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Amazon Herb Autumn 2012
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Amazon Herb Autumn 2012


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Start-up catalog for Amazon Herb, first of four editions. Planning, creative execution by DIRECTIVES/edirectives.

Start-up catalog for Amazon Herb, first of four editions. Planning, creative execution by DIRECTIVES/edirectives.

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  • 1. EW Prsrt Standard Autumn 2012 U.S. Postage Paid N Amazon Herb Company 4455 Military Trail, Suite 200 84199 Jupiter, FL 33458 MEMBER ID Please Recycle. Our Commitment to the Rainforest Amazon Herb is proud to support Indigenous Rainforest communities. Your purchase of Amazon Herb products enables us to continue our work in the Rainforest by helping to provide scholarships, obtain land titles and deeds, and securing the future of the Peruvian Rainforest. We have also formed an active partnership with the Amazon Center for Environmental Education and Research (ACEER), a not-for-profit dedicated to promoting conservation of the Amazon by fostering awareness, understanding, action, and transformation. Scan for a video on how Amazon Herb is helping to support Indigenous communities. Scan using your smart phone. Download a free QR code reader.Autumn’s Arrived!Now’s the time to get back $59into the swing of things. BACK STRAIN, SPECIALSpecial Offer: SORE MUSCLES? SAVINGSBuy a Six Pack of Camu Gold™ Help soothe away Buy a Camu Gold™ 6-Pack,and Receive a FREE Pure Camu™ pain with Recovazon™ Get Pure Camu™ FREECamu Camu: the world’s highest Find out how PAGE 3concentration of natural Vitamin C PAGE 7Offer expires October 31st, 2012 at 11:59 pm ET.Camu Gold Pure Camu DISCOVER OUR‘Amazon John’ calls it: “Pure liquid Clear Your Mind • Brighten Your Day SKIN CARE ™sunshine to jump start your day!” USDA Certified Organic Camu Camu aids in:Our signature product helps to: • Fortify a healthy immune system • Maintaining emotional stability while enhancing your mood • Supporting anti-aging and cardiovascular health • Providing nutrition for healthy skin, hair and nails BOTANICALS • Enhance your mood and emotional stability • Flood your body with vital micronutrients Deeper Than Beauty™ Pure Camu (30 freshpacks) SEE PAGES 16-17 FREE with the purchase of Camu Gold Six PackCamu Gold 6-Pack (1 oz. each bottle) $ 110 A $59 Savings. CALL TOLL FREE 1-800-835-0850 1-800-835-0850 •
  • 2. Welcome Our Story Welcome to our new Amazon Herb catalog! We hope For many years, John ‘Amazon John’ that you enjoy it and will pass this copy along to Easterling travelled in South America, crisscrossing the Andes Mountains, your friends and family so that we can all share in searching for lost cities and pre-Columbian the remarkable gifts of the Amazon Rainforest. civilizations. His adventurous lifestyle and early-in-life bouts of hepatitis and Rocky We have arranged our catalog by health concern— Mountain Spotted Fever, however, began to lack of energy, the need for cleansing and detoxing, The world’s highest concentration take their toll, compromising his health and muscle aches and soreness. Like other herbs, our leaving him in a state of chronic fatigue, both formulations and pure herb nutritional supplements physically and mentally. of natural Vitamin C Founder of Amazon Herb John Easterling often have more than one health application because Then, on one of his frequent trips into Southand wife Olivia Newton- they are so rich in nutrients. America, local Indigenous people shared with John Easterling. him their herbal secrets of the Amazon and Take our signature products—Camu Gold™ and administered the herbs they had long used for Camu Camu helps provide essential nutrients Pure Camu™— which we are featuring this month in their restorative, nutritional, and medicinal our Special Savings Sale. Packed with the world’s properties. It was to be a turning point in his for a healthy body and mind life. In a matter of days, his energy levels and highest natural concentration of immune-boosting mental clarity had greatly improved. In fact, Vitamin C, Camu Camu catalyzes the production his ability to enjoy life to the fullest, as well of serotonin – the “feel good” hormone in the brain that controls sleep, mood, appetite and libido. as his sense of well-being and health soared. Special Offer: A few drops help wake Other nutrients found in Camu Camu, like calcium, It was after this discovery that “Amazon John” formed an exciting cooperative Buy a Camu Gold™ 6-Pack you up, keep you going phosphorus, potassium and iron, are necessary for an enterprise with health care practitioners in Tap directly into the vibrant energy of the Rainforest with energetic body and sharp mind. Recent studies have several countries to develop herbal blends and Receive a FREE Pure Camu™ Camu Gold. Forget caffeine—this highly concentrated also revealed that the fruit has a high natural source that address many of the chronic ailments of of ellagic acid and quercetin, two very modern life. From that point on, he turned $59 in Savings: liquid Camu Camu extract aids in unlocking your body’s dormant energy with just a few drops. A little taste of “Pure potent antioxidants. his efforts solely to bringing these botanical Just for you Liquid Sunshine,” made with our organic Camu Camu, will treasures of the Amazon to you, and to help keep you focused throughout the day. Our commitment to the Amazon Rainforest is finding ways to help sustain the Rainforest unwavering, as is our dedication to providing you that protects and nurtures them. Camu Gold 6-Pack (1 oz. each) $110 with its healing treasures. Among his early advocates ($138 in total if sold individually) and assisting formulators To your well-being, were Dr. James Hawver and Eric Innes. Dr. James Certified organic Camu Camu Hawver, founder and president of Standard to sip throughout the day Enzyme Company of North ‘Amazon John’ Easterling Pure Camu is a 20-to-1 concentrate of Camu Camu powder. America, Inc., is a Naturopathic Medical Founder and Explorer Doctor and has been deeply committed to the Each freshpack provides you with the recommended daily allowance of Vitamin C. natural health and nutrition fields for more than 38 years. A practitioner of Chiropractic To best enjoy the light citrus flavor and uplifting benefits of Care using nutrition andSupport for the Rainforest and Wellness herbs since 1976, Eric Pure Camu, just empty your freshpack into a bottle of pure water and shake vigorously. Remember, there are no fillersSince 1990, Amazon Herb has worked directly with Rainforest Indigenous Innes, DC, employs or additives in Pure Camu. Some of the micro-nutrients orcommunities to create new models of prosperity and sustainability. Look for some primary procedures that minerals will remain in suspension and then slowly settle.of these success stories told throughout the catalog. We also support the Amazon combine sacro-occipital So, shake it up and sip.Center for Environmental Education and Research (ACEER), whose mission in part therapy, cranial balancing,is to bring environmental education programs to Rainforest communities. And we are applied kinesiology, contact Pure Camu FREE with Camu Gold 6-Packproud to contribute to the Olivia Newton-John Cancer & Wellness Centre, a model for reflex analysis, nutritionalincorporating the concept of wellness into cancer care, located in northeast Melbourne, A Savings of $59 balancing, diet counseling, as well asAustralia. Your purchase of Amazon Herb products enables us to continue our work in meridian, chakra, and emotional balancing.the Amazon and make donations to these not-for-profit organizations. Their insights into the benefits and usage Thank you for recognizing the value of proprietary Amazon herbal blends may Offer expires October 31st, 2012 at 11:59 pm ET. be found online at our living Rainforest and supporting Product-Spotlight-Archive.aspx. a healthy future for all. ‘Amazon John’ continues to search the Need help: Call 1-800-835-0850. Our Customer Care Experts are available 9am - 6 pm ET. Rainforest, looking for yet-to-be discovered Prices listed in this catalog are current as of the date of printing. The information in this catalog may contain errors or inaccuracies. We reserve the right to change prices, selections, update information and limit quantities without prior notice. Children, women who are pregnant or nursing If you are not completely satisfied with your products, you nutrients that can aid our health and well- and all individuals allergic to any foods or ingredients should consult their healthcare provider before using any product. You should not stop taking any medication without first consulting with a healthcare provider. To report a serious adverse event or obtain product information, contact being while helping to find ways to support 1-800-835-0850. These Statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. These products are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease. can return them to us within 60 days of its order date for a full refund (less shipping). We will replace any defective product a sustainable future for the Rainforest and For daily updates, contests and promotions, Follow ‘Amazon John’ on Check out our library of videos at within 30 days of order. its inhabitants. check us out on Call to order at 1-800-835-0850 or visit us online at © 2012 Amazon Herb Company. All rights reserved.
  • 3. Clear You Mind. Brighten You Day. Camu Camu: The “Feal Good” Fruit Produces the highest naturally-occuring concentrated source of Vitamin C Many people are just now discovering the Help protect your skin An organic drink wonderful benefits of Camu Camu, the Add a bounce to your step from free radicals to enhance your Amazon ‘feel good’ fruit. As a pioneer in Wake up with a clear sense of purpose Outsmart the signs of aging well-being Rainforest nutrition, Amazon Herb has Put the Rainforest in your pocket and take it with Caress your skin with a topical infusion of been leading the pack, offering some of you wherever you go. Pure Camu™ is 100% Camu For the first time, the Camu Camu berry the most effective Camu Camu-based Camu Powder. Each freshpack provides you with the all-natural antioxidants. This superior anti- and select Rainforest botanicals have been recommended daily allowance of Vitamin C. This aging treatment features Camu Camu, the most products on the market. refreshing beverage provides all of Camu Camu’s life- concentrated source of naturally-occurring brought together in an organically certified blend specifically formulated to promote enhancing properties in a highly absorbable form. Vitamin C, and Sangre de Drago which is known a natural state of well-being. With every Our Camu Camu trees are organically to support skin repair and regeneration. This To best enjoy the light citrus flavor and serum penetrates deep into the skin’s surface to delicious sip, you are flooding your body grown in the Amazon basin and thrive in with life-enhancing nutrients that support a uplifting benefits of Pure Camu, just stimulate healthy collagen production and help fight the nutrient-rich biomass of the world’s empty your concentrated freshpack into a positive life experience. Learn more about the effects of aging. As a result, your skin looks this all natural, certified organic beverage on richest living ecosystem. This unique bottle of pure water and shake vigorously. younger, feels firmer, and glows just like it should. origin is one of the secrets to Camu pages 30-31. Camu’s immense healing potential. Pure Camu (30 freshpacks) $59 Camu C Serum (30 ml.) $79 ZAMU (750 ml. bottle) $40 Pure Camu 3-Pack $132 ZAMU 4-Pack $137.50 The Camu Camu berry not only delivers the most concentrated source of naturallyAmazon Herb Collection Camu Camu produces the highest occurring vitamin C in the world, but also contains a wideCamu Care variety of vital micronutrients that are essentials for anIn the Camu Care Pack, you’ll receive the concentrated source of Vitamin C – thirty times more than an orange, energetic body and a sharp mind. Pure Liquid Sunshinecomplete line of Camu Camu products. ZAMU ten times as much iron, three times Jump start your day and as much niacin, twice as much(750 ml.), Pure Camu (30 freshpacks), Camu riboflavin and fifty percent blast away afternoon bluesGold (1 oz.), and Camu C Serum (30 ml.). Essential Amino Acids foundWith this pack, you are providing yourself more phosphorus. Tap directly into the vibrant energy of the in Camu Camuwith the best nutrients available for healthy Rainforest with Camu Gold™. Unlike other Perhaps the most important micronutrients found in energy-enhancing products, Camu Gold isn’tskin, hair and nails, as well as its mood- Camu Camu, Amino Acids cannot be manufactured by loaded with caffeine or synthetic vitamins. It’s justenhancing effects. Add a Camu Goldbooster, to maximize results. our body and cannot be stored for later use. Therefore, highly concentrated Camu Camu. You’ll feel its they must be supplied everyday in the foods we eat. immediate wave of smooth, natural energy that Leucine: Increases production of growth hormones. will keep you focused throughout the day. Deficiencies may result in fatigue and irritability. It’s easy to share, easy to carry, and fun for the ZAMU Ingredients: Camu Camu, Acai, Camu Gold Ingredients: Organic Camu Pure Camu Ingredients: Organic Camu Sold Individually Sold in Pack You Save Cacao, Cinnamon, Pinapple, Mango, Sangre Camu Concentrate. Other Ingredients: Camu Powder. De Drago. Vegetable Glycerin Suggested Use: Empty the contents of 1 Serine: Supports proper functioning of the brain and whole family. The delicious tart flavor is enjoyed Pack Price $201 $169 $32 Suggested Use: Enjoy 2 ounces twice a Suggested Use: 1 ml. (20 Drops) twice a freshpack into a bottle of water, shake nervous system. May benefit memory, sociability, by both kids and adults. day or as desired. Best served cold. day or as desired. vigorously. Can also be blended in a juice With Booster $224 $179 $45 or smoothie. and alertness. Valine: Used as an energy source in muscles. Promotes Camu Gold Liquid (1 oz.) $23 mental vigor and calms emotions. Camu Gold 6-Pack $110 Direct from the Source to You: Camu Gold 12-pack $198 Sustainable Harvesting of Camu Camu at our fields in Peru The Choice to Plant Nourished by the Vital Nutrients Harvesting Quality Drying Bringing it To ensure Amazon River Not found in Any Camu Camu Process Home to You an ongoing Our Camu Camu Other Source New trees take 6 to 8 After harvest, the Camu Camu is used consistent supply trees are grown on As the floodwaters years to first produce fresh Camu Camu in many Amazon for generations, the banks of a lagoon recede, the soil and fruit. Once it begins fruits are transported Herb products for its Amazon Herb in the Amazon nutrients from of the fruiting is quite by boat to Amazon’s variety of benefits planted over 28,000 floodplain and during the world’s richest abundant, with two state of the art both inside and Camu Camu trees the rainy season living ecosystem is or more harvests drying facility. out. The highest in the nutrient-rich are completely redeposited. From per year. Often this Here the seeds are concentration of soil of the Amazon underwater for this soil, the Camu will be done by boat removed and the Camu Camu is Basin. almost 4 months out Camu trees are during high waters. fruit dried under found in the products of the year. able to pull the minerals they need to produce carefully controlled conditions and temperatures shown on this page. a natural density of vitamins, amino acids and to ensure all the nutrients stay intact. other nutrients.4 Order by phone at 1-800-835-0850 (9 am - 6 pm ET) 60-day money back guarantee 5
  • 4. Bounce back more Testimonial Wow! Recovazon is Recover and Rebuild such a gift to my poor, tired back and feet. I’ve discovered that after a long day two quickly from physical Recovazons take away the weariness, muscle aches and back pain and mental exhaustion Don’t let muscle soreness and achy joints hold you back for me. Thank you True recovery works from within Nutrients from the Amazon can aid rapid recovery Amazon Herb, for this terrific help with The term “recovery” can be used in many ways: recovery from an accident, Be as active as you like, as often as you want. Brazil to relieve pain and swelling, and Dong such a chronic, long- from a strenuous workout, from a surgery or an intense period of stress. With Recovazon™, you’ll help give your body Quai, which has been used for ages in China, standing issue. the natural boost it needs to recover from Korea and Japan as an overall strengthening For proper recovery from stress, either physical or emotional, the body muscle soreness and joint discomfort. So plant that supports the whole body. In addition, Jana S, Tucson, AZ invariably needs good lymphatic circulation to eliminate debris from the whether you’ve been working out, working Manaca is known to simulate lymphatic tissues, good blood circulation to delivery nutrients, anti-inflammatory and hard or playing hard, Recovazon will help you circulation, while Dalergia Wood and Aquilaria antioxidant nutrition, and good hormonal balance to assist in the rebuilding recover faster. assist in blood circulation. Unique anti- inflammatory properties can also be found in of muscles and tissues. The Recover and Rebuild Pack helps you do just that. With its exclusive combination of 13 the herbs, Iporuru and Samambaia. key botanicals, Recovazon helps reduce the formation of oxidative compounds that can Recovazon (90 ct.) $59 cause sore muscles and joints. This synergistic blend includes Tayuya, historically used in Recovazon Liquid (8 oz.) $59 Help your body avoid environmental impurities Clear your body of toxins and rebuild you defense system Recovizon Ingredients: Dong Quai, Aquilaria, Safflower, Tangerine Peel, On the spot muscle relief Today we are constantly exposed to pollutants and toxins of all Samambaia, Sarsaparilla, Bitter Orange, Our thick topical gel provides Iporuru Bitter Orange, Dalbergia Wood, Peach kinds. Envirozon™ assists the body’s natural ability to cleanse and seed, Manaca, Tayuya, Iporuru, Una de deep penetration to enhance treatment The bark of the Iporuru restore balance after exposure to environmental impurities. Its strong Gato, Other Ingredients: 90 ct vegetable shrub is truly a treasure When joint and muscle discomfort or skin At home or on the go, Recovazon Topical Gel glycerin, vegetable cellulose (capsule) or antioxidant properties are particularly important to liver function, 8 oz purified water, pure grain alcohol. of the Amazon. It can which is key to overall cleansing and detoxification of the body. Suggested Use: Take 1-3 capsules a irritations strike, call Recovazon Topical Gel™ is the natural solution for adults, children and only be harvested in day as desired to maintain or accelerate well-being. to the rescue. We took Recovazon’s healing pets. It provides fast, soothing, temporary relief the dry season when its Envirozon’s Rainforest botanicals include Jurubeba, Chanca Piedra, Suggested Use 8oz: Shake well before Rainforest botanicals and added a special for joint and muscle soreness, backaches, sports ingredients turn active. and Uña de Gato. Jurubeba facilitates the body’s ability to reduce toxic using. 1 teaspoon in a cup of pure water combination of Aloe Vera and Essential Oil of injuries and more. Keep a tube on hand in your Used by the Indigenous Birch. The outcome: a topical gel that supplies medicine cabinet, car, purse, gym bag, back once or more a day as desired. excesses. Chanca Piedra fortifies the body’s natural filtering organs people of Peru for while stimulating the defense system. Uña de Gato’s reputation as an Recovazon Gel Ingredients: Aloe Vera, all of the benefits of liquid Recovazon while pack, suitcase and desk drawer. relieving symptoms of overall cleansing agent is well known and documented. Dong Quai, Samambaia, Sarsaparilla, offering a thicker consistency for enhanced osteoarthritis. It helps Tangerine Peel, Aquilaria, Safflower, penetration. Its non-greasy, fast-absorbing Recovazon Topical Gel $23 to increase flexibility in Manaca, Peach seed, Dalbergia Wood, Envirozon (90 ct.) $59 formula glides on the skin with ease. It supports movement and range of Bitter Orange, Tayuya, Iporuru, Una de Gato, Essential Oil of Birch. healthy mobility and range of motion by targeting (2 oz. tube) motion. Its benefits come Envirozon Liquid (8 oz.) $59 Suggested Use: Apply topically to affected area twice a day or as desired. the specific areas of your body that require help. from applying it either internally in the case of Envirozon Ingredients: Jurubeba, Chanca Piedra, Alfalfa, Artichoke, Boldo, Una de Gato, Other Ingredients: 90 ct vegetable glycerin, vegetable cellulose (capsule) or 8 oz purified water, pure grain alcohol. Recovazon or externally in Recovazon Gel. Suggested Use: Take 1-3 capsules a day as desired to maintain or accelerate well-being. Suggested Use 8oz: Shake well before using. 1 teaspoon in a cup of pure water once or more a day as desired. Providing you the antioxidants Digestazon Plus helps you need to recover faster stop joint inflammation Pure Camu delivers key antioxidants, like Ellagic Sufficient levels of digestive herbs and enzymes Acid and Quercetin. Ellagic Acid is known to are necessary to ensure proper protein metabolism. Lifestyle Tip Amazon Herb Collection activate the cell receptor sites in your body to help If the body isn’t digesting proteins efficiently, it may Allow sufficient Recovery and Rebuild eliminate free radical damage and remove toxins. cannibalize them from joint surfaces. Digestazon Plus time for recovery, Quercetin is known to increase the production provides the required nutrients and helps stop joint rest, and relaxation With the Recovery and Rebuild Wellness of both collagen and fibronectin, two substances inflammation as a result. before stressing Pack, you will receive everything you need necessary to keep the joints and skin healthy. the affected area(s). to help alleviate and recover from physical To find out more about all the benefits of Camu Digestive enzymes are also used to manage inflammation associated with Keep tender muscles and emotional stress. The full line contains: Camu, go to pages 4-5. injuries and bruises and help to accelerate recovery after exercise. When mobile, however, Recovazon and Envirozon (both 90 ct), Pure bruising or tearing of tissues occurs, blood vessels are broken down and by stretching and Camu (30 freshpacks) and Recovazon Gel Envirozon (90 ct.) $59 debris accumulates, which causes inflammation. Digestive enzymes, like exercising lightly. (2 oz). Add Digestazon Plus (90 ct) as your those found in Digestazon Plus, help to break down this debris and assist Remember to eat Envirozon Liquid (8 oz.) $59 is tissue regeneration. For a closer look at Digestazon, go to page 11. booster product to aid in healthy to aid tissue digestive support and to Sold Individually Sold in Pack You Save repair. facilitate the break down Pack Price $200 $169 $31 Digestazon Plus (90 ct.) $32 of proteins, lipids and Digestazon Plus (270 ct.) $72 carbohydrates. With Booster $232 $179 $53 Digestazon Liquid (8 oz.) $596 Order 24/7 online at Call a Customer Care Expert at 1-800-835-0850 7
  • 5. Cleansing and DetoxPut your sluggishsystem back on trackthe natural wayEliminating toxins will help you feelbetter, look better and live betterMany health challenges begin in the colon. That’s why we need to understandhow important proper elimination is to optimal health. For our bodies to functionproperly, they need to digest nutrients and eliminate waste. Excess waste build-upcan collect and putrefy, causing a congested colon. Research has shown that over 65different health issues facing us today are due to toxic colons. The Colon Cleansing Solution Start feeling lighter todayDetox the Right Way Works like an intestinal broom to by eliminating constipation,Take a look at the box to your right. Benefits of Colon Cleansing cleanse and eliminate toxins gentlyIf you answered “yes” to any of these gas and bloating Do you have? Do you want? Fiberzon™ is a synergistic blend of fibers and The benefits of Fiberzon inchallenges, then it is time to start a botanicals recognized for centuries for their • Sluggishness • Improved Alertnesshealthy cleansing regime that will get • Fatigue • Increased Energy cleansing properties. As an internal cleansing an easy-to-take capsuleyou back on track. Amazon Herb has • Constipation • Proper Elimination program, this special formula blends 15 organic Fiberzon Plus™ capsules contain a gentle, yet morecreated a completely natural detoxing • Bloating • Fewer Toxins Rainforest herbs to support the body’s intestinal aggressive formulation than Fiberzon powder. It is • Gas • Improved Digestion hygiene, which is paramount to optimal health.program that provides quick results. especially appropriate for those who prefer capsules • Weight Gain • Weight Loss Fiberzon works like an intestinal broom to gentlyIt gently stimulates elimination, • Brain Fog • Mental Clarity cleanse and eliminate unwanted waste. Designed to a fiber drink. It has the same synergistic blend of organic Rainforest herbs with the addition ofcleansing the colon and purging • Heavy Feeling • Lighter Feeling as a detoxifying, energizing, and revitalizing Rhubarb Root, which helps encourage regular bowelharmful toxins from the body. • Bad Breath • Fresh Breath program, each bottle contains a one-month supply. movements and cleansing. This balanced formulaYou’ll feel lighter and more alert • Bad Skin • Clear Skin Fiberzon is a powdered formula that can be mixed • Headaches • Clear Mind Fiberzon should be a main with water, juice or in your favorite smoothie. addresses all areas of the elimination system. Specialwith a sense of renewed energy. staple of everyone’s diet to It is recommended as an on-going program for Rainforest herbs, like Sangre de Drago, help nurture a healthy lining of the stomach and intestines; stimulate If your answer is “Yes,” stay healthy and regular. daily cleansing. liver function, and support healthy colon activity to consider a colon cleansing program. I recommend this routinely help eliminate toxins from the body. in my practice. Fiberzon (500 grams) $43 Dr. James Hawver Fiberzon Mint (500 grams) $43 Fiberzon Plus (90 ct.) $34 Naturopathic MD Fiberzon Plus (270 ct.) $89Amazon Herb Collection Flush your body of toxinsCleanse and Detox with a delicious cup of teaCombine the positive effects from each product The complete pack contains: Fiberzon Mint (500in this completely natrual cleanse and detox grams), Treasure Tea (40 bags), Fiberzon Plus Rainforest Treasure Tea™ contains herbs like I am impressed with how well Fiberzon Plus Chanca Piedra that stimulate kidney function,program and get yourself back on track. You can and Envirozon (both 90 ct.), and Camu Gold. an important organ of detoxification, Una de works in softening the stool and makinghelp your body naturally rid itself of accumulated Add Digestzon Plus (90 ct.) as your booster Fiberzon & Fiberzon Mint Ingredients: Psyllium, Hibiscus, Licorice, Gato that provides strong antioxidant nutrition elimination easy. This is an effective formula.waste material in the colon and intestines. to help break down proteins and cleanse the I’m excited about this because many of my Fennugreek, Flax Seed, Boldo, Slippery Elm, Oat Bran, Una de Gato, Artichoke, to assist detoxification, and Jatoba that helps digestive tract. Ouebra Pedra (Chanca Piedra), Camu Camu, Jotoba, Papaya, Sangre de Drago, Other Ingredients: Mint Flavor (in Mint formula only). cleanse the blood. For more information on clients request a simple capsule solution for both Rainforest Treasure and Matte Tea, go to Suggested Use: For best results vigorously blend 1 scoop of Fiberzon with 8 oz of pure, cool water or 4 oz of non-acidic juice and 4 oz of pure water. In addition, their cleansing and detox needs. drink 8-10 glasses of pure water a day. pages 20-21. Sold Individually Sold in Pack You Save John Terrusa Fiberzon Plus Ingredients: Rhubarb Root, Psyllium, Sangre de Drago, Boldo, Rainforest Treasure Tea (20 tea bags) $16.50 Licensed Colon Therapist Pack Price $186 $159 $27 Una de Gato, Camu Camu, Hibiscus, Licorice, Fennugreek, Flax Seed, Slippery Elm, Oat Bran, Ouebra Pedra (Chanca Piedra), Artichoke, Jatoba, Papaya. Rainforest Treasure Tea (40 tea bags) $27 With Booster $218 $169 $49 Suggested Use: Take 1-2 capsules a day with an 8 oz glass of water in the morning, before bedtime or with a meal. Rainforest Treasure Tea (200 tea bags) $149 More on Cleansing and Detox, next page8 60-day money back guarantee Call a Customer Care Expert at 1-800-835-0850 for help with your order. 9
  • 6. Cleansing and Detox Now you can enjoy your food – without feeling full Two formulations available, Digestazon Plus with extra enzymes Our Digestazon™ formulas—Digestazon Liquid Digestazon Plus and Digestazon Plus—blend the most widely contains nine extra used plants from the Amazon that are known for digestive enzymes, their beneficial effects on digestion. which help prepare the food in the stomach and A poor digestive system can contribute to ease digestion. They inflammation, the source of many health facilitate the breakdown issues. Improperly digested food particles of proteins, lipids, and can, at times, stimulate the immune system, carbohydrates so that Chanca Piedra Don’t let environmental Testimonials which recognizes them as foreign matter. The food particles may Translated in Spanish means “stone breaker” result: Immune complexes - combinations of be properly absorbed or “shatter stone.” It has been used for impurities slow you down I started taking Digestazon Plus during antibodies and food particles bound together - into the blood stream. generations by Indigenous people of the my meals and I feel great. I no longer experience that heavy, bloated feeling may form without an actual infection to combat. Improperly digested Amazon as an effective remedy for gall Envirozon™ assists the body’s natural ability to like I ate too much. I have always had They circulate in the blood and, eventually, food, on the other stones, kidney stones and other kidney- related cleanse and restore balance after exposure to trouble with digestion but now I don’t are caught in tissue where they can trigger hand, may cause problems. Also used as a digestive aid, Chanca environmental impurities. This formula contains have to be concerned with having an inflammation. If they make their way to joints, toxins to build up in your body, resulting in Piedra supports liver function and helps Jurubeba, which stimulates liver function. The upset stomach after evey meal. they can also trigger a form of arthritis or gas, constipation, and bloating. Other side eliminate colitis and intestinal parasites while traditional use is for digestive upset due to over- another type of inflammation. effects of poor digestion include weight gain, maintaining a healthy cholesterol metabolism. indulgence in food or alcohol. The Rainforest herb Susan C., West Palm Beach, FL Boldo prevents re-absorption of detoxification by- sleeplessness, fatigue, and even bad skin and Found in: Fiberzon, Envirozon, Treasure Tea. Properly digested food, then, helps play a products and is a strong antioxidant. Discover more bad breath. critical role in good health. Some of the herbs about Envirozon on pages 6-7. found in the Digestazon basic formulation All my life I lived with many food and Digestazon also helps clean the digestive track include Carqueja, Boldo, and Star Anise. while aiding digestion. It is available in liquid Boldo Envirozon (90 ct.) $59 enironmental allergies. When I started Carqueja supports the healthy functioning only. Digestazon Plus, with added enzymes, Contains an antioxidant called boldine, which taking the Amazon herbs, especially Envirozon Liquid (8 oz.) $59 of both the stomach and intestinal system. comes in capsules. is used to treat symptoms of liver and bowel Envirozon, I was amazed at my ability Boldo helps promote good health through the dysfunction including constipation, gas, to function in environments I never urinary and digestives systems by stimulating Digestazon Plus (90 ct.) $32 and poor digestion. It acts as a tonic for the could before. waste elimination. Originally used in ancient organism and helps combat weakness and Judy T., Grants Pass, OR Egypt, Star Anise encourages overall Digestazon Plus (270 ct.) $72 dizziness often associated with a congested The Amazon digestive comfort. Digestazon Liquid (8 oz.) $59 colon. Found in: Fiberzon and Envirozon. Hydrological Cycle The immuno-requlatory capacity of THE AMAZON RELEASES Camu Gold is like nothing I’ve ever seen. I have tested this product on 3 20,000,000,000 differenet auto-immune cases and I must say: This is amazing stuff! Help fight off bacteria with Camu Gold™ Along with its high Vitamin C content, Camu Gold also helps provide essential Jatoba TONS OF MOISTURE INTO THE ATMOSPHERE EVERY DAY Dr. Jeff Essen, Naturopath amino acids like Leucine, Serine, and Valine, which in combination assist in Known to help decongest the urinary tract boosting the immune system, producing antibodies to fight off bacteria, viruses and is used to reduce bladder inflammation MOISTURE and other pathogens. For more on the benefits of Camu Gold, turn to page 4-5. (cystitis) and prostate infections. The bark, THAT HELPS leaves and resin of Jatoba have been shown FEED THE Camu Gold Liquid (1 oz.) $23 to have strong antifungal and antimicrobial WORLD Digestazon Plus Ingredients: Star Anise, Carqueja, Peppermint, Boldo, Camu Gold 6-Pack $110 properties. In folk medicine, Jatoba has a long IN THE FORM OF Plant Enzyme Blend: Amylase, Protease 4.5, Invertase, CereCalase (Phytase, history of use by the Indigenous people of the RAINFALL Hemicellulase, Beta-glucanase), Bromelain, Lipase, Glucoamylase, Peptidase FP, Camu Gold 12-pack $198 Malt Diastase, Other Ingredients: vegetable cellulose. Amazon Rainforest to treat diarrhea. Found in: Suggested Use: 1 or 2 capsules with meals or as desired. Fiberzon and Treasure Tea. THIS HYDROLOGIC CYCLE HELPS REGULATE GLOBAL TEMPERATURES Digestazon 8oz Ingredients: Star Anise, Carqueja, Peppermint, Boldo, Other Ingredients: purified water, pure grain alcohol. Suggested Use: Shake well before using. 1 teaspoon in a cup of pure water once or more a day as desired.10 Order 24/7 online at Order by phone at 1-800-835-0850 (9 am - 6 pm ET) 11
  • 7. Discover the Life-enhancing nutrients from the Rainforest healing properties of the Amazon Nature’s most concentratedSangre de DragoAlso known as “Dragon’s Blood,” Sangre de source of life-enhancing nutrientsDrago is a fast growing tree reaching up to 60 feet Deep in the Amazon Rainforest, a Amazon plants that offer a uniquein height and is found throughout the tropics andthe Amazon regions of South America. When you life-sustaining cycle of fresh rain profile of elements that are simplycut the trunk of the tree, a dark red sappy resin nourishes pristine botanicals. Rain is not available from any place elseoozes out as if it were bleeding. the vital essence and life force of the on earth. Amazon Herb captures Rainforest, providing nutrients for the essence of this concentrated lifeThe Sangre plant is an example of morphism, therelationship between the utilization of an herb and growth and regeneration. energy to help renew your healthits physical properties that are reminiscent of the and vitality.organ or bodily fluids. Example: the sap of the With over 215,000 species oftree is red like blood. The Indigenous people often plants, the Amazon Rainforest has The plants highlighted on theseapplied Sangre to wounds after accidents madefrom cutting paths through the jungle. The leaves been called the greatest celebration pages are unique to the Amazon Build a stronger of life on earth. But, only a mere Rainforest. Read on to learn moreof the tree are heart-shaped. It’s been shown thatthe antioxidants in Sangre help support healthy 3% of all Rainforest plants have about the benefits of Sangre de you, starting oncardiac functions. been studied for their therapeutic Drago and Graviola. the cellular levelFind Sangre in many of our herbal formulas to help values. There are nutritional and Helps improve your circulation The Super Antioxidant therapeutic components found in and gets you moving again A centuries-old method to regenerate skinsupport intestinal and cardiovascular health, and inour skin care line for skin repair and rejuvenation. When the immune system works to “clean Sangre de Drago is one of the most legendary botanicals from the Amazon Rainforest. For up” tissues, it must be able to easily reach the centuries, the sap of Sangre de Drago trees has been painted on wounds by Indigenous people target tissue and eliminate debris effectively. to help stop bleeding, and accelerate skin regeneration and healthy tissue growth. When taken For this reason, we have blended Graviola internally, it helps maintain a healthy lining of the digestive system. with Recovazon, Envirozon, and Arcozon. Recovazon is a formulation that contains many A recent study confirmed the beneficial properties of Sangre and identified alkaloid taspines as an herbs known for their ability to stimulate blood active component. Taspines increases the migration of human fibroblast cells responsible for skin and lymphatic circulation, Envirozon assists and tissue regenerations. It was also discovered that the dried sap of Sangre de Drago contains liver functions by cleansing 90% proanthocyanidins (OPCs). Proanthocyanidins are the most potent dietary antioxidants known the body of toxins, and today. These antioxidants help promote natural anti-aging processes in the body by assisting in Arcozon helps maintain collagen production and overall skin health. the body’s defense system. Gravizon also includes Sangre de Drago is also a great topical treatment for blisters, bug bits or stings, as a thin layer strong antioxidants, like immediately forms over the lesion and seals the wound. In minutes you’ll notice symptoms of pain,GraviolaA medium-sized shrub growing in the Supporting healthy cell growth Camu Camu and Sangre itching, swelling, and redness reside. Rainforest secret for circulatory de Drago, which provideAmazonian jungle, Graviola trees producea delicious fruit called “paw paw,” which is protection against free Sangre de Drago (90 ct.) $59 and lymphatic support radicals. It is considered a Sangre de Drago Liquid (1 oz.) $21widely consumed by the Indigenous people. The Native people of the Amazon have a rich history of using Graviola unique product for immuneAll parts of the Graviola tree are used in natural Sangre de Drago Liquid (8 oz.) $89 for its profound healing properties – among them, immune, circulatory support and assistingmedicine, including the bark, leaves, roots, fruit, and lymphatic support. The leaves of the Graviola tree contain natural the immune system inand seeds. compounds that have a very strong ability to promote healthy cellular cleansing abnormalIn Peru, a leaf tea is used for catarrh (inflammation division. Research since the 1940’s has validated and expanded the tissue growth.of mucous membranes) and the seed is used understanding of this herb and its unique phyto-nutritional kill parasites. The bark, roots and leaves are Gravizon (90 ct.) $59 Product Spotlightused for diabetes and as a sedative. In Brazil, Nearly 25 years ago, it was discovered that the leaf of the Graviola tree contained natural compounds having exceptional cytotoxic activity. In other Gravizon Liquid (8 oz.) $59 Find out what Dr. Jeff Essen has to say about Sangre de Drago,a leaf tea is used for liver problems, and the Graviola and Gravizon. Go to and clickoil of the leaves and unripe fruit is mixed with words, they have a very strong ability to promote healthy cellular division. Graviola is currently under intense study for its potential to assist in blocking on Product Spotlight Calls under the News/Events tab.olive oil and used externally for neuralgia, Gravizon Ingredients: Graviola, Una de Gato, Pau D’Arco, Jatoba, Jurubeba, Camu free radicals and abnormal cell growth. Camu, Sangre de Drago, Dong Quai, Alfalfa, Chanca Piedra, Artichoke, Boldo, Aquilaria,rheumatism, and arthritis pain. Tangerine Peel, Safflower, Samambaia, Sarsaparilla, Bitter Orange, Dalbergia Wood, Peach, Manaca, Tayuya, Catuaba, Iporuru, Suma, Espinheira Santa, Muira Puama,Graviola is also recognized for its antiviral and Graviola Liquid (8 oz.) $59 Abuta, Other Ingredients: Other Ingredients: 90 ct vegetable glycerin, vegetable cellulose (capsule) or 8 oz purified water, pure grain alcohol.antimicrobial properties, which assist in fighting Suggested Use: Take 1-3 capsules a day as desired to maintain or accelerate well-being. Sangre de Drago Ingredients: Sangre de Drago, Other Ingredients: 90 ct vegetable glycerin, vegetable cellulose (capsule) or 8 oz purified water, pure grain viruses and bacteria. Graviola Ingredients: Graviola, Other Ingredients: purified water, pure grain alcohol. Suggested Use 8oz: Shake well before using. 1 teaspoon in a cup of pure water once or more a day as desired. Suggested Use: Take 1-3 capsules a day as desired to maintain or accelerate well-being. Suggested Use 8oz: Shake well before using. 1 teaspoon in a cup of pure water once or more a day as desired. Suggested Use 8oz: Shake well before using. 1 teaspoon in a cup of pure water once or more a day as desired.12 60-day money back guarantee More Product Spotlights available online at 13
  • 8. Energy and Performance Enhance your lifestyle with greater energyThe Amazon Warrior: The Get mentally ready and staminaultimate symbol for vitality for your next workout Building endurance requiresand strength Enhance your mood while determination and dedication lifting your energy level Warrior™ provides maximum energy Suma for maximum performance. It helps to Some days, your mental and physical The elite athlete, the weekend warrior, the individual getting back into Often called “para todo” meaning for increase the body’s ability to release energy sags and you find yourself unable everything, Suma is a rich source of amino strengthening agents while facilitating to perform at your best. Now you can working out, or those whose daily work requires significant physical acids and has a long history of use in Brazil. clarity and stamina. If your sport, work refresh your mind and energize your entire exertion—all require the rapid delivery of nutrients to the muscles, good It is known for its adaptogenic properties for or lifestyle is highly demanding, your body with Aquazon™, a unique, synergistic lymphatic circulations to drain the by-products of muscle activity, and good energy and longevity. Found in: Sumacazon and performance will benefit from Warrior. combination of wild fresh water algae and hormonal support to help build stronger muscles and a stronger body. The Amazon Power Shake. sea algae. Warrior skillfully blends two traditions. Energy and Performance collection of products will assist you in gaining the It brings together the Chinese herbs used The rich source of trace minerals and competitive edge you’ve been looking for. in a martial arts formula by practitioners micronutrients found in Aquazon help in a Shaolin Temple, with Amazonian improve metabolic function, enhance Catuaba, Sarsaparilla and Muira Puama. concentration and elevate the mood. Additionally, recent Want to feel younger and have more energy?The result is a power-packed tonic that boosts your energy studies have shown that the type of algae used in Aquazonflow, mental focus and endurance, and helps to shorten your Anti-aging nutrients found in our Amazon helps promote regeneration and longevity. The addition ofrecovery time. To learn more about the additional benefits of Fucus (bladderwrack) stimulates the immune system and blend help promote muscle toningWarrior, turn to page 25. encourages healthy tissue growth. Sumacazon™ is a blend of four exceptional botanicals that have long been revered by the people of Brazil and Peru for theirWarrior (90 ct.) $59 Aquazon (90 ct.) $29 youth and energy-enhancing properties. This premiere formulaWarrior Liquid (8 oz.) $59 Aquazon (270 ct.) $72 promotes energy through endocrine balance, aids in strengthening the skeletal structure, and has a wide-spectrum of trace minerals and phytonutrients that help you feel strong, stable and relaxed. Maca Maca has a rich profile of protein, amino One of the key ingredients in Sumacazon is Maca root, used acids and other nutrients that support stamina for energy, longevity and fertility. It has also been widely taken and endurance, promote hormonal balanceUnleash your inner power A natural boost by athletes to enhance energy levels and help build muscle mass and facilitate increased strength and muscle tone. Identified as an adaptogenic herb, Maca and strength. The people of Amazonia have long recognized SumaA tasty shake to supplement for faster recovery root as an adaptogen for energy and longevity. Muira Puama has supports endocrine health and helps regulate metabolism and energy. Found in: Sumacazonyour workout a long history of use by Indigenous people for strengthening the While you are working out, you are putting nervous system and providing sexual energy. and Amazon Power Shake. Whatever your level of athletic or physical stress on your muscles. With that, comes activity may be, the nutrients in Amazon muscle aches and pains. Afterwards, your muscles need a chance to rebuild in order to Sumacazon (90 ct.) $59 Power Shake™ support increased stamina, muscle strength, and recovery. Amazon grow stronger. We developed Recovazon™ Sumacazon Liquid (8 oz.) $59 Power Shake is packed of raw, wild foods to help assist in your recovery. Ingredients from the Amazon and Andean Highlands like Dong Quai are known to help stimulate that provide the life nutrients your body blood circulation, which assists in the needs to operate at peak performance. healing process. To learn more about its Amazon Herb Collection benefit, turn to pages 6-7. This potent synergistic blend contains Energy and Performance five sustainably harvested herbs including Recovazon (90 ct.) $59 The Energy and Performance Pack is for Maca and Chuchuhuasi. The rich profile everyone—from those beginning an activityof protein, amino acids and other nutrients found in Maca Recovazon Liquid (8 oz.) $59 program to those seeking to achieve peak physicalsupport stamina and endurance and facilitate increased Recovazon Topical Gel (2 oz.) $23 performance. The Energy and Performance Packstrength and muscle tone. Indigenous people have long used consists of Amazon Power Shake (500 grams),Chuchuhuasi as a pain reliever and muscle relaxant. Sumacazon, Recovazon, Aquazon (all 90 ct.) and Kiwicha Warrior Ingredients: Muira Puama, Sarsaparilla, Catuaba, Chinese Yam, Astragulus, Atractylodes, Sumacazon Ingredients: Maca, Muira Puama, with the special booster pack, Warrior (90 ct.). A gluten-free grain that is filled with antioxidantAmazon Power Shake (500 grams) $43 Rehmannia, Costas Root, Dong Quai, Licorice, Suma, Stevia, Other Ingredients: 90 ct vegetable pigments, Kiwicha provides an excellent source Snakegourd, Tangerine Peel, Fennel, Aquilaria, Other of protein and a good balance of essential amino glycerin, vegetable cellulose (capsule) or 8 oz Ingredients: 90 ct vegetable glycerin, vegetable cellulose purified water, pure grain alcohol. Sold Individually Sold in Pack You Save (capsule) or 8 oz purified water, pure grain alcohol. Suggested Use: Take 1-3 capsules a day as acids. It is known to promote cardiovascular Suggested Use: Take 1-3 capsules a day as desired to maintain or accelerate well-being. desired to maintain or accelerate well-being. Suggested Use 8oz: Shake well before using. Pack Price $212 $179 $33 health and provide strength and energy. Along Suggested Use 8oz: Shake well before using. with Maca, it is one of the earliest known foodAmazon Power Shake Ingredients: Maca, Chuchuhuasi, Kiwicha, Muira Puama, Suma. 1 teaspoon in a cup of pure water once or more 1 teaspoon in a cup of pure water once or more a day as desired. With Booster $271 $209 $62 crops of the Incas. Found in: Amazon PowerSuggested Use: Blend 1-2 scoops per day in your favorite juice, nut milk or smoothie. a day as desired. Shake.14 Order by phone at 1-800-835-0850 (9 am - 6 pm ET) Order 24/7 online at 15
  • 9. Restore your Feel the rejuvenating kiss of Amazon Rain Cleanse without natural ph balance Setting a new standard in natural skin care therapy harmful foaming agents Awaken your skin to lasting hydration Unveil more luminous skin Many plants in the Rainforest have long Amazon Herb believes that what you Gently removes dirt, excess oil and makeup, without the use of This calming, cooling mist helps to tone, nourish, and hydrate your been recognized for their therapeutic put on your skin affects its health and harmful foaming agents, to leave your skin feeling irresistibly clean. skin. Suma and other soothing aqueous botanical extracts provide valuable nourishment while their humectant level help your skin health value. Now, a growing number of condition. Your skin deserves to be treated The pristine blend of such Rainforest plant extract as Jatoba and Stevia absorb nutrients and retain moisture. Enjoy the uplifting aromas of scientific studies have demonstrated the with effective, natural products without reaches deep into pores to safely lift away impurities while helping to Melissa and Sandalwood, while these essential oils purify your skin numerous benefits of using these unique harmful chemicals, preservatives or other maintain your skin’s natural pH balance. Feel your inner beauty rise and calm your mind. Great to use immediately following cleansing botanicals in renewing skin tissue. synthetic agents. to the surface as you bathe in a rich combination of natural Rainforest and exfoliating or any time your skin needs a boost of hydration. Its botanicals that leave your skin feeling soft to the touch. light, fresh scent will refresh you senses while traveling or after a Recent discoveries of antioxidant Amazon Rain products have been long meeting. Botanical Cleanser (100 ml.) $35 compounds, taspines, and other naturally- consciously formulated to help balance Refreshing Mist (50 ml.) $35 occurring phyto-elements in Rainforest and nourish you skin. plants have set a new standard in natural skin care therapy. These beneficial Break the cycle compounds give you a new natural choice To learn more about Amazon Rain and Protect your skin for clear, glowing skin that is alive and their all-natural Rainforest ingredients of dryness well-nourished. go to from free radicals Give brilliance to dull, tired skin Outsmart the signs of aging Intensely nourish skin layers and restore elasticity with Deep Nourishing Caress your skin with a topical infusion of all-natural antioxidants. Oil. It’s a blend of herb-infused botanical oils naturally extracted from nuts, This superior anti-aging treatment features Camu Camu, the most seeds, and fruits that grow deep in the Amazon Rainforest. Each carefully concentrated source of naturally-occurring Vitamin C, and Sangre de selected oil is rich in essential fatty acids (EFA’s) and complements your Drago, which is known to support skin repair and regeneration. This skin’s natural biology. As a result, your skin feels soft and supple with a serum penetrates deep into the skin’s surface to stimulate healthy collagen youthful, radiant glow. production and help fight the effects of aging. As a result, your skin looks younger, feels firmer, and glows just like it should. Deep Nourishing Oil (15 ml.) $79 Camu C Serum (30 ml.) $79 Remove the build-up Fortify your skin’s of dull ckin cells natural moisture barrier Reveal a more vibrant complexion Boost its natural defenses Savor the satisfaction of deep, effective cleansing with Amazon’s A targeted infusion of antioxidant-rich Rainforest botanicals alternative to harsh chemical scrubs. Gently removes dead, dull skin and essential fatty acids help to lock in moisture and fortify cells on the surface to make way for the vibrant new cells beneath. Its the skin’s natural lipid moisture barrier. The Rainforest fern unique formula brings together ultra-fine marine silica crystals in a base Samambaia shields skin from harmful environmental factors of active botanicals, essential oils, and marine algae to stimulate and reduces the appearance of premature aging associated with circulation and skin cell renewal. It captures the powerful sun exposure. This silky finishing moisturizer contains no essence of Rainforest rejuvenation in a bottle, helping you artificial waxes. Replenishing Moisturizer naturally balances reveal fresher, younger-looking skin. hydration while boosting your skin’s natural defenses. Crystal Exfoliator (60 ml.) $48 Replenishing Moisturizer (50 ml.) $79Amazon Rain Amazon RainComplete Skin Care System Essentials Three PackCreate the foundation for healthier, more vibrant skin with the Amazon Rain Rejuvenate your look—almost overnight—with Amazon Rain Essentials, our basicComplete Skin Care System. With all the products in the Amazon Rain Skin Care Rainforest-enriched skin care program. It offers a simple, effortless way to begin caringline you are taking the best keep secrets of the Amazon and creating a simple path to for your skin by addressing the three fundamental requirements for healthy skin—naturally beautiful, younger-looking skin with all-natural, safe and cleanse, treat and hydrate. This three-step skin care routine can be used alone, or as theeffective products. foundation for a more complete skin renewal system.Complete Skin Care System $319 Amazon Rain Essentials: $179 • All 6 Amazon Rain Skin Care Products • Botanical Cleanser (100 ml.)A Savings of $36 • Camu C Serum (30 ml.) • Replenishing Moisturizer (50 ml.) A Savings of $1416 Call a Customer Care Expert at 1-800-835-0850 60-day money back guarantee 17
  • 10. Walking the Talk Try These Amazing Products Risk Free! A safe alternative to toxic The Regional Institute of Growth household cleaners If you are not completely satisfied with your products, you can return them to us within 60 days of its order date for for Native Communities, based a full refund (less shipping). We will replace any defective So safe, it can be used as a veggie wash, yet in the Ucayali region of Peru, product within 30 days of order. powerful enough for those nasty household tasks represents many Indigenous 4455 Military Trail, Suite 200 • Jupiter, FL 33458 communities. The Institute formally What makes Amazon Clean & Green™ so granted a letter of appreciation Call 1-800-835-0850 to Order ‘Amazon John’ Easterling different from regular cleaners – and so effective? to Amazon Herb Company for Founder It is based on the unique properties of colloidal its many contributions, projects Description Quantity Price TOTAL technology. These properties were discovered in and ongoing support to many of the search for readily biodegradable substances the native communities in the area. Pictured are ‘Amazon John’ and that would clean up oil, dirt, grease and grime Glorioso Castro, Director of the Regional Institute of Growth for Native without harming people or the planet. Communities. • 100% natural and chemical-free formula What We Believe • Non-toxic plant-based key ingredients Amazon Herb’s mission is to help the world recognize the healing values • Powerful cleaning action for even the of the living Rainforest. We are committed to: toughest stains • Providing access to the healing potential of the Amazon Rainforest • Gentle enough to be used on your skin • Supporting a sustainable future for the Rainforest and its inhabitants • Safe for households with children and pets. • Empowering like-minded entrepreneurs in sharing this vision. Amazon Clean & Green can replace almost every Since 1990, we have worked cleaning product in your home and office. It is directly with Indigenous Rainforest powerful enough to tackle the toughest cleaning communities in Peru. Each year, challenges, yet gentle enough to use on your skin. your purchase of Amazon Herb products enables us to donate to Clean & Green Concentrate (4 oz.) $12 these causes, providing scholarships, Special Value: For orders over $150,* helping obtain land titles and deeds, (spray bottle not included) add a 1 oz. Camu Gold for just $10 ($13 savings!) and securing the future of the *Excludes S&H charges. Clean & Green Pack $65 Peruvian Rainforest. SUBTOTAL (Includes: 6 concentrates, 2 spray bottles and 2 user guides) Order Your Way! SALES TAX** We practice “More Than Fair” Trade WEBSITE U.S. TOLL FREE E-MAIL SHIPPING What is colloidal technology? While many businesses today are content to earn a “Fair Trade” 1-800-835-0850 C During the colloidal process, extracts of natural plants are blended in certification, we believe that it is not enough. Instead, Amazon Herb such a way that they create new particles called “colloidal micelles” goes to great lengths to empower and enrich native communities on a FAX MAIL TOTAL that work on the molecular level. These tiny organic cells—hundreds village level, who, in turn, share with us their wisdom and centuries-old 561-514-6701 4455 Military Trail, Suite 200 • Jupiter, FL 33458 of times smaller than regular cells – are attracted to oil and similar understanding of Rainforest herbs and how they work in the human body. **Add applicable sales tax molecules. When combined with water, the micelles become superNAME active, squeezing between dirt and grime to separate them. The action Some of Amazon Herb’s SUBTOTAL SHIPPING CHARGE actually lifts, separates and emulsifies dirt, grease, oils and stains, contributions, projects andE-MAIL breaking them down into harmless substances that can easily be support for these native Less than $99 $8.00 wiped away. communities include assistanceSHIPPING ADDRESS in granting land rights, $100 - $299 $13.00 communications equipment,CITY STATE ZIP PHONE ( ) in the form of solar powered radio cells, water filtrationPAYMENT METHOD VISA MC DISCOVER AMEX Check $300 - $499 $18.00 How to use Amazon Clean & Green™ systems, boats, motors and Over $500 $25.00 Dilute Amazon Clean & Green concentrate in a spray dispenser. other equipment, irrigation,CARD NUMBER EXP. CVC Depending on your cleaning task, add the concentrate to the bottle sponsoring Indigenous radio programming, medical supplies, herbs, and Shipping method: FedEx Ground (see measurements below). Fill the bottle with water (chlorine-free homeopathic products.CARD NAME water works best) and shake to mix. You’re ready to clean just about anything safely.CARD BILLING ADDRESS Dilute concentrate as follows:SIGNATURE DATE Light Cleaning 1 oz. with 15 oz. of water Medium Cleaning 2 oz. with 14 oz. of waterOrder Online with Confidence Heavy Duty Cleaning 4 oz. with 12 oz. of water Go to to find videos on a wide range of Rainforest Questions? Call our and supplement topics, an archive of special product audiocasts taped Customer Care Experts. by ‘Amazon John’ and leading medical experts, and a library of research materials. Online ordering is quick and easy too. Se habla español! Amazon Herb helped finance a two-story, sixty-foot launch to facilitate the commute along the river.18 © 2012 Amazon Herb Company. All rights reserved. *** Prices subject to change.
  • 11. Nothing beats a spot Rejuvenating Refreshments of tea, hot or iced Even better, our teas come bearing herbal treasures Enjoy a cup of Rainforest Tea Even if you’re not a regular tea Shipibo children in Nuevo Eden celebrate the arrival of educational materials from ACEER. yourself or share with a friend drinker, you’ll enjoy our teas. or someone else you care about. Our Rainforest Teas are powerful Relax for a few minutes. Just sip herbal beverages made from six More about ACEER and breathe, while you let yourself of the Amazon’s most vibrantOur involvement with the Amazon Center for unwind. You deserve a welcome botanicals, concentrated and After drinking RainforestEnvironmental Education and Research goes break from the daily pressures life designed to deliver an exceptionally Treasure Tea for one week, mybeyond financial support. Both ‘Amazon John’ brings. One cup of our tea is all tasty and enjoyable beverage. personality changed. I becameEasterling and Olivia Newton John-Easterling you really need to take another step Whether you drink them hot or cold, calm, peaceful and happier.serve on the Board of Directors. For over 20years, ACEER has been a dynamic force in closer to the feeling of wellness you you’ll find them most gratifying. Adrienne A, Honolulu, HI Sorry, teapot andRainforest conservation. It was the first in the desire. cup are not for sale.Western Hemisphere to pioneer the scientificapplication of canopy walkway systems.Scientists at ACEER-supported facilities havediscovered new plant and animal species, aswell as new medicines in their ethno-botanicalgardens. It also provides environmental A bit of a pick-me-up Re-invigorateeducation programs for children, bringing them may be what’s needed your sensessupplies and teaching them about the value of The same rich blend of tea Our Treasure Tea brings youthe Rainforest. Be part of the solution. For moreinformation about how you can help, contact the with Yerba Mate the essence of the RainforestACEER Foundation at Westchester Universityin Pennsylvania, Our delicious Rainforest With our Rainforest Treasure Tea™, you’ll drink Mattè Tea™ brings you the in six of the Amazon’s most vibrant botanicals same rich formula of our that will help provide you with vitality, Rainforest Treasure Tea, mental clarity and a renewed sense of energy. with the addition of Yerba Rainforest Treasure Tea is a powerful herbal Try Another Mate, used in Brazil and blend of Jatoba, Una de Gato, Tahari, Chanca Paraguay to help stimulate Piedra, Chuchuhuasi and Stevia. Each herb is Refreshing Treat the nervous system and as chosen for the best flavor and fastest delivery Try something different – Rainforest Tea might an energizer. After the Spanish conquest, Yerba of enjoyment – bringing you, we believe, the just become your beverage of choice. The Illuminator Mate became very popular in Europe where it energy of the Amazon in a cup. Cocktail was known as Jesuit Tea, evocative of its ability Rainforest Treasure Tea $16.50 to enhance mental energy and concentration. The leaves of Jatoba contain a group of phytochemicals called terpenes and phenolics, (20 tea bags) • ¼ cup fresh or frozen raspberries Like a little sweetener in your tea? Unlike the caffeine found in coffee, Yerba Mate which are responsible for protecting the leaves Rainforest Treasure Tea $27 • 1 Tbs. lime juice frozen concentrate Add Stevia, a guiltless pleasure consists of mateine, a compound similar to of the tree from leaf fungus. These same caffeine yet non-habit-forming. The ingredients antimicrobial compounds are water-soluble (40 tea bags) • 6 oz. sparkling mineral water Our Stevia dietary supplement extract is a clear one-ounce liquid are carefully combined to form a potent and easily transferred to any tea preparation beverage that helps provide energy, clarity and to give you the same antifungal properties. Rainforest Treasure Tea $149 • 1 tsp. Illumination Liquid concentrate. Its small squeeze dispenser makes it convenient to carry in your pocket or purse. Research shows that Stevia contains unique immune support. Traditionally, Jatoba has been used in the (200 tea bags) (see page 22) Amazon to make wine that workers drink to compounds called steviosides. These steviosides have been reported to be 300 times sweeter than sugar and are believed to support healthy Rainforest Matte Tea $16.50 support the long hours of hard work in the jungle.Puree the raspberries and lime blood pressure.concentrate in a blender. Spoon into (20 tea bags) We like to steep our Rainforest Tea for fivea glass and add sparkling water. Stir Historical accounts tell us that as early as the 1840’s, natives of South minutes in piping hot water. On warmer days, Rainforest Matte Tea $27 America used the leaves of the Stevia plant for medicinal purposes. we pour it over ice for a refreshing the Illumination and garnish with a (40 tea bags) Hot or cold, it offers a healthy alternative to Currently, the benefits of Stevia are being researched to discover moreslice of lime. of its many helpful properties. coffee drinks. Rainforest Matte Tea $149 Stevia Liquid Concentrate (1 oz.) $17 (200 tea bags) Rainforest Matte Tea Ingredients: Yerba Mate, Jatoba, Una de Gato, Tahari (Pau Rainforest Treasure Tea Ingredients: Jatoba, Una de Gato, Tahari (Pau d’Arco), Chanca d’Arco), Chanca Piedra, Stevia, Chuchuhuasi. Piedra, Stevia, Chuchuhuasi. Stevia Ingredients: Purified water, Stevia Leaf extract. Suggested Use: Use 1 bag per up in boiling water, let steep for 5 minutes or to taste. To Suggested Use: Use 1 bag per up in boiling water, let steep for 5 minutes or to taste. To Suggested Use: 5-10 drops in 1 oz or more of pure water or as desired. make a pot, boil 4-5 bags in 10 cups of water. make a pot, boil 4-5 bags in 10 cups of water.20 Call a Customer Care Expert at 1-800-835-0850 60-day money back guarantee 21
  • 12. Help improve your Balance your metabolismLosing weight, keeping it off metabolic functions and reduce cravings One of the main ingredient in Aquazon™ is Fucus. Works to convert your carbs into It has been used for centuries in Europe for weight energy throughout the day management and to stimulate lymphatic circulation.Losing weight: Recent studies have shown that Fucus promotes healthy tissues growth, stimulates the immune system and helps maintain balance of blood glucose levels Could it be any clearer: We’re a nation of carb addicts. Carbohydrates give us much needed fuel, but too many, improperly digested carbs can leaveA commitment – all of which are important when starting a weight loss regimen. In addition, Aquazon offers a rich source of trace minerals and micronutrients that help us depleted of energy, particularly in the afternoon during what we all know as the “afternoon slump.”to a new lifestyle improve metabolic function, enhance concentration and elevate the mood. To learn about the additional benefits of Aquazon, please go to page 14. Carbohydrates are broken down into sugars (glucose) during digestion. Metabazon™ can help facilitate your ability to convert carbohydrates intoNutrients targeted toward your energy consistently throughout the day, countering afternoon energy slumps and sweet cravings thatmetabolism and digestion Aquazon (90 ct.) $29 may be associated with poor metabolism of sugars. Aquazon (270 ct.) $72 Metabazon is a proprietary blend of South AmericanBy now, most of us know, in our heart needs to run efficiently and you’ll feel and European herbs. As an energy regulator, it may help keep yourof hearts, that permanent weight loss less hungry and have fewer cravings energy stable while preventing the need to indulge in food whenis the result of a change in lifestyle— while your metabolism increases. you start feeling your spirits begin to sag. More research that showseating less and exercising more. Metabazon supporting healthy liver and pancreas function may be A strategy of healthy supplementation found online at nutrients targeted toward yourmetabolism and digestion can assist often makes the difference. For a series of audio broadcasts about Metabazon (90 ct.) $59in the process of shedding weight andacquiring the body of a healthier, more weight loss and to hear people’s Natural colon cleansing Metabazon Liquid (8 oz.) $59vibrant and energetic new you. real experience with our products, please visit, click for health and energyThe herbs found in the Amazon Herb on the media tab, and select Product A clean intestinal tract is vitalWeight Loss Collection can help Spotlight to hear “Real People, to optimal health, energy andyou in this process. Each is linked to Real Results” testimonial calls. the absorption of vitamins The benefits of the Amazon Herb Collectionimproved digestion, detoxification and and minerals. It also supports healthy colon activity for Rainforest in a simple tonic Weight Lossmetabolic support, while providing the elimination of toxic A special blend of 37 botanicals In the Weight Loss Collection, you’ll receive everything you need toother nutrients as fuel. The result: waste—a process that assists to supplement your diet start losing weight and keeping it off. The full line contains: DigestazonYou’ll feed your body the essentials it in weight loss. For a complete Plus, Fiberzon Plus, Metabazon, Illumination, and Aquazon (all 90 ct.). description of the benefits of Whether you take Illumination™ in our convenient As ‘Amazon John’ says: “My 20 years of experience with Rainforest Fiberzon Plus, please turn to Liquizon capsules or add a couple of tablespoons botanicals has helped us to deliver the healthiest weight loss strategy page 9. of liquid into a glass of pure water, you’ll find on the market. Each herbal product provides the best in metabolic and The Amazon Daily Weight Loss Routine that, taken daily, it assists in proper digestion and digestive support. Collectively, they are the perfect combination of Fiberzon Plus (90 ct.) $34 metabolic function by cleansing, detoxifying and nutrients to help you lose weight, increase your energy and re-balance Illuminate your day with concentrated Fiberzon Plus (270 ct.) $89 serving as a tonic to all organs. your life.” 1 capsule of each Illumination, Start the Day Rainforest nutrition to support energy, Metabazon and Aquazon metabolism, and healthy blood sugar. It also aids in: Combine your meal with digestive Assistance for • Promoting cardiovascular health with powerful antioxidants Breakfast 1 capsule of Digestazon Plus enzymes that help break down proteins, fats and carbohydrates and optimal digestion • Increasing energy and vitality while supporting help to absorb nutrients. Digestazon Plus helps support ™ your thyroid Combine your meal with digestive enzymes that help break down weight loss by preparing the • Feeding your body essential nutrients not found in today’s diet. Lunch 1 capsule of Digestazon Plus proteins, fats and carbohydrates and food in your stomach for help to absorb nutrients. optimal digestion. It also Also contains, Yerba Mate, Cavalinha (Horsetail), Lemon Grass, and assists in nutrient absorption, Cornsilk. For a complete profile, see the ingredient list below. Your afternoon mineral boost to 2 capsules of each Illumination, easing bloating and Mid-Afternoon increase metabolic functions and Metabazon and Aquazon control cravings. digestive discomfort, while Illumination (90 ct.) $59 Sold Individually Sold in Pack You Save maintaining healthy intestinal Pack Price $213 $179 $34 Combine your meal with digestive enzymes that help break down flora. For more on Digestazon Illumination Liquid (8 oz.) $59 Dinner 1 capsule of Digestazon Plus proteins, fats and carbohydrates and Plus, see page 11. help to absorb nutrients. Illumination Ingredients: Una De Gato, Jatoba, Fucus, Pau D’arco, Tayuya, Anise, Suma, Carqueja, Pedra Hume Caa, Digestazon Plus (90 ct.) $32 Cavalinha (Horsetail) Alfalfa, Artichoke, Bitter Orange, Boldo, Cajueiro (Cashew), Espinheira Santa, Jurubeba, Mulungu, Passion Metabazon Ingredients: Pedra Huma Caa, Cajueiro, Artichoke, Pata De Aquazon Ingredients: Blue Green Supports healthy colon activity for Flower, Chanca Piedra, Abacateiro, Catuaba, Chamomile, Cipo Cabeludo, Cornsilk, Lemon Balm, Lemon Grass, Muira Puama, Vaca, Sarsaparilla, Stevia, Alfalfa, Other Ingredients: 90 ct vegetable glycerin, Algae, Marine Fucus Algae. Before Bed 2 capsules of Fiberzon Plus elimination of toxic waste to assist in Digestazon Plus (270 ct.) $72 Pata De Vaca, Peppermint, Sarsaparilla, Stevia, Yerba Mate, Chuchuhuasi, Picao De Praia, Sangre De Drago, Other Ingredients: vegetable cellulose (capsule) or 8 oz purified water, pure grain alcohol. Suggested Use: Take 1-2 capsules with 8 oz. of water weight loss. Digestazon Liquid (8 oz.) $59 90 ct vegetable glycerin, vegetable cellulose (capsule) or 8 oz purified water, pure grain alcohol. Suggested Use: Take 1-3 capsules a day as desired to maintain or accelerate well-being. once or more a day as desired. Suggested Use: Take 1-3 capsules a day as desired to maintain or accelerate well-being.22 Order 24/7 online at More Product Spotlights available online at 23
  • 13. Hormonal Balance Helps avoid mood swings and irritability Assists in balancing natural female hormonal cycles Lunazon™ is a tonic that assists the female body’s natural ability to restore harmony. Health care practitioners report that many women may experience levels of emotional or physical imbalances during monthly hormonal changes. Lunazon is an ancient formula that has been used for ages to support women’s health. It helps to alleviate PMS symptoms, such as low energy, irritability and mood swings. Lunazon contains Suma, Mulungu, Passion Flower and Abuta. For centuries, South American natives have used Abuta to address female health issues.I struggled for years withfemale imbalances. After Hormonal imbalances affect For increased vitality and strength Use Lunazon daily to promote healthy hormonal cycles. Some of our customers report thatfour days of taking Lunazon, Lunazon has helped them to:I’m feeling better thanever – minimal jet lag, better us at different stages of life For years, serious and occasional athletes have • Gain a greater sense of calm Lunazon Ingredients: Abuta, Suma, Mulungu, Espinheira Santa, Jatoba, Lemon Balm, Passion Flower, Other Ingredients: 90 ct vegetable glycerin, • Feel supported during timessleep – it may be a miracle! Left untreated, they may lead chosen Warrior™ for its widely known effects of emotional trauma vegetable cellulose (capsule) or 8 oz purified water, pure grain alcohol. Suggested Use: Take 1-3 capsules a day as desired to maintain or accelerate well-being. Linda M., Stuart, FL to serious illness strengthening and toning muscles. One of its • Experience less stress, anxiety and mood swings. Suggested Use 8oz: Shake well before using. 1 teaspoon in a cup of pure water once or more a day as desired. ingredients—Catuaba— Our bodies change daily throughout physiological messengers that regulateA versatile herb our lives. But we are most aware of our body’s system, influencing has reportedly enhanced libido. Another, the herb Lunazon (90 ct.) $59supporting change as we move from childhood everything from blood pressure to Aquilaria may contribute Lunazon Liquid (8 oz.) $59 to maintaining the strength of the nervoushormonal balance through adulthood during puberty. sleep. Hormones play important system. A power-packed formula, Warrior Women especially undergo strong roles in growth, cell repair, appetite, blends the best of Asian and SouthAlong with Maca, Suma isone of the key ingredients in hormonal changes during and after metabolism, and fertility, to mention American herbs to help you maintain aSumacazon™. Although Suma child-bearing years. Simply stated, just a few ways they affect us. positive flow of energy while stabilizinghas been used as a food to hormonal imbalance is defined by Hormone imbalance happens to both and balancing fluctuating hormones. Forprovide physical stamina and additional descriptions of the benefits of many as the improper functioning— men and women, most commonly in Warrior, please check out pages 14-15.endurance, South AmericanNatives have also used it under- or over-production—of the adults beyond middle age.centuries for wounds, skin Warrior (90 ct.) $59rashes, low energy, and to Warrior Liquid (8 oz) $59enhance and balance sexualenergy. The benefits of Suma The Carbon Cycleare such that Indigenous people of the junglecall it “para todo,” a Spanish word that means“for all things.” For more on Suma and Maca,see detailed explanations on page 15. Maintaining Balance There are many things you can to do helpSumacazon (90 ct.) $59 keep your body in balance:Sumacazon Liquid (8 oz.) $59 1. Get plenty of sleep. 2. Eliminate all artificial sweeteners. 3. Avoid foods that stress your adrenals (the glands that help you respond to stress), such as alcohol and caffeine. 4. Use supplements that assist in balancing your hormones.24 Call a Customer Care Expert at 1-800-835-0850 for help with your order. 60-day money back guarantee 25
  • 14. Need help relieving Calming & De-stressing stress, unwinding and sleeping soundly? Try a regimen of targeted calming andPassion Flower relaxation nutritional supplementsKnow to have a calming effect, it is said tobe great for hypertensive children. A mild Stress and anxiety have become so much a part of today’s lifestyle that wesedative that soothes the nerves, Passion Flower sometimes are unaware of how much they affect our daily life. They canmay help with hemorrhoids, headaches and alter our mood, concentration and sleep. Stress has been known to contributemenopause. Believed to be an anti-spasmodic, it in various ways to feelings of depression or apathy. We have yet to truelyhelps regulate mood swings and blood pressure. assess its impact on more serious diseases. One thing remains sure: ExerciseFound in: Calmazon. combined with a good diet brings some relief. Meditation practiced regularly has been shown to lower blood pressure. A daily regimen of nutritional supplements that assist in promoting relaxation may also helpI have been enjoying one to three you manage stress.Calmazon Liquizons a day. I canfeel the relaxation and mental clarity Our calming and stress relief products aid in: Help relax the body and soothe the mind naturallyright away. I love to keep my nervous • Relaxing the body and combating fatigue Let go of the stress that’s keeping you on edgesystem steady, and the Calmazon doesthat. I can focus, work and feel strong • Soothing the nervous system In a fast-paced world, we are continually website and accompanying side bars). Nativeswhile feeling at peace. • Calming agitation challenged with stressors that create tension and throughout South America have used Passion anxiety on both physical and emotional levels. Flower for centuries to relax the body and Joy Clarissa T., Mt. Shasta, CA • Alleviating anxiety soothe the mind. Lemon Balm has historically Calmazon™ helps your body to relieve stress been used in Europe as a tea that refreshes the • Relaxing the mind while improving mental clarity. naturally with calming Rainforest botanicals intellect and rests the mind, while providing an known to help reduce occasional anxiety, soothe energizing sense of calmness. the nervous system, promote a healthy sleeping A natural source of nerve-soothing Niacin pattern and provide a sense of well-being. Melt your stress away, get a good night’s sleep and refresh your mind, with a little natural help. In addition to Vitamin C that is necessary for maintaining balanced This blend of eight soothing Rainforest levels of serotonin in the brain, the Camu Camu fruit contains herbs includes: Passion Flower, Lemon Calmazon (90 ct.) $59 B-complex vitamins naturally, which support an optimal emotional Balm, Mulungu, Espinheira Santa, Carqueja, state. For more on Pure Camu™, including information on Niacin Muira Puama, Catuaba, and Chamomile (for Calmazon Liquid (8 oz.) $59 (Vitamin B3) which promotes the healthy function of nerve cells, more information on herbs, please visit our and helps to soothe feelings of anxiety and panic, see pages 4-5 and research assembled at Pure Camu (30 freshpacks) $59Muira Puama Pure Camu 3-Pack $132 Amazon Herb Collection Product Spotlight: Sumacazon Calming and Stress ReliefA bush/small tree that gows up to five meters Visit our website to hear audiocasts on ain height and produces strong smelling flowers With our Calming and Stress variety of Amazon Herb product, like thewith a jasmine-like fragrance. Native to theAmazonian Rainforest, Indigenous people Helping you cope with modern stressors Relief Pack, you’ll receive our array of nutritional supplements many benefits of Sumacazon. Just click on the tab “News/Events” and choosehave historically made use of Muira Puama by The Suma in Sumacazon™ acts like a true adaptogen, helping the that help bring relaxation and Product Spotlight.either chewing the bark or brewing a beverage body cope with emotional and physical stress. Adaptogens are calm. The full line contains:from the bark, stems or roots. It has been metabolic regulators that increase the ability of organisms to adapt Calmazon, Sumacazon (bothused as an aphrodisiac and a sexual tonic that to environmental factors, either external (injury or aging) or internal 90 ct.), and Pure Camu. Addpromotes virility and treats impotence. It is also (anxiety). In Brazil, Suma has long been used for the relief of nervous a one-ounce Camu Gold as aa traditional herb for nervous exhaustion and tension and occasional fatigue. For more on Suma, see page 15, special booster product.depression. South American Indians consider and on Sumacazon, pages 14 and a tonic for the nervous system, capable Sold Individually Sold in Pack You Saveof promoting overall nerve function whilepreventing or treating nerve pain and disorders Sumacazon (90 ct.) $59 Pack Price $177 $149 $28 Calmazon Ingredients: Espinheira Santa, Passion Flower, Mulungu, Catuaba, Carqueja, Chamomile, Lemon Balm,of the nervous system. Found in: Calmazon and Sumacazon Liquid (8 oz.) $59 Muira Puama, Other Ingredients: purified water, pure grain alcohol.Sumacazon. With Booster $200 $159 $41 Suggested Use: Take 1-3 capsules a day as desired to maintain or accelerate well-being. Suggested Use 8oz: Shake well before using. 1 teaspoon in a cup of pure water once or more a day as desired.26 Order 24/7 online at More Product Spotlights available online at 27
  • 15. Strengthen The original Rainforest herb TestimonialsImmune Boosting for immune system health My two your natural Used by South American and Asian Indigenous peoples for thousands of years granddaughters started taking a daily Arcozon capsuleConcentrated nutrients: A good offense defenses Una de Gato is considered by many to be, perhaps, the most important botanical of before the school year started. For the first time EVER, theyA blend of five of the Rainforest’s most Build a stronger our time because of its ability to support the immune system. Studies have documented both received perfect attendance at the endpotent life-enhancing plants immune system the presence of oxindole alkaloids in the bark of Una de Gato that strongly support of the school year. Arcozon™ is a unique, stress while supporting immune functions. Dale H., the immune system. This has led to its use proprietary blend of Many South American Indians consider Muira In today’s challenging environment, around the world as an important natural Colonial Heights, VA powerful Amazon herbs, Puama a tonic for the nervous system, capable you can’t over-emphasize the supplement to stimulate a strong immune combined with other of promoting overall nerve function while Uña de Gato is known immune enhancers, preventing or treating nerve pain and disorders importance of a strong immune and defense response. Una de Gato is also becoming known system. Aside from protecting us known as a cleanser. It helps support the to round out the formula. of the nervous system. and sought after digestive system, intestinal tract and helps Pau d’Arco is traditionally from viruses, bacteria, and microbes, with bowel functions. by wellness experts used in South America Besides helping to support a strong immune the immune system is involved in throughout the world and around the world to system, Arcozon also promotes a healthy for its superior anti- microbial balance of your intestinal tract destroying abnormal or degenerating Another vitally important feature of Una de aging properties. I was stimulate the immune Gato is its array of phytochemicals, including system. and helps to maintain proper joint health. cells, repairing damaged tissue, thrilled to use it and polyphenols. These have been shown to assist and protecting the body against the antioxidant response of the body and serve proudly recommendArcozon also contains Jatoba and Una de Gato, Arcozon (90 ct.) $59 environmental toxins. as free-radical scavengers. Indigenous tribes it to my family andtwo of the best anti-inflammatory herbs found Arcozon Liquid (8 oz.) $59 have also used Una de Gato for enhancing the Amazon. The addition of Suma helps We’re just beginning to appreciate Christina F., cardiovascular health. Una de Gato Ingredients: Una de Gato, Other Ingredients:Arcozon act like a true adaptogen, assisting the 90 ct vegetable glycerin, vegetable cellulose (capsule) or Santa Barbara, CAbody in coping with emotional and physical the complexity of our immune system 8 oz purified water, pure grain alcohol. and its sophistication in combating Una de Gato (90 ct.) $59 Suggested Use: Take 1-3 capsules a day as desired to maintain or accelerate well-being. everything from the common cold to Una de Gato Liquid (8 oz.) $59 Suggested Use 8oz: Shake well before using. 1 teaspoon in a cup of pure water once or more a day as desired. other, more serious infectious diseases.A rich source of antioxidants Our most common—and critical— The combination of regeneration and the health of body tissue. steps to building a healthy immune antimicrobial, antioxidant, Sangre is used internally to help promote system are a good diet and plenty Una de Gato antiviral, and cicatrizant natural anti-aging processes in the body, as of rest. Immune boosters can help properties makes Sangre well as to assist in maintaining a healthy Una de Gato or Cat’s Claw system, various forms of joint pain, to recover de Drago a fascinating yet digestive system. Sangre can also be used provide another line of defense to: is a tropical vine that grows from childbirth, as a kidney cleanser, to cure complex herbal remedy externally to help stop bleeding and accelerate in the Rainforest and jungle deep wounds, to control stomach irritations with exceptional healing wound healing. For a full description of this • Prevent and reverse seasonal areas of South America and maintain a strong digestive system. properties. We are yet to amazing herb, turn to pages 12-13. health challenges and Asia. The vine gets its discover its many uses. It name from the small thorns is also composed of up to Sangre de Drago $59 • Charge your body with Key Benefits at the base of its oviform In May, 1994, the World Health Organization 90% proanthocyanidins, concentrated antioxidants leaves, which looks like (90 ct.) sponsored the first international conference on which are also found in grape seed. • Reduced premature aging cause a cat’s claw. These claws Una de Gato in Geneva, Switzerland. At the Sangre de Drago Liquid $21 by free radicals enable the vine to attach itself around trees conference, Una de Gato was recognized as (1 oz.) climbing to heights up to 100 feet. one of the most important medicinal plants ofProanthocyanidins are the most potent knowndietary antioxidants. It has been widely used • Build a strong immune system. the whole world pharmacopoeia. Sangre de Drago Liquid $89 When the vine is cut at about three feet abovein the Rainforest for its ability to assist skin the ground, the root remains undisturbed and (8 oz.) The oxindole alkaloids found in the bark the vine will grow back to its full size within a and roots of Una de Gato have so far drawn Lifestyle Tip few years. This is the environmentally friendly the greatest attention for their effect on the Exercise can mobilize manner with which the Shipibo tribes harvest immune system. A scientist, Dr. KlauseAmazon Herb Collection the body’s own Una de Gato for Amazon Herb. Keplinger made their discovery in the 1980s. defense mechanism He isolated six oxindole alkaloids from theImmune Booster Traditional Use root of Una de Gato and four of them were (natural killer cells), which can seek outPut up your best defense. Try our Immune Booster Pack, Many cultures native to the Amazon Rainforest shown to enhance immune function. and destroy cancerloaded with supplements you need to protect your whole have used Una de Gato for more than 2,000 cells and cells years. The plant is considered a valuable Una de Gato is a key ingredient in a numberfamily. Our Wellness Pack includes Arcozon, Una de Gato, infected by viruses. medicinal resource and is protected in Peru. of Amazon Herb and Amazon Rain Skinand Sangre de Drago (all Be sure to add a The Ashaninka tribe is considered the most Care products. It used in other formulas for90 ct). Add another punch Sold Individually Sold in Pack You Save physical exercise its ability to support a healthy cardiovascular Arcozon Ingredients: Pau D’Arco, Jatoba, Una de Gato, Alfalfa, Catuaba, Espinheirawith a one-ounce bottle of Santa, Muira Puama, Suma, Other Ingredients: 90 ct vegetable glycerin, vegetable knowledgeable about the use of this plant program to your life. Pack Price $177 $149 $28 and refer to it as the “Sacred Herb of the system, assist in digestion, and for its anti-Camu Gold at the special cellulose (capsule) or 8 oz purified water, pure grain alcohol. Increased oxygen in Suggested Use: Take 1-3 capsules a day as desired to maintain or accelerate well-being. Rainforest,” using it to treat the respiratory inflammatory and antioxidant properties.booster price. With Booster $200 $159 $41 Suggested Use 8oz: Shake well before using. 1 teaspoon in a cup of pure water once or the blood will also more a day as desired. help neutralize free radicals.28 Order by phone at 1-800-835-0850 (9 am - 6 pm ET) 60-day money back guarantee 29
  • 16. TestimonialsEnhance Your Life Within minutes of drinking ZAMU I feel focus, peace and BLISS! I actually feelZAMU™: A delicious Rainforest blend to my energy level rise and am ready to take on my next task with keep you in peak performance My testing shows ZAMU to - Su S., Jupiter, FLBeneficial nutrients, great source of Vitamin C work better for my patients than all other juice-based products on the market. Plus,Over the years, as ‘Amazon John’ Easterling explored the Just two-ounces twice a day aid in elevating your mood and it tastes great. I’m addingRainforest, one truth became clear to him: The real renewing your energy, as many satisfied customers have this to my patient supplementtreasure of the Rainforest is the life enhancing properties reported (see testimonials). Other benefits they cite include: programs.of its plants. Dr. James Hawver, NMD, Bremen, GA • Promoting a natural state of well-beingWorking with several health care practitioners in many • Maintaining emotional stability and enhancing mood This is a brilliant synergisticcountries, he developed a tasty, tangy drink that uniquely blend that maximizes thedelivers a balanced chemistry of naturally-occurring • Supporting a healthy immune system powerful health benefits ofnutrients found in organic Camu Camu, Acai, Cacao, • Providing beneficial anti-aging compound Camu. I personally felt myPineapple, Mango, Cinnamon, and Sangre de Drago. energy renewed by ZAMU, • Supporting a healthy cardiovascular system even after pushing hard forThe true secret of ZAMU is Camu Camu – the exciting • Helping to ease common joint discomfort. several weeks. I see it as a valuable health supplement.Amazon “feel good” fruit. Sustainably harvested inthe Rainforest, the Camu Camu fruit is nature’s most ZAMU contains no soy, wheat, corn, gluten, dairy products Dr. Ann Shippy, MD, Austin, TXconcentrated source of immune-boosting Vitamin C, a or preservatives—ingredients that have been proven to causeproven free-radical scavenger. Our Camu Camu trees grow allergic reactions in many people. The powerful Rainforestin the nutrient-rich soil of the Amazon floodplains, packing botanicals in the Amazon ZAMU (750 ml. bottle) $40 Herb products set them wellthe berry with a rich, balanced profile of unique, vital apart from any other productsnutrients not available from any other source (look for the ZAMU (4 pack case) $137.50 that I’ve used in my practice.complete Camu Camu story on pages 4-5). A Savings of $36 Dr. Eric Innes, DC, Palm Beach Gardens, FLSee John and Olivia on news and talk shows around the US promoting ZAMUand the wonderful ways this product is helping to support a sustainable future I consider the ancient for the Rainforest and its inhabitants. Clips chemistry of Amazon Herb include: Good Morning America, Extra, The products essential for today’s Bonnie Hunt Show, KTLA Morning News, challenges. My patients love them. People even comment Better TV and Fox and Friends. how my own body appears Scan using your smart phone. noticeably younger. Download a free QR code reader. Dr. Keffa Lorranie Weatherspoon, ND, For research details and sources, please visit, Detroit, MI Rainforest ingredients used in ZAMU: click on the ZAMU tab, and then click the Research button. Delicious, tangy, and loaded with nutrients Research documents Studies show The high content of The antioxidant Researchers have In clinical studies, that bromelain that long-term proanthocyanidins in activity of AÇAI has discovered that CINNAMON extracted from the beta-carotene SANGRE DE received well flavonol-rich CACAO has been shown to PINEAPPLE supplementation DRAGO promote deserved attention increases blood flow help maintain plant has shown has a significant natural anti-aging for its contribution to to the brain. Cacao is healthy glucose anti-inflammatory result on memory. processes in the overall good health. recognized for its levels. Further activity and may help MANGOES are a body. antioxidant and mood research suggests with common joint natural source enhancing properties. that cinnamon may discomfort. of beta-carotene. enhance cognitive brain function.30 Order 24/7 online at Call a Customer Care Expert at 1-800-835-0850 for help with your order. 31