Creating a Branded Social Media Platform doesn't have to be hard


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Creating a branded and optimized Social Media Platform is easy once you break it down into pieces. Take a look at this guide to help you unravel the seeming complexities of creating your brand's Social Media presence online. Take it step by step and in no time you will have created a great 'megaphone' for your company to get the message out using today's amazing tools and social media channels.

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Creating a Branded Social Media Platform doesn't have to be hard

  1. 1. BRANDED SOCIAL MEDIA PLATFORM: FACEBOOK | TWITTER | LINKEDIN | SLIDESHARE | YUDUFACEBOOKsidebar:X-Large branded Profile Image with a CTA and invitation to interact with your page customized applications where your fans can interact with your other channels (Twitter & Slideshare), as well as a contact option as well as an option to join your mailing list 1 Branded Social Media Platform
  2. 2. Welcome landing page with a CTA to like the page for non-fans 2 Branded Social Media Platform
  3. 3. welcome landing page for returning fans with an overview of what Sertus will share from this platform 3 Branded Social Media Platform
  4. 4. Contact form 4 Branded Social Media Platform
  5. 5. Info page Sub category of page is International Trade: creates an automatic link to pages/International- Trade/163662770350325?s k=info – it’s an opportunity to create a ‘real’ page about international trade on FB 5 Branded Social Media Platform
  6. 6. Twitter feed within FB fan page gives user the option of following @SinoDirect from inside your fan page _ displays all of your tweets and those of anyone you are following 6 Branded Social Media Platform
  7. 7. Join our mailing list (Constant Contact tab) 7 Branded Social Media Platform
  8. 8. Slideshare on Facebook (‘My Slidespace’ displays the presentations on your Slideshare channel) 8 Branded Social Media Platform
  9. 9. LINKEDIN COMPANY PAGE : [CTA = follow company]overview tab- includes description of Sertus and listing of specialties__Create a Service Tab for each service you want to highlight ... rotating spotlight 9 Branded Social Media Platform
  10. 10. Rotating spotlight made up of the following 3 linked images (bonus SEO)banner ad # 1: linked to: # 2: linked to: 10 Branded Social Media Platform
  11. 11. banner # 3: linked to: LINKEDIN PROFILE current position: link to company page on LinkedIn – select from dropdown! take advantage of adding 3 external links with alt text (particular page on your site, library on Yudu, contact form. Twitter is entered separately. add experience by importing and ensuring proper formatting. BONUS: take advantage of adding ‘Skills’ with LinkedIn’s tool. join groups and participate in discussions Twitter feed and Slideshare Library applications added. *Many more to choose from... 11 Branded Social Media Platform
  12. 12. SLIDESHARE all pertinent information: tags (use keywords), an SEO optimized description, & websiteURL 12 Branded Social Media Platform
  13. 13. public profile All of your uploads are listed here. Branded with logo (crop to ensure thumbnail looks right) ... all information entered into personal information is displayed here including description and website address. You can post to your profile here ... on your Newsfeed. This tells you who is following you ... likely you’ll want to follow them back :) 13 Branded Social Media Platform
  14. 14. TWITTER Twitter profile – bio I left your website address as to re- emphasize your expertise for this particular audience. Please double check the rest of the information is correct ... Your tweets are –not- posting automatically to FB at this time – I do not recommend that setting as you should repost your content directly onto FB in the right format and with a different/longer message, without hashtags or any other Twitter garble. 14Branded Social MediaPlatform
  15. 15. This is where your 140 character bio appears – note, it does not need to be in full sentences. Also, your website address is visible and is a live link (SEO bonus). Use #hashtags to help people identify you quickly. List either your location or phone # if you don’t have a location... This symbolizes a retweet ... i.e. you have reshared information one of the people you follow originally shared 15Branded Social MediaPlatform
  16. 16. public profileThis is what someone who wants to follow your updates (or who isalready following your updates) will see ...i.e. your ‘public profile’ Note the similarities with the main website below: {main website} 16 Branded Social Media Platform
  17. 17. YUDU profile Branded with logo Enter a keyword-rich description, your website address and all other pertinent information to optimize your public profile 17 Branded Social Media Platform
  18. 18. You can set to automatically post your publishing and twitter integration is enabled___Example of entire Yudu Library embedded on website Sertus Resource Library 18 Branded Social Media Platform