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New treatment trends for  diabetes
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New treatment trends for diabetes


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Diabetes can be cured including type 2. We have the tips & tools you need to treat your diabetes including natural permanent treatment options. …

Diabetes can be cured including type 2. We have the tips & tools you need to treat your diabetes including natural permanent treatment options.

Published in: Health & Medicine

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  • 1. New Treatment Trends for Diabetes Trends are changing Before, when you are diagnosed with diabetes, it was synonymous to loss of limbs, total loss of vision or blindness, kidney failure, and worst, early death. But now, this is no longer the case. Because of the trends in modern technology and advances in the medical field through research, many people with diabetes are seeing hope that they will enjoy longer and healthier their lives just like the regular people. 1. Insulin. Since diabetes is caused by lack of supply of insulin among diabetics, more and more people come up with variations with the way insulin can enter the body such as: - implantable insulin pumps which makes it possible for the blood sugar levels to be measured so the and exact amount of insulin needed is delivered instantly; - insulin inhalers which can aid the daily injections of insulin by providing instant relief by using rapid- acting insulin which is sprayed and inhaled through the mouth—including its coats, the throat and the tongue to pave the way for insulin to enter the into the bloodstream quickly; - insulin pill which will use a new type of polymer can help the diabetic get insulin faster because it can allow insulin to get into the person's bloodstream without being destroyed by the digestive system; and - new insulins which are designed to minimize the regimens and to better control glucose for people including "glargine" which is a basal insulin, the "aspart" which is a very-rapid-acting insulin, and the "75/25 lispro mixture" containing a very-rapid-acting content. 2. Monitoring and tests. These are very important to know how well the diabetic is doing. The new trends when it comes to monitoring and tests include: - pain free glucose tests which allows the diabetic to monitor their own blood sugar without the excruciating pain of literally sticking their fingers to be able to get blood samples; - continuous monitoring device which is a "wristwatch-like" device that give more information in how to manage diabetes effectively; 3. New treatments. Since diabetes is a chronic disease, there's no definite treatment to reverse diabetes naturally. However, there are more and more treatments that promise better results like: - islet cell transplant which can be effective for people with the rare type of diabetes—the type 1 diabetes—because it uses the Edmonton technique which utilize uses cells from the pancreas or islet cells coming from a donor to help the person to produce insulin; - gene therapy which identifies that a gene called "SHIP2" can regulate the production of insulin; 4. Vaccines. Through the vaccine—containing a peptide—that stops the destruction of pancreatic cells in the human body, more and more diabetics are now hoping that they can live longer lives despite the illness.
  • 2. 5. All-natural Ways to Reverse Diabetes. You don’t have to be tied down because your diabetes. You can do whatever you want. You can break free and you can live the life you’ve only dreamed about since being diagnosed with diabetes. There is one program in particular, that it has been featured on CBS News, ABC, CNN and MSNBC. Actually, it is described in what is really quite a controversial, if not shocking video. You can view the video now at: Think about it. ..NEVER have to prick your finger again? ...NEVER have to worry about constantly checking your levels? ...NEVER, well, never having to do ALL the crap that comes along with diabetes... The inconvenience. Check out the video now, and see for yourself. Would you like a FREE 2-day sample of an all-natural, non-insulin product for Type 2 diabetes? It has a 23-year safety record and the company is partnered with the American Diabetes Association. You can also watch a short video that explains the “science” behind the product. To request your FREE SAMPLE, visit: now. © 2014 JK&A Inc. All Rights Reserved