘like’ button. Hint: Make sure to set your default landing tab to the welcome page. www.AtlasBrandingAgencies.com
    • Welcome pagefor returningfans:It is important to display adifferent message tosomeone who’s alreadybecome a fan, i.e. do notask them to become a fanagain since the like buttonis no longer there. Chancesare they won’t go back toyour welcome page, butjust in case they do … youwant them to know thatyou know they’ve alreadydone what you asked themto do… Hint: Make sure you are showing as the page owner in the bottom left area. www.AtlasBrandingAgencies.com
    • Information page:Use this to add keyword-rich,interesting information. Fill it outcompletely and take advantage ofall the fields, especially productsoffered, website field (use Twitterhere if you don’t have a website),and address (bonus: lists you inBing Maps).While you’re at it, be sure to add asummary of what your company,product or service is all about in the‘About’ section in the left columnusing your favorite keyword. Do: Be sure to keep the information on this page up to date! www.AtlasBrandingAgencies.com
    • Wall for fan page:Use this to share information aboutyour 50% of the time, and to shareindustry related information theother 50% of the time. Interact withother people’s postings here.Check your notifications andrespond as appropriate. How-To: You can access your wall via the Profile tab (top navigation) and then click on ‘Wall’ in left navigation (under profile picture). HINT: Take advantage of the big profile image space and brand your profile and your fan page! This is a great place to include a bit about you and some contact info. 250pixels x 700pixels www.AtlasBrandingAgencies.com
    • Contact form:Make it easy forpeople to contactyou by adding acontact form.Bonus: You can also add aContact link to your LinkedInprofile, your email signature, andanywhere else you didn’t have acontact form but wanted one,simply by using the link to yourform provided by ContactMe’sfree service. Please note, I amnot an affiliate, just a FAN –especially because you can addall your social profiles to yourform! www.AtlasBrandingAgencies.com
    • Photos:Add photos and besure to tag yourselfand/or your fanpage in the images! Hint: Urge your fans to tag your fan page in their photos where they are interacting with your brand, product, or business.www.AtlasBrandingAgencies.com
    • FAQ page:Add an FAQ page withthe frequently askedquestions from your siteor if you don’t have any,use the opportunity toeducate people aboutyour services, yourindustry, and/or yourproducts. This is a terrificopportunity to be viewedas a resource. Socialmedia is all about sharing… so share, share andshare some more! www.AtlasBrandingAgencies.com
    • Bring on the social!Add your Twitter feedusing an applicationlike ‘Hivelo SocialApps’ so that peoplecan follow you onTwitter right from yourfan page, and alsoretweet & like yourposts to gain viraldissemination of yourinformation. Hint: You can also display your LinkedIn profile or company page in its own tab. www.AtlasBrandingAgencies.com
    • Continue to become a resource to your audience: Add a Slideshare tab and share content in a methodical way. Hint: You can add a Slideshare application to your LinkedIn profile so that your presentations are visible to your connections on that channel.www.AtlasBrandingAgencies.com
    • Profile page:This is the ‘backbone’ ofany fan page. Use it to gainfriends and share morepersonal updates that youwant to share with yourbusiness contacts. Theinformation section on yourprofile page is a great placeto take advantage of usingyour keywords to addinterests and the ‘about me’information. Hint: Make sure that in your ‘employers’ section, one of the employers listed (usually: current) is a link to your Fan page. You can use the same large profile image or use a more casual one for your profile page. www.AtlasBrandingAgencies.com
    • Helping businesses stand out from the crowd by providing customized solutions that work for you and your budget are our specialty. Let us help your business stand out from the crowd with a customized solution. Training | Consulting | ExecutingBecome a fan on Facebook and qualify instantly for VIP pricing. www.AtlasBrandingAgencies.com