Social Media Sunday #ChSocM

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Join in the Social Media Sunday movement on June 29, 2014 and share your church with your friends and the world. …

Join in the Social Media Sunday movement on June 29, 2014 and share your church with your friends and the world.

This presentation will help you learn how.

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  • Please note that the link to Erik Qualman's excellent video 'Socialnomics 2014' did not upload on slide #4. The video can be found and viewed here:
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  • 1. Social Media Sunday Episcopal Diocese of Connecticut Spring Training Saturday, May 3, 2014 Created by Carolyn Clement @singingcarolyn ! for presentation to The Episcopal Church in Connecticut @CTEpiscopal #EpisCT #ChSocM @singingcarolyn
  • 2. Getting to know you... Text #EpisCT #ChSocM How are you currently using social media? How is your church using social media?
  • 3. We’ll Talk About... • Why Social Media Sunday?! • How to prepare & plan! • Different ways to do #SMSunday! • Follow-Up #EpisCT #ChSocM
  • 4. Why Social Media? #episCT #ChSocM
  • 5. Thoughts? #EpisCT #ChSocM
  • 6. Why Social Media Sunday? #EpisCT #ChSocM
  • 7. When? #EpisCT #ChSocM • Sunday, June 29, 2014 • Feast of Sts. Peter & Paul
  • 8. Why Social Media Sunday? #EpisCT #ChSocM • Strengthen community • Encourage “Brand Ambassadors” • Share our church with the world • Welcome & invite others • Connect with each other Matthew 28:19 Therefore go and make disciples of all nations…
  • 9. Why Social Media Sunday? #EpisCT #ChSocM • If even a fraction of Episcopalians who use social media participate, almost 10,000,000 people will learn something about the Episcopal Church Matthew 28:19 Therefore go and make disciples of all nations…
  • 10. Why Social Media Sunday? #EpisCT #ChSocM Goals: •Strengthen connections within parish, using social media •Teach the parish community how to engage on social media •Encourage parishioners to feel comfortable using digital technology to share their faith •Provide a space for ‘digital natives’ to engage a worship service like they engage the rest of their world •Invite and welcome the community into the life of the church Matthew 28:19 Therefore go and make disciples of all nations…
  • 11. How long will #SMSunday last in my church? #EpisCT #ChSocM As little as 60 seconds for a single post ! or ! An event continuing through the whole day
  • 12. Prepare & Plan: How to participate? #EpisCT #ChSocM Individually
  • 13. Prepare & Plan: How to participate? #EpisCT #ChSocM Individually • Remember to use the #Episcopal hashtag whenever you share something #Episcopal the morning of June 29, 2014 • Tweet sermon highlights • Instagram something beautiful in your church • Check-in on Facebook or Foursquare • Share a picture of your friends at church on Facebook • Take a Vine video of a bunch of people waving “Hi”
  • 14. Prepare & Plan: How to participate? #EpisCT #ChSocM As a parish
  • 15. Ways to do #SMSunday #EpisCT #ChSocM • Encourage members to • check in • live tweet sermon • create posts & photos ! • Offer adult education ! • Social media helpdesk As a parish
  • 16. What if I just want to watch/lurk? #EpisCT #ChSocM On the morning of June 29th: ! • Check a social media aggregator website like RebelMouse to see all of the #Episcopal posts • Do a twitter search for the #Episcopal hashtag • Look at the #Episcopal photos on Instagram • Search #Episcopal on Facebook
  • 17. How do I live-tweet? #EpisCT #ChSocM
  • 18. Social Media Helpdesk: Equipment #EpisCT #ChSocM Equipment •wifi (make sure you have the password!), or a wifi hotspot •multiple devices for demonstrating; at a minimum, have a smart phone and a laptop •a working electrical outlet nearby, preferably with a surge-protector strip •paper and pens so people can take notes •your own passwords to platforms or apps you might be demonstrating •a table and chairs ProTip: Invite youth group members to hang out at the help desk and watch the intergenerational ministry unfold.
  • 19. Social Media Helpdesk: Publicity #EpisCT #ChSocM Let people know in advance about Social Media Helpdesk so they’ll come prepared with questions & devices. ! Use usual publicity tools: bulletin, announcements, newsletter, word of mouth, etc. ! Use social media to invite people to come. ProTip: Personally invite people you think might be open to the idea to participate.
  • 20. Social Media Helpdesk: Follow-Up #EpisCT #ChSocM • Use social media to thank those who stopped by. Tag your church. ! • Plan the next Helpdesk. Ask those who attended to come back with more questions or to help someone else. ! • Invite them to the weekly Church Social Media (#ChSocM) tweet chat on Twitter, Tuesdays at 9pmET ! • Acknowledge their social media ministry as you notice them sharing, inviting, and ministering to others using social media. ! • Don't forget to check in and post some pictures from the event. ! • Finally? Check your analytics in a week to see if your Social Media Helpdesk created a bump in engagement. ProTip: Invite those who attended to connect with you on social media.
  • 21. Think about... • Will there be an announcement at the beginning of church on #SMSunday?! • Who will make the announcement?! • What traditional communication will be used to prepare the congregation? (newsletter, email, bulletin…)! • What signs will be used at church? #EpisCT #ChSocM
  • 22. And now, a word from our sponsor… #EpisCT #ChSocM ProTip: Invite people to share, make it easy for them to share, and they will.
  • 23. What’s Next? • Decide to participate • Invite your parish to participate • Decide how to participate • Create publicity • Recruit fans • Join and share the FB event #EpisCT #ChSocM Therefore go, and make disciples of all nations. Matthew 28:19
  • 24. Questions? #EpisCT #ChSocM
  • 25. #PBWY #EpisCT #ChSocM @singingcarolyn
  • 26. Resources #ChSocM: Church Social Media online community. (@chsocm) Gathers on Twitter every Tuesday at 9:00pm eastern time for a tweetchat. Also found at ! Cleaveland, Adam Walker (@adamwc). “Social Media Sunday, Part 1: Introduction.” [Web]. (March 3, 2014) ! Clement, Carolyn (@singingcarolyn). “Case Study: Social Media Sunday at Trinity Episcopal, Tariffville, CT.” [Web]. (July 18, 2013). ! Clement, Carolyn (@singingcarolyn). “Host a social media helpdesk at your church.” [Web]. (May 1, 2014). ! Clement, Carolyn (@singingcarolyn). “Social Media Sunday.” [Web]. (October 12, 2013). http:// ! deRibera, Jusepe. Saint Peter and Saint Paul. Oil on canvas. [Public domain]. ! Gould, Meredith (@MeredithGould). “Live Tweeting Church Events: An easy-peasy guide.” [Web]. (February 4, 2014). http:// ! Gould, Meredith (@MeredithGould). The Social Media Gospel. Liturgical Press. (2013) ! Jumio (@jumio). “Where do you take your phone?” [Web]. (July 11, 2013). phone/ ! Leist-Catalano, Laura (@LeistCatalano). “#Episcopal Social Media Sunday.” [Web]. (2014) ! Leist-Catalano, Laura (@LeistCatalano). “There are 2 million Episcopalians spread around the globe…” [Web]. (2014) ! Qualman, Erik (@equalman). “#Socialnomics 2014 by Erik Qualman.” [Video File](2014, April 16). ! (@trinitytville) [Web]