IBM Software Services FlyerIBM Software AcceleratedValue ProgramLeading across the IT life cycleHighlights●Relationship ba...
Please RecycleHow the IBM Software Accelerated Value Program complements IBM SoftwareSubscription and Support (Passport Ad...
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IBM Accelerated Value Program Enhances Software Subscription and Support


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Is your IBM software support coverage sufficient for your mission critical software? IBM Subscription & Support (Passport Advantage) is key for ensuring you get the answers you need and the software updates your businesses thrive on, but for extra insurance, and for many other benefits, check out the IBM Software Accelerated Value Program (AVP). With AVP as an enhancement to your IBM Support, you will enjoy priority call handling and managed escalations by an assigned Trusted Advisor. All this, and other key benefits such as risk avoidance, proactive problem preventions, knowledge transfer and much much more, means that AVP is a Service to explore more.

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IBM Accelerated Value Program Enhances Software Subscription and Support

  1. 1. IBM Software Services FlyerIBM Software AcceleratedValue ProgramLeading across the IT life cycleHighlights●Relationship based●Personalized filtered information●Technical issue avoidance●Reduced volume of software issues●Priority support call routing●Managed escalations●Problem reports and trend analysis●Technical skills transfer●Accelerated ROIThe annual quantifiedbenefits of theIBM SoftwareAccelerated Valueprogram averages5.3 times costs1IBM Software Subscription and SupportA comprehensive product upgrade and technical support solution,providing:●Access to new releases and versions of your licensed IBM Software.● Worldwide cross-platform software technical support.●Online technical support including enhanced self-help and searchcapabilities.●Voice support for new deployments, migration, and code-relatedquestions.●Assistance with problem resolution by phone for allSeverity 1 situations.For an enhanced and personalized support experience, theIBM Software Accelerated Value Program complements SoftwareSubscription and Support, building on a solid platform of excellentIBM service while bringing fast returns on investment and deliveringtangible advantages to clients.Benefit from a single point of contact who acts as your advocate insideIBM, enhances your relationship with expert IBM teams, understandsyour environment and business goals, and provides personalized informa-tion to maximize your investment in IBM software.With IBM Software Accelerated Value perfectly interlocking with, andcompounding IBM Software Subscription and Support, you will enjoycost-saving and productivity-enhancing benefits:●Receive trusted guidance on product and technology adoption.●Partner with IBM experienced software deployment planners.●Reduce the instances of technical issues.●Acquire new and enhanced technical skills.●Utilize onsite technical assistance.●Mitigate risk of mission critical systems outages.●Increase business productivity whilst reducing operational costs.●Maximize value of investment at a rapid pace.●Gain valuable advantage over your competitors.
  2. 2. Please RecycleHow the IBM Software Accelerated Value Program complements IBM SoftwareSubscription and Support (Passport Advantage)IBM Software Subscriptionand SupportIBM Software Accelerated Value ProgramType of supportSingle point-of-contactCall Center accessIssue managementException handlingReports and reviewsDefect alertsOnsite supportTechnical advice and documentationReactive, problem related sup-port, Self-helpNot availableStandard IBM processClient manages open issuesSupport for severity 1 issuesNone includedSelf-help web monitoringNone includedWeb resources and fee-basedclasses/eventsProactive assistance to help plan, deploy, optimize, grow, upgrade andadopt IBM software. Coordinates reactive support.Accelerated Value LeaderAccelerated Value Specialist.Priority call handling and focused progression.Accelerated Value Leader manages open issues and escalations,including enhancement requests.Accelerated Value Leader helps facilitate support for critical situations.Detailed periodic problem management reporting and reviews, includ-ing recommendations for preventive actions.Accelerated Value Leader proactively identifies defects that mightaffect your systems and productivity.Scheduled and emergency onsite assistance is available.Customized and focused knowledge sharing events, driven by ondemand need of clients.For more informationTo learn more about the IBM Software Accelerated Value Program, pleasevisit the following website:, financing solutions from IBM Global Financing can enableeffective cash management, protection from technology obsolescence,improved total cost of ownership and return on investment. Also, ourGlobal Asset Recovery Services help address environmental concernswith new, more energy-efficient solutions. For more information onIBM Global Financing, visit:© Copyright IBM Corporation 2011IBM CorporationSoftware GroupRoute 100Somers, NY 10589 U.S.A.Produced in the United States of AmericaJune 2011All Rights ReservedIBM, the IBM logo and are trademarks ofInternational Business Machines Corporation in theUnited States, other countries or both. If these and otherIBM trademarked terms are marked on their first occurrencein this information with a trademark symbol (® or ™),these symbols indicate U.S. registered or common lawtrademarks owned by IBM at the time this informationwas published. Such trademarks may also be registered orcommon law trademarks in other countries. A current list ofIBM trademarks is available on the web at “Copyright andtrademark information” at product, company or service names may be trademarksor service marks of others.1Value Proposition for IBM Software Accelerated Value Program: Quantifying theCost/Benefit Case.International Technology Group. Full report available at IBM SoftwareAccelerated ValueWSF14045-USEN-00