A Review of 10 Inviting Facebook Welcome Pages
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A Review of 10 Inviting Facebook Welcome Pages



Creating a facebook fan page is quickly becoming a necessity for businesses trying to compete in the busy online world. Some businesses have taken it to an art form, and by incorporating great design ...

Creating a facebook fan page is quickly becoming a necessity for businesses trying to compete in the busy online world. Some businesses have taken it to an art form, and by incorporating great design and creative out of the box thinking, have succeeded in standing out from the crowd to get their message heard above all of the noise.



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A Review of 10 Inviting Facebook Welcome Pages A Review of 10 Inviting Facebook Welcome Pages Presentation Transcript

  • Inviting Facebook Fan PagesA Review of 10 Creative Welcome Landing Pages
  • Creating a facebook fan page is quicklybecoming a necessity for businesses trying tocompete in the busy online world. Somebusinesses have taken it to an art form, andby incorporating great design and creativeout of the box thinking, have succeeded instanding out from the crowd to get theirmessage heard above all of the noise.What is a Business Facebook Fan page?Facebook Pages are a place on Facebook forbusiness, just as profiles are a place forindividuals. Atlas Branding Agencies, LLC.
  • Why do ‘likes’ matter?Just like the search engines(Google, Bing, etc) use analgorithm to display relevantcontent, Facebook also utilizes itsown algorithm to serve uppertinent content tousers. Although they aren’t goingto share their secret, you can betthat one of the factors in theequation is getting your news feedoptimized so that it can show up inyour fans feeds, and in turn beseen and shared by your fansfriends, and on and on (you know,the ‘viral’ wave of social media thateveryone is trying to ride). Thefirst step in accomplishing this taskis to get ‘likes.’ Atlas Branding Agencies, LLC.
  • Why Facebook? •strengthens your brand’s online platform by connecting your social media channels, essentially, creating a way to ‘funnel people through your network’ and continue to interact with your brand •creating a place that people see and use as a resource for information (we used to talk to each other or use an encyclopedia, now we just Google it, go on YouTube, or ask a question in a forum or discussion group to get an answer!) •fan pages are outside the ‘walled garden’ of Facebook and are ‘index-able’ by the search engines (thereby providing SEO value) •use a page as a content distributor and another ‘channel’ in your platform that creates more opportunities for people to interact with your brand/product/service •place for your fans to share and socialize with your brand and also for your evangelists to do the talking for you (your fans provide social proof)Atlas Branding Agencies, LLC.
  • What has changed recently to make FacebookBusiness Pages an even more powerful tool?In March of this year, Facebook Fan Pages changed in a few ways,making them even more attractive for businesses to use as a tool forcommunicating:1. Better Interaction with FansThe ‘Wall tab’ became the focus, so pages are much more active anddynamic than in the past; giving fans the opportunity to participateand interact more with your brand/product/service.2. Increased Viral-likelihoodThe new focus on the wall gives the Page’s content a better chance atshowing up on their fans walls/newsfeeds, with the potential to drivesignificant traffic to your Page. Moreover, fan pages can now betagged in photos – creating a bigger opportunity to be on your fansfriend’s newsfeed.3. Get noticed without relying on inboxesThe Status Update that was available to individual/profiles onFacebook is also available on Fan pages, so sharing content via short,interesting, funny posts creates a bigger opportunity to get intosomeone’s newsfeed, as well as increases the likelihood that they willshare your content to their friends – exposing yourbrand/product/service to many others. Atlas Branding Agencies, LLC.
  • What design elements can businessesincorporate to set them apart from theircompetition?larger profile picture – giving you the opportunity to add aCTA (call to action) and take advantage of the real estate to getyour marketing message acrossspecific landing page for non-fans – gives the ability to drivethe desired action – get someone to ‘like’ your PageHere are some great examples of businesses that are takingcreativity to the next level and effectively accomplishing theirgoal of converting visitors into fans (or likes). This collectionexemplifies businesses who are putting their best foot (or pawas the case may be!) forward with unique Welcome Pageelements that will not only inspire you, but will show you howto combine innovation with function.Enjoy! Atlas Branding Agencies, LLC.
  • www.facebook.com/zulily Bold use of text, color, and imagery sets Zulily’s fan page apart from the ordinary pages out there. Check out the wild thing on the boy’s t- shirt. They do a great job of speaking to their demographic – hip, cool Mom’s.Atlas Branding Agencies, LLC.
  • www.facebook.com/SocialMojo Social Mojo does a great job of grabbing the visitor’s attention with a stand out from the crowd image of a frog pointing to the desired action. Not to mention the cute ‘oh and by the way’ that really personalizes the experience for the visitor – helps avoid the visitor feeling like another number by speaking directly to them.Atlas Branding Agencies, LLC.
  • www.facebook.com/Jetsetter Beautiful and appealing images draw the visitor into Jetsetter’s fan page. One must like their page to get access to exclusive fan content …Atlas Branding Agencies, LLC.
  • www.facebook.com/Jetsetter A different welcome page is displayed once someone likes the page … exclusive content is revealed.Atlas Branding Agencies, LLC.
  • www.facebook.com/canadianpetconnection Canadian Pet Connection is designed from a totally different perspective – and does a great job of carrying their brand all the way through, staying true to what they are and do.Atlas Branding Agencies, LLC.
  • www.facebook.com/GiltChildren Gilt Children is a great example of ‘peek-a-boo’ technique – demonstrating what is behind the curtain, but enticing the visitor to like the page to unlock the contest.Atlas Branding Agencies, LLC.
  • The contest is unlocked once the user likes the page. Great use of the two versions of a welcome page.Atlas Branding Agencies, LLC.
  • http://www.facebook.com/tokyoblue1 Another creative use of the large profile image, reinforcing their request to ‘like’ their page. They do a beautiful job of carrying their branding across the entire page - electric blue splashes everywhere. On a side note, great inclusion of Foursquare – 498 check ins with almost 4000 likes.Atlas Branding Agencies, LLC.
  • www.facebook.com/dudamobile DudaMobile’s simple, yet effective signal to get the desired result works. They also do a great job of describing what they do in a succint way.Atlas Branding Agencies, LLC.
  • www.facebook.com/verrenewyork Verre NewYork rides the wave by using a popular video turned into a great hook ... curiosity will entice many to click ‘like’ so they can watch the video (you can only watch the video after you’ve become a fan).Atlas Branding Agencies, LLC.
  • www.facebook.com/angelaadamsdesigns Angela Adams fan page is a creative incorporation of “join mailing list,” “follow us,” sale announcements, and shop the site using a mapped image. Not only is it functional, but it looks visually interesting and appealing as well.Atlas Branding Agencies, LLC.
  • www.facebook.com/PlumDistrictDC Plum District Washington DC uses a simple, yet powerful call to action. The ‘like us’ is very apparent and they add a nice reinforcement ... ‘it’s free.’Atlas Branding Agencies, LLC.
  • www.facebook.com/Lumosity Lumosity uses a very creative way to entice the visitor by offering a 15% off coupon behind the curtain.Atlas Branding Agencies, LLC.
  • Once you like the page, the rest of the content stops being translucent and appears to the user.Atlas Branding Agencies, LLC.
  • www.facebook.com/hipmunk Hipmunk’s style is appealing, practical and amusing.Atlas Branding Agencies, LLC.
  • Simple content change displayed to fans with a new call to action: ‘spread the word.’Atlas Branding Agencies, LLC.
  • Without continual growth and progress, such words as improvement, achievement, and success have no meaning. - Benjamin FranklinThank you for your time.What questions may I answer for you? Barb Smith Operating Manager Atlas Branding Agencies, LLC T: 561 654 1084 F: 561 995 8587 atlasbrandingagencies@gmail.com www.atlasbrandingagencies.com Facebook: Atlas Branding Agencies Google+ gtoplus.com/carpediembabs Twitter: carpediembabs YouTube: carpediematlas Atlas Branding Agencies, LLC.