Carolina Soler Artistic Director


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Estampas Porteñas tango Feeling by Carolina Soler

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Carolina Soler Artistic Director

  1. 1. Carolina Soler Tango - Ballet –- productions Artistic Director choreographer and dancer At Finish1996 she founder, of Tango company ESTAMPAS PORTEÑAS She present Tango Company Estampas Porteñas in different events, tango house theaters Festivals and toured in Buenos Aires, With the company Estampas Portenas was toured, in Singapore, Australia ( four times) Sydney, Brisbane, Perth, Gold Coast, Frankeston, Melbourne, Canberra, Hobart, Launceston, New Castle, Bowrmemuth, Cambrdge, Derby, Mandurah, Caloundra, Toowoomba. Christchurch festival Adelaide Festival and New Zealand,( Auckland,Wellington,Christchurch South Africa(two times) ( Durban Johannesburg and Cape Town), Edinburgh Festival, Wales, Bermudas festival, UK,(two times) London, Oxford, Sheffield, Nothingham, Cantembury, Harrisburg,Basingstone, Gatehead, St Albans, Basingstoke, Brightone, Leicester, Canada (Toronto), China Shanghai Dougguan China,Taiwan Taipei, Taichung, Kaichung Korea (Seoul), Malaysia,( Kuala Lumpur) Switzerland,(Zurich) Germany,(Hamburg) USA, New York, Boston, Houston, Chico, Bermudas Festival, Tucson, Mesa, Sta Fe, Richmond, Santa Clarita, San Rafael , Redding, Bend, Malibu, Davis, Arcata, Cleveland, Columbus, Danville, Pomona, Philadelphia, Brooklyn, Concord, Purchase Charlotte, New Berdford, Austin, Hamptom, Portland, La Jolla, New Orleans, Fairmont, Atlanta, Irvine, Madison, Lafayette, clinton Townships, Minneapolis, La Cross, knoxville, Austin, Eugene, Dartford, Eugene, Beberly Hills, Guatemala, (La Antigua Paiz Festival) , Spain (Alicante), Holland, Eindhoven, Utrech, Doetinchem, Don Bosch, Oetermeer, Schiedam, Leeuwarden, Enschede, Venlo, Ijmuiden, Doetinchem, Apeldoom, Eindhoven, She presented at the Borges Theaters Cultural Center Estampas Portenas with the show Entre Tangos y Firuletes. Australia Tango in the night She was creator of Tango Fire show, and toured the first time with this show in Australia She Crew is a choreographer, artistic director, of Tango Feeling the new show of the company and was present in the Astral Theater in Buenos Aires with the complete and stand up audience Awards Carolina Soler received two Awards granted by Colon Theater, Foundation The Hispanic Cultural in Houston Texas give to Carolina a Plaque for her trajectory and the Governor Bill Gate proclaimed The Estampas Portenas Day in this city
  2. 2. Ballet Dancer Carolina took Ballet classes, with Mrs. Lucy Telge, Currently is Director of the Municipal Ballet of Lima Association Choreartium, were she reaches the range of soloist, and Prime Ballerina. She took classes also with Alexander Plissetzky, Anneli Vourenjuvry, Victor Rona, and Yele Krnic, among others. She dance Swan Lake, Raymonda, Copellia, Interplay etc. as soloist and as Prime Ballerina in Suite an Blank, Paquita, Hansel and Gretel, Nocturne, Giselle and others. She obtain an scholarship in Buenos Aires, Argentina, to perfect her Ballet classes with Olga Ferri, Gloria Kasda, Rodolfo Fontán and Esther Gnavi, and made a Partenaire Course with Ricardo Novich She enter to the Stable ballet Colon Theater, as a Contractor and two years later in an International Contest, with many jurors, with Zarko Prebil, among others she become A stable member of the Company. She dance all the Universal Classic Repertory and was soloist and First Ballerina in different Ballets: Aurora’s Wedding, Opus 34, Doble Corchea, Swan Lake, Copellia, Don Quijote, Rhimetron, Romeo and Juliet, Dvorak’s Serenade, Emilia, The Sleeping Beauty, Dances Concertantes of George Balanchine, also Balanchine's Four Temperaments and Serenade, Pulsations, Sylphides, Pa Paquita Pierre Lacotte , Suite Porteña, and many more. She also participate as Ballerina in many Operas in the Colon Theater and equally in the Choreographic Workshop. She work dance with Julio Lopez, in Concert to Buenos Aires, Vivaldi and Gloria, from Mario Galizzi, and Despertando with Rodolfo Olguín. She even was a member of the following Groups: Ballet Argentine with the direction of Lidia Segni, Ciclo Buenos Aires Buena Música with Carlos Baldonedo, Modern Jazz Ballet of Noemi Coehlo and Rodolfo Olguín. With the Theater Colon she went in many National and International Tours. She was distinguished in 1995, with the Trophies “Adan Buenosayres” because her Artistic ballerina labor. She travel to Santiago of Chile, dancing La Sylphide of Pierre Lacotte with the Ballet of Theater Colon and Maximilian Guerra. She went in different tours for different countries. with the colon theater ballet She still is a stable Ballerina of the Company of Theater Colon dancing many Repertory Ballets. Tango Dancer She made Tango Danza, in the Ribera Theater with the Orchestra of Tango from Buenos Aires (Raul Garello) and she Study Tango with several well known Teachers.
  3. 3. She made tango in the Barrios Enter Cafes y Serenatas with Hernán Salinas, National Singer for the Government of the City of Buenos Aires. She dance tango with the companion of great Guitar Masters in the tribute to the Exiguous Guitar Master Roberto Grela. She also dance in the City of Mendoza for the Secretary of Tourism from the Government Of the City of Buenos Aires. And different events She was dancer with her company and toured in China, Guatemala, Australia and New Zealand Other productions and Programing She is in charge of the Dance Programs from the Cultural Center General San Martin from 2001 to 2002. She is a Producer in the Festival of the Tour Rock in Ñ in Puerto Madero 2002 for the Government of the City and Enterprises. 2002, She was in charge of the Programing of Dance for the Ciclo Ciudad Abierta for the Direction of Cultural Promotion – Secretary of Culture of the Government of the City 2003-General Producer and Artistic Programer of the Lanzamiento del Presupuesto Participative for the Decentralization Secretary and the Civic Participation, March 2003. 2003.-Producer of the Rock for Santa Fe 15 Bands in the Exposition Center, June 2003. She was the Director of the Show of Tango-Musics, Dancers and Singers, with part of the Company Estampas Porteñas in Cambalache Tango Restaurant. 2004 –September Production and Programing of Culture for a new South with collaboration of Direction of the Promotion Cultural, Secretary of Culture from the Government of the City. 2004- October Producer of the Recoleta Viva Pop different groups jazz, tango, rock and Virus band 2005 productions Theater of Direction of the Promotion Cultural, Secretary of Culture from the Government of the City. 2006 productions Theater of Direction of the Promotion Cultural, Secretary of Culture from the Government of the City. “ Verano 2006”