Find out how DIRECTIVES/edirectives: Targeted Marketing & Communications can work for you


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Principal Carolyn Gould is a creative, innovative marketer, who develops effective, integrated messaging, digital and print, across all communications channels—ecommerce, catalog, mobile, in-store, social media, blogs and other publishing media. Recognized and praised for versatility, she provides penetrating insights into integrated, multichannel retailing and emerging technologies—all with an eye to enhancing the customer experience. With a reputation for integrity and for cutting through the clutter, Carolyn helps clients to get at the essentials of an idea—either to communicate it or make it profitable by:
• Developing fully realized, fully integrated multichannel new business concepts
• Creating innovative, yet practical approaches to persistent business challenges, using customer behavioral and transaction data—based on customer database and market research, web and circulation analytics—as the starting points for creative and marketing recommendations
• Reinventing outmoded practices to meet the needs of today’s consumers and businesses.
*Idea Generation * Concept Development and Re-Invention Strategies
* Branding/Positioning * Customer Experience Management *Public Relations
* Creative Direction (Digital & Print ) *Communications: Copywriting and Content Development
*Corporate Training & eLearning *Not-for-Profit Expertise
*CRM Tactical Applications Specialist: Prospecting, Retention/Loyalty, Reactivation, Referral/Word-of-Mouth, Membership/Donor, Renewal Marketing Programs: Print, Mobile, Social Media, & e-Commerce

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Find out how DIRECTIVES/edirectives: Targeted Marketing & Communications can work for you

  1. 1. Directives/ eDirectives targeted marketing and communications
  2. 2. a snapshot  DIRECTIVES/eDirectives: Targeted Marketing & Communications is an independent consulting firm dedicated to finding practical, yet innovative solutions for 21st century business challenges. We serve:  Multichannel retailers and service organizations, using multiple sales & communications vehicles—brick-and- mortar stores, catalog, internet, email, mobile, DRTV, direct mail, space advertising, telemarketing, etc.  Business suppliers to the broad retail community, and  Not-for-profits and companies that practice conscious capitalism. perception. creativity. practical solutions. 2
  3. 3. a closer look  Over the years, clients have included both B2C and B2B marketers, ranging from small retailers to Fortune 200 companies, in all types of industry segments, from:  Apparel to Finance  Technology to Travel  Health to Hard Goods.  Expert in integrating a wide variety of communications vehicles with practical, profitable solutions:  Bricks & Mortar, Catalog, Internet, Email, Mobile, Social Media, Solo Direct Mail, Telemarketing, Publishing, Advertising, and DRTV. Carolyn Gould, Ph.D., president, was editor of CATALOG AGE and DIRECT magazines prior to founding her own company. perception. creativity. practical solutions. 3
  4. 4. practical , integrated solutions  New Concept Creation, New Business Development Strategic Insights for established companies or entrepreneurial start ups  Customer Experience Management & Customer-Centric Communications, Merchandising, and Customer Service Interaction  Tactical, Integrated Campaign Management in diverse media & vehicles, electronic or print  CRM/Database Marketing Programs for customer loyalty, retention, reactivation, and prospecting  Creative Direction of Your Team or Ours from concept through execution & production  Market Research & Trend Analysis perception. creativity. practical solutions. 4
  5. 5. What clients say  [Carolyn] brings an extensive amount of experience to the table in all areas of direct and multi-channel marketing. The strategies she develops are innovative, creative and focused. A top-notch mentor, she's passionate about improving brands, the customer experience, and, as a result, company performance. --Michael Schuster, formerly Catalog Director, The Franklin Mint; currently, General Manager, Nancy’s Notions  All I can say is I appreciate your efforts, integrity and commitment to do what is in the best interests of all. You are a professional with a brand I support and admire. --Michael Ellison, Founder and CEO, Trivita; CEO, Amazon Herb perception. creativity. practical solutions. 5
  6. 6. the new three R’s: results, improved ROI, & increased response  Among a wide variety of projects, DIRECTIVES/eDirectives has:  Launched a word-of-mouth Referral Campaign that broke even within six months ($25 product honorarium) while significantly reducing customer acquisition costs  Routinely increased electronic and print campaign results, for example, a 40% increase in revenue earned per book (season-to-season) for a company’s largest catalog title  Repeatedly cut costs for multichannel businesses—up to $1MM/year—by changing contact strategies. perception. creativity. practical solutions. 6
  7. 7.  Managed cultural change for several B2B and B2C companies, including the internet division of the world’s largest travel global distribution system.  Developed the three year strategic and business plans for a venture-financed retail, internet, and catalog start-up in the bridal registry/gift business—a business that was then acquired by a large multi-channel media company.  Created over 80 turn-key customer retention programs by forming partnerships between retailers and publishers, which most often resulted in a 15% (or higher) increase in subsequent purchase behavior among best customer segment.  Provided CRM/database sales and training programs for what was then the nation’s 2nd largest newspaper/online publisher, resulting in routine double digit sales increases in its direct division. perception. creativity. practical solutions. 7
  8. 8. Delivery—o n time, cost-effectively with candor, wit, true grit and grace perception. creativity. practical solutions. 8 Management Issues  Strategic Planning  Business Plans, Feasibility Studies, Start-Up Businesses  New Business Development  Cultural Change  Organizational Analysis and Change Management  Database Development  Re-Positioning Marketing  Market Research (Qualitative and Quantitative) and Consumer Trends Analysis  Marketing Partnerships and Joint Ventures  Customer Retention, Reactivation, and Relationship Marketing  Prospecting and New Opportunities Development  Competitive Analysis  Customer Communications Programs  Customer and Market Research and Analysis  Word-of-Mouth Marketing Merchandising  Product/Offer Analysis and Critique  Product Selection, Layout and Pagination  Product Testing Recommendations  Square Inch Analysis  Merchandising Trend Recommendations  Product Development  Vendor Referral Sales  Strategic Program Development  Collateral Creative and Direction  Sales Training and Promotion  Prospecting, Contact and Client Development Advertising  Advertising Evaluation  Advertising Concept and Creative Development  Agency Interface and Reviews  Media Recommendations  Use of DM in Newspapers and Other Non-Conventional DM Channels Creative  Catalog, Solo Direct Mail, Website, Email, and Publication Critique  Creative Direction (all communications channels)  Copywriting—web and print; script writing  Layout Design and Illustration  Packaging Design  Store Layout, Signage Editorial  Editorial Critique and Repositioning  Public Relations  Feature Writing  Feature Article and Book Editing  Editorial Placement
  9. 9. representative clients perception. creativity. practical solutions. 9  Multi-Channel Retail/Wholesale  Bloomingdale’s  Discovery Health Channel  The Franklin Mint  The Golden Bear  Habitat  Mignon Faget  Nancy’s Notions  Norm Thompson  PGA Tour Direct  SmartPak  TriVita/Amazon Herb  Voice Systems Engineering  Walnut Acres  Start-Ups Concepts, Branding & Planning  Playboy Enterprises  The Wedding List (now part of Martha Stewart/Omnimedia)  Applied Interactive Media (now part of Ziff-Davis)  SAVA Apparel  Other C2B & B2B Companies  The Goldenrod Foundation  Knight-Ridder Newspapers (now disbanded)  Paralyzed Veterans of America  Sabre Virtually There  Business-to-Business  Discovery Channel—Middle School Science Catalog  Entex Information Services (now Siemen’s Business Services, Inc.)  Lion Brand Yarn  Data Providers/DBM Companies  Acxiom  Direct Marketing Technology (now part of Experian)  Yankelovich  Various agencies, list brokerage & management companies
  10. 10. Breadth of experience  As editor of CATALOG AGE magazine, Carolyn conceived of, produced, and marketed the CATALOG AGE REPORT, the first comprehensive survey of catalog marketing trends and practices. Carolyn was also instrumental in founding the prestigious AMERICAN CATALOG AWARDS and programming the ANNUAL CATALOG CONFERENCE (once the ACCM).  A recipient of the distinguished Deutscher Akademischer Austausdienst (DAAD) fellowship and Fullbright nominee, Carolyn is a member of Marketing Executives Networking Group (MENG) and Phi Beta Kappa. She is Vice Chair of the Southeastern Massachusetts Pine Barrens Alliance.  Carolyn is a frequent speaker at marketing and other trade association conferences and author of several seminal articles on retail and database marketing. perception. creativity. practical solutions. 10
  11. 11. some creative work with client teams perception. creativity. practical solutions. 11
  12. 12. A Taste of Directives/express perception. creativity. practical solutions. 12
  13. 13. perception. creativity. practical solutions. 13 Contact: 215-554-3015
  14. 14. Directives/ eDirectives targeted marketing and communications References, Sample Creative, and An Expanded Client List Available Upon Request Contact: Carolyn Gould 1022 Avalon Way Plymouth, MA 02360 215-554-3015